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Eric Meyer

Securing Capacity for Freight Moving In and Out of Mexico – Landstar

Shipping freight across the U.S.-Mexico border is a complex operation and requires a trusted, reliable logistics provider. With 80 percent of Mexico’s exports currently coming to the U.S., and with so many companies having their own Mexican entities for building or supplying components, the overall supply chain between the U.S. and Mexico has become very […]

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Thom Campbell

Managing Warehousing Requirements During Peak Periods (Without Committing to Long-term Contracts) – Capacity, LLC

Managing peak period shipment volume is a structural challenge in the U.S. economy. Those preoccupied with executing order fulfillment services spend much of the year thinking about and planning for it. The surge is a three- to four-month peak in first inbound, and then outbound shipments, with overlap. Shipments to retailers come first, followed by […]

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Bill Goodgion

Is Your 3PL Provider Causing You Headaches? Here is What to Look for in a 3PL Partnership – Ascent Global Logistics

It’s 2018, which means that shippers are looking for 3PLs to perform at higher levels than ever before. Because of various market conditions such as the driver shortage, record freight volumes, a volatile trade environment, and increasingly complex retailer delivery requirements, many 3PLs are only offering customers enhanced technology. While technological innovation is necessary, there […]

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Brian Bourke

Thinking Beyond Home Delivery – SEKO Logistics

Consumer expectations are becoming increasingly demanding, and matching supply to demand is crucial for any successful supply chain. Speed is where it’s at—if you are not moving forward, you are moving backward. As consumers become increasingly savvy online, companies are quickly learning the importance of being at the forefront of change. Providing consumers with all […]

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Tim Zubradt

Load and Expedite – Crane Worldwide Logistics

If you have spent any time in manufacturing logistics you can appreciate the classic problem of, ‘Load and Expedite.’ At Crane Worldwide Logistics®, we see the same thing all over the world with clients in nearly every industry. By not having adequate logistics visibility, setting proper tolerance levels and accurate production forecasting, companies are being […]

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Dan Clark

The Power of Supply Chain Visibility – Kuebix

Most companies today are struggling to achieve visibility and control over their supply chains to effectively manage their cost of goods and consistently meet customer expectations. However, there is a way to leverage technology to provide a platform where suppliers, carriers, and their customers are not only sharing information but also dynamically planning and executing […]

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Andrew Slusher

Reverse Logistics Discussion Highlights Upcoming Conference – SMC³

As a consumer, I realize the incredible value online retail sales brings to my family. The ability to order everything—from clothing to food—with one simple click and experience lightning-fast delivery to nearly anywhere in the country is incredibly beneficial. But as the head of a supply chain technology company, I know the online retail supply […]

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Fabrice Maquignon

Transwide is Ready for a New Digitalization Era in Logistics – Transwide

Carriers, shippers, and logistics service providers are facing new challenges today. Customers are asking for increased visibility and feedback in real-time. With digitalization, all players in the supply chain will require instant and efficient response time to their questions or concerns. Fabrice Maquignon, managing director at Transwide within Alpega, assesses these changes and the resulting […]

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