Dan Vertachnik

Developing a Comprehensive Transportation Strategy

Q: What advice do you have for companies attempting to optimize their inbound freight? A: It’s worth the effort. Traditionally, companies have focused on low-hanging fruit, such as improving efficiencies and reducing outbound transportation costs. Overlooked is the more difficult task of managing inbound transportation, which can often be multi-modal, multi-leg, and international. Companies need […]

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Jon Kuerschner

SaaS-Based TMS Empowers Global Freight Management

Q: What are the biggest challenges facing shippers in today’s economic environment? A: In today’s volatile market, managing transportation domestically and globally is a key factor for a more efficient and cohesive supply chain. Many businesses still use manual methods to manage freight, with no way to measure service or performance. Other companies are bound […]

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Jim Syfan

3PLs Control Loads to Provide Shippers Superior Service

Q: Third-party logistics (3PL) companies face many challenges with each shipment they manage. Why is it critical for 3PLs to take control of their shipments? A: In today’s difficult economy, shippers look for efficiencies such as maintaining smaller inventories and scheduling employees to unload freight at key consumption and/or distribution times. This demand only increases […]

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Garry Neeves

Harnessing the Power of Information Technology

Q: How do you squeeze the most reliability, accuracy, and cost efficiency out of today’s supply chain? A: Smart information technology (IT) is fundamental to success. Leading manufacturers know the importance of effective logistics management. Getting your product to the right place, just in time, and exactly as the retailer demands is crucial to the […]

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Chandra Allred

Tech Tools Serve Retailers’ Diverse Needs

Q: What do retailers need to know about working with 3PLs today? A: Retailers are challenging third-party logistics (3PL) providers to supplement their offerings with a broader range of services. To obtain and retain business, 3PLs must meet retailers’ diverse reporting, visibility, and delivery needs—yet not increase their cost structure. Achieving this goal is particularly […]

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Nathan Pieri

Supply Chain Control Towers Offer a Bird’s-Eye View

Q: How can companies better manage their supply chains to gain competitive advantage? A: Over the past year, the concept of a supply chain control tower has been gaining momentum. A control tower is a single command center for visibility, decision-making, and action, based on real-time data. "A supply chain control tower is a central […]

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Jeff Pepperworth

Improving Reverse Logistics Moves Shippers Forward

Q: How can shippers improve their reverse supply chain? A: Amid today’s higher fuel and transportation costs, technology becomes critical as companies search for efficiencies within the supply chain. The reverse supply chain has historically been viewed as a cost center and is often overlooked as a place where profit can be found. In the […]

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Keith Snavely

Helping Shippers Do More With Less

Q: What challenges or issues are shippers facing in an era of globalization? A: Our world has certainly become a much smaller place, but our challenges have only increased. Coupled with a tough economic climate, the need for greater supply chain visibility is paramount. Transportation costs over the past several years have come under greater […]

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