Cargo Airports Do Brisk Business

Cargo airports were bustling in 2017, according to the Airport Council International’s finalized list of the world’s top 20 busiest cargo airports in 2017 (see chart). Total cargo volumes handled (loaded and unloaded freight and mail) increased by 7.8 percent from the previous year, to 50.6 million metric tons.

Airports in the Asia-Pacific region continued to handle the highest volumes of cargo, while Africa’s airports saw the highest rate of growth from the previous year:

  • Asia-Pacific: 47 million metric tons (increased 3 percent)
  • North America: 33 million metric tons (increased 1 percent)
  • Europe: 22 million metric tons (increased 6 percent)
  • Middle East: 3 million metric tons (increased 5.9 percent)
  • Latin America-Caribbean: 4 million metric tons (increased 4.7 percent)
  • Africa: 2 million metric tons (increased 9.2 percent)
Global Cargo

SOURCE: Airport Council International

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