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John Richardson

The Game Has Changed—Time for a New Playbook – Transportation Insight, LLC

Evolving e-commerce service expectations force traditional retailers, manufacturers and distributors to rethink their strategies for serving clients. A two-day delivery normal—at little or no cost to the end consumer—pressures every supply chain stage, from raw material components to the finished product traveling the last yard to the customer’s hands. Retailers competing to deliver on service […]

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Bob Daymon

Use Big Data to Improve Your Supply Chain – Transplace

The term "big data" has been one of the hottest buzzwords in recent years, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Statistical science and data analytics can help organizations acquire historical measurements and generate actionable information that improves supply chain visibility, drives operational efficiency, and supports growth. But knowing the importance of data is only the first […]

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Brian Bourke

Cross-Brand Collaborations: X Marks the Spot – SEKO Logistics

Cross-brand collaborations seem to be everywhere right now. But why the sudden explosion in collaborations? And why do brands do it? SEKO Logistics teamed up with digital e-commerce agency Red Hot Penny to analyze some likely reasons behind cross-brand collaborations to provide insight and inspiration. Open up new markets A collaboration of two brands in […]

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