Felecia Stratton

Starting a Logistics Love Affair

What is it about our profession that attracts smart, dedicated, hardworking young people who love logistics? I spent some time recently reviewing applications for the annual Inbound Logistics/APICs scholarship, granted to an undergraduate pursuing a supply chain career. Applicants submit an essay describing why they want to enter the field, and what they hope to […]

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GOOD QUESTION | What disruptive innovation will have the greatest impact on the supply chain?

GOOD QUESTION | What disruptive innovation will have the greatest impact on the supply chain?

Supply chain advancement is a methodology that extracts hidden profit by connecting the supply chain to other core processes of a business: strategy, product life-cycle management, and sales and marketing. Companies that advance their supply chains to this next level of decision-making will be better positioned to adapt to changing customer needs. Robert Martichenko CEO, […]

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Chris Cotter

Accidents Happen: Is Your Transportation Partner Prepared?

When a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit is brought against a commercial transportation company after a motor vehicle accident, creative lawyers are increasingly including negligence claims. Such claims focus attention on how the transportation company hires, trains, supervises, and disciplines its drivers. Falling short in these practices can form the basis for a jury […]

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Robert Clesi

To Boost Shipment Productivity, Look to the Cloud

Deploying a cloud-based shipment execution system promotes a healthier ecosystem within the company, reduces costs, and pays big dividends via customer satisfaction. When corporate enterprises grow and evolve, their internal departments can develop a silo mentality and become more protective of their information. Because of these informational turf wars, the organization becomes disjointed and less […]

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Glenn Palanacki

Top 5 Things Shippers Need to Know about the Canadian eManifest

Moving data is often as important as moving freight. The Canadian eManifest is an important step toward improving security by receiving cargo and conveyance information before a shipment arrives at the border. The list below compiles the top five items that shippers, their carriers, drivers, and any company involved in U.S.–Canada highway transport should know […]

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Neal Walters, Matthew Getz, and Mike Piccarreta

Reshape and Refresh Your Product Portfolio for a Streamlined Supply Chain

Organizations embrace periods of strategic portfolio expansion as a lever to improve top- and bottom-line growth. But in the wake of product proliferation, portfolio complexity emerges with unanticipated supply chain consequences that can significantly impact customer service, quality, and cost. The accumulation of products spanning multiple life-cycle stages may redirect the organization away from its […]

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Mark Montague

Amid Hanjin Backlog, Shippers Can Turn to Port Strike Strategies

While news of Hanjin Shipping’s bankruptcy dominates today’s headlines, shippers will be feeling the ripple effects for weeks or months to come. Of the nearly 100 ships listed on the company’s latest operating vessel status report, dozens carry the status of “waiting in open sea.” Others are “arrested,” “embargoed,” or “returned to owner.” A scant […]

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