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Working Alongside Robots: No Longer Science Fiction

Working alongside robots in warehouses is the way of the present, rather than the way of the future. The recent ProMat and Automate conferences, in Chicago, featured robotics and automated materials handling equipment. “Solve for X,” the theme of the conference, emphasized the need for manufacturers, warehousing and third-party logistics companies to embrace change to […]

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Planning for the IoT and the Future of Your Supply Chain

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been noticeable across every aspect of everyday life, from controlling the lights in our homes to tracking the way we shop. It’s no surprise that it’s also having a huge influence behind the scenes of the supply chain, altering and improving processes from end-to-end to enable […]

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Dan Sellers

Shopping for a Transportation Management System: Factors to Consider

Is your organization seeking to replace its current Transportation Management System (TMS) or obtain a TMS for the first time? Besides the obvious factors, such as overall cost, functionality that meets your requirements, and the ability to integrate with your current system and trading partners, below are five points to consider when shopping for a […]

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Frank McGuigan

Consumer Demand Helping Drive 3PL Industry Growth

In recent years, shippers have encountered new standards of velocity, market choice, and cost for their products. Consumers are demanding better variety and greater availability at the lowest possible cost. These demands put increasing pressure on retailers, who in turn, pass that burden on to their suppliers—further increasing complexity and intensifying pressure on supply chains. […]

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Ty Bordner

Achieving Greater Visibility and Agility

Pressure for lower FOB prices while dealing with the upward movement of production is the biggest challenge for retailers today. And all of this comes at a time when companies are under intense pressure to meet the fast-evolving demands of every-channel retail, where consumers expect a more convenient shopping experience, as well as a superior […]

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Brad Hollister

TMS Launches New Era: Control Tower Visibility

It wasn’t long ago that top executives around the world had to be convinced why they needed accounting software to run their companies. Today it is unthinkable of any company operating without accounting software to manage their company’s finances. The importance of technology in shipping is starting to reach this same critical point for most […]

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Kae-Por Chang

How to Reap the Benefits of Asian Free Trade Agreements

Asian governments began developing bilateral free trade agreements (FTA) in addition to region-based multilateral agreements in 2000. These bilateral agreements were viewed as easier to negotiate and provided a quicker way to open up new export markets. The growth of bilateral FTAs in this region has led to what many economists refer to as the […]

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William Salter

Mastering Logistics Complexity: How to Take Control With Technology

There was a time when road distribution was either local delivery from local producers, or the ‘final mile’ delivery of goods that had been transported longer distances by rail or interstate highway first. The typical journey was either point to point or a regular circuit of collections and drops. An experienced transport manager, or even […]

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Caroline Lyle

Winning on Your Terms

In an age when so many conversations begin with, "Have you heard what Amazon just announced?," wouldn’t it be nice to have your competitors worry about your latest supply chain success? It’s rather easy to become distracted by the daily activities of the world’s largest retailer. But keeping our collective eye on the ball has […]

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Robert Walters

What Your Transportation Management System Should Provide

The transportation and logistics world is abuzz with the need for ever stronger and more diverse transportation management systems (TMS). This is apparently true for small and large shippers alike. And in today’s world of diverse rates and worldwide shipping operations, both inbound and outbound, the need grows stronger each year. So what should a […]

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Andre Smith

Testing the Quality of Logistics-Critical Applications

Deploying applications quickly and affordably, and ensuring those systems perform as promised, will be a key to success in tomorrow’s freight and logistics sector. You no doubt recognize the need for robust apps testing. Often the challenge is finding the tools and capacity to break the testing logjam—and to accelerate your time to innovation. Software […]

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Paul Thompson

Shaking Up the Brown Box: Big Winners in Supply Chain Evolution

With the infusion of multi-modal, multi-channel platforms, e-commerce is shaking the supply chain industry upside down. The consumer is now able to outrun the industry, and shippers are questioning their competency to continuously evolve their supply chains. To implement transformational strategies, operations teams are facing broad and deep investments in diversified technology and human resources […]

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Mark Johnson

The Pragmatist’s Guide: 10 Simple Strategies to Reduce Freight Costs Now transportation is your biggest logistics expense, so it’s likely that you’re under constant pressure to drive down these costs. Here are 10 ideas to consider as we head into 2017. Some of these strategies may encounter resistance from the “not the way we do it here” crowd. But let’s face it, any meaningful cost […]

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Dan Clark

Cloud Collaboration Increases Supply Chain Efficiency

Defined as the art of working together to produce or create something, collaboration has become a focal point for organizations that want to work smarter, better, and more efficiently in today’s competitive business world. Enabled by technology, companies and individuals are working together to achieve common goals, open new lines of communication, and foster both […]

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Alan Toliver

What supply chain resolutions are you making this year?

Another year is upon us and with it comes a new opportunity to do things differently; to do things better. No doubt you have things you didn’t get to last year, have ideas about what needs to change and maybe even have problems that keep you up at night. If you have been managing your […]

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How the Right Shipping Software Impacts Your Bottom Line

Choosing the right shipping software is critical because it impacts your company’s bottom line. Here are eight steps to take to ensure you choose the right solution for your company’s individual needs. Guarantee that you’re paying the lowest freight costs possible on all your shipments. Combined with the costs and/or business rules that have been […]

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Jeff Potts

How Driverless Trucks Will Change Supply Chain Strategy

In the popular 1985 movie "Back to the Future", it was predicted that by the year 2015, we would have the ability to fly our cars in the friendly skies. While that version of the future never became reality, we do have a major change to the state of transportation on the horizon with driverless […]

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Andrew Lynch

How Specialized Transportation Can Improve Customer Service

As a shipper, what does it look like to deliver on stellar customer service? Your buyers are looking for undamaged, on-time, seamless orders. But you are only able to control a portion of this. Somewhere along the way, a truck driver, warehouse worker, or dispatcher is involved in delivering on your customer service promises. Typically, […]

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