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Roy Coburn

Think Outside the Border

Companies of all sizes are benefitting from international trade, and those that don’t are getting left behind. Whether your company is small, mid-sized or a global multi-national, there is a way for you to get in the global trade game. Global Solutions For Global Companies For large North American companies operating in multi-national markets, moving […]

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Wendy Buxton

Proper Care and Nurturing of a Supply Chain

Supply chain can be complicated, but managing it effectively doesn’t have to be. Creating a superior supply chain is like parenting a baby through adulthood. It requires continual focus, monitoring, and care. Taking your eyes off your baby can be costly! But with proper care and nurturing, you can grow something that performs beautifully—even in […]

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Steven Shoemaker

Hey! Your Numbers are Trying to Talk to You!

I run across many companies in my travels. For a while, I’ve been centering a bit on different companies’ methodologies for the continuous quest of supply chain network optimization, amongst other things. Some do quite a bit of planning and research, even hiring consultants, while others, it appears, do not. Particularly, the methodology for the […]

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J. Anthony Hardenburgh

Understanding INCOTERMS 2010

An Inbound Logistics article in October 2003, “Understanding Incoterms,” does an excellent job of explaining the concept of Incoterms, why they are necessary and how they work. We’d like to bring this article up-to-date with a discussion of the changes to Incoterms that began in January 2011. To recap, Incoterms are an internationally accepted set […]

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Software as a Service: Changing the TMS Landscape

Software as a Service: Changing the TMS Landscape

In 2009, a major cable manufacturer was faced with rising LTL costs, a disorganized supply chain, and a severe lack of reporting capabilities. The recovering freight market forced carriers to raise rates, and the manufacturer was told by its LTL carrier base it was at a "less than optimal operating ratio."  The shipper needed a […]

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Aaron Baker

Global Supply Chain Strategy: Decision Points

As a former sea captain, I will never forget the first time I approached a junction buoy. This buoy is essentially a fork in the road, floating on the water, which marks where a waterway splits into two channels and indicates the preferred channel to transit. The options were: steer to the preferred channel and […]

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Danny Slaton

The Role of Cloud-Based LTL Content in Smarter Supply Chains

Cloud computing is quickly coming into its own: Its virtual, service-oriented, location-independent architecture is used across a whole host of industries to provide on-demand content for accurate decision making. The U.S. freight industry is quickly catching on to the value of actionable content delivered via the cloud, which easily lends itself to supporting effective supply […]

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Eric Lail

Tough Economic Times Require LEAN Logistics Solutions

With economic pressures rising, companies must seek ways to evaluate their current state, and design a future state that surpasses their strategic goals and their customers’ expectations. Manufacturers, retailers and distributors are constantly working to improve their performance in quality, cost, delivery and service. With those goals in mind, forward-thinking organizations are pursuing LEAN assessments […]

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Rob O'Brian

Joplin is Rebuilding and Open for Business

On May 22, 2011, the most devastating, deadly single U.S. tornado in six decades ripped through the city of Joplin, Missouri and the neighboring village of Duquesne. With winds of nearly 300 miles per hour, the tornado carved a path 10 miles long and nearly one mile wide through the two communities. The death toll […]

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Gary Forger

The Panama Canal Expansion Will Be a Supply Chain Game Changer 

The upcoming Panama Canal expansion is much more than just a story of bigger ships and increased trade for East Coast ports. It will also have a substantial impact on the U.S. supply chain and its efficiencies. By lengthening, widening and deepening the locks, the Canal will accommodate much larger ships. In fact, the largest […]

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Steve Sensing

Reverse Logistics: The Untapped Revenue Stream

Reverse logistics has become an area of high priority for companies looking to reduce costs, add efficiencies and improve the customer experience. As a result, manufacturers are uncovering the hidden value of returned assets and streamlining return, repair and product reallocation processes. Once a supply chain afterthought, reverse logistics has evolved into a highly complex […]

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Brad Constantini

3PL Capability is Key to Logistics Cost Reduction 

MORE TO THE STORY: How to Find a 3PL-Third Party Logistics Provider Logistics, inventory and transportation costs continue to climb, according to the 2011 State of Logistics report released by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). Although overall economic conditions improved slightly in 2010, internal supply chains continue to account for double-digit cost […]

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John Williford

Excellence in Supply Chain Execution

Our clients in industries such as automotive, aerospace, hi-tech, retail and consumer goods are emerging from one of our nation’s most trying economic times. Faced with serious pressures to cut costs and boost profits, many companies have re-examined how they source, store and deliver their products. Flexibility, innovation and the ability to operate with virtually […]

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C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.

Global Air Service That Inspires Customer Confidence

When you buy global air transportation services, what you are really buying is confidence. That’s because when you send freight by air— and when your customer is anxiously waiting for that shipment to meet production schedules or avoid penalties— no one can afford uncertainty. The freight has to be there on time, period, no matter […]

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Chris Baltz

Achieving Competitive Advantage: How the Right 3PL Partner Can Help You Dominate Your Market

In today’s marketplace, all too often there is a disconnect between 3PL performance and clients’ expectations. As established 3PL companies mature and less robust players continue to enter the market, the gap between client expectations and 3PL deliverables continues to grow. Most 3PL value propositions focus primarily or exclusively on a client’s financial performance. Profit […]

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Brad Constantini

Protect Your Supply Chain From Merger Mania

In recent months, several third-party logistics (3PL) providers have merged to form large conglomerates, and consolidation in the 3PL market is likely to continue. Although the trend is not new, the New Year is a good time for companies to take a closer look at 3PL relationships and consider how they impact supply chain performance. […]

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Duane Sizemore

Gaining Alignment With Your 3PL is Key to Supply Chain Success

When choosing a supply chain partner, it is essential that goals, expectations and strategy are all in alignment. In order to achieve this synergy, open and honest communication between business partners needs to be in place to move the relationship beyond one of simply executing services to one of real collaboration. Measurement, monitoring, and corresponding […]

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Mike Marlowe

Integrate Contract Packaging Into Distribution Operations to Cut Costs by 30%

Specific consumer products look exactly the same when they roll off the manufacturing line. To satisfy retailer requirements, however, these identical products are wrapped, sealed, tied and packed in dozens, even hundreds, of different ways for presentation on the retail shelf. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies often outsource final packaging to outside contract packagers, adding […]

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