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Anthony Vitiello

How TMS is Proving ‘Time is Money’ for Shippers in 2018 – UltraShipTMS

There is only one way forward for high-volume shippers who are facing a logistics environment where they’ll be forced to produce far more efficient shipping using far fewer resources in a much more competitive environment. Expectations surrounding shipping velocity (and the fines increasingly imposed for late delivery) have never been higher. The visibility required to […]

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Dan Clark

It’s Time to Make Inbound Freight Management a Priority – Kuebix

Frequently overlooked and often pushed to the bottom of a shipper’s supply chain agenda, good inbound freight management can help companies improve shipment visibility, save money, and enhance customer service—all of which add to the bottom line and boost profitability. Unfortunately, few shippers make inbound freight a priority, and even fewer consider it a strategic […]

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Matt Parrott

Top 3 Supply Chain Check-ups Provide Cost Savings – A.N. Deringer, Inc.

At the onset of overseas procurement, logistics professionals focus on supply chain strategy. Finding the right supplier, defining sales terms, determining the best transportation solution and speed to market mean sourcing start-up can be time intensive. When the goods finally arrive at the consignee, many supply chain professionals relax a little knowing that leg of […]

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Shan Muthuvelu

Rapid Rollout Plan for Manhattan’s WMS – ITOrizon Inc.

Currently, there is no proven rapid implementation strategy for Enterprise Warehouse Management Solutions. Complexity quadruples based on the MDM, ERP, EOM, WCS, MHE, and interface architecture, and presents unique challenges for each probable combination. In the case of Manhattan, there are not many system integrators whom understand the product in-depth, and can implement quickly and […]

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Polaris Transportation Group Embraces Blockchain Technology

Without question, Polaris’ ongoing and increasing investments in technology have created a competitive advantage. It has been a core strength in the company’s ability to compete and take market share from the larger, publicly funded competitors. Polaris Transportation Group is the largest privately held Canadian cross-border LTL carrier and has enjoyed growth in each of […]

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Rob Kriewaldt

The Need for Speed in Automated Truck Policy – WSI

I recently read that in the 1970s, Congress held hearings and engaged in serious discussions about whether or not a personal computer could be trusted not to read the brainwaves of its users. This is a fine example of how those responsible for regulating technology tend to trip over what they don’t understand. That’s why […]

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George Prest

The New Era of Smart City Logistics – MHI

Let’s talk about your company’s futureproof strategy to meet the challenges and opportunities of Smart City Logistics head-on. Oh, wait. You don’t have one yet? You’re not alone. According to the fourth edition of MHI’s Annual Industry Report, “Next-Generation Supply Chains: Digital, On-Demand and Always-On” (available as a free download at a full 50% […]

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Mike Cobb

Hazmat 101: Exceeding Safety and Compliance Standards – Landstar

Hazmat transportation’s multifaceted nature makes logistics particularly complicated, especially when companies don’t realize that they’re transporting such goods. Even though a manufacturer may be an expert at producing goods, it may not be as well-versed in the intricacies of transporting those materials, including unknowingly offering carriers non-compliant hazmat shipments. Compliance is a team effort, and […]

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