Wendy Buxton

Proper Care and Nurturing of a Supply Chain

Supply chain can be complicated, but managing it effectively doesn’t have to be. Creating a superior supply chain is like parenting a baby through adulthood. It requires continual focus, monitoring, and care. Taking your eyes off your baby can be costly! But with proper care and nurturing, you can grow something that performs beautifully—even in […]

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Steven Shoemaker

Hey! Your Numbers are Trying to Talk to You!

I run across many companies in my travels. For a while, I’ve been centering a bit on different companies’ methodologies for the continuous quest of supply chain network optimization, amongst other things. Some do quite a bit of planning and research, even hiring consultants, while others, it appears, do not. Particularly, the methodology for the […]

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Chris Wright

Tracking Rugged Tablets

Q: It seems that tablet computers are growing in popularity. Is this true in our field, where conditions can be difficult? A: Although the tablet has been available for years, it is receiving renewed attention for its combination of an easy-to-read display and keypad-free data entry and retrieval. Tablets offer several advantages over notebook computers […]

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Laura Kelleher

Warehouse Automation Management Goes Mobile

Q: Consumer devices, such as smartphones, are becoming more common in warehousing applications. How is the personal wireless space affecting the industrial/commercial wireless space? A: The form, function, and ease of use industry decision-makers experience when using their personal mobile devices is affecting their expectations of enterprise devices. It is driving demand for smaller and […]

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Robert Arndt

Making a Business Case for Lean MHE

Q: What are the biggest cost drivers in a distribution center? A: Distribution centers are driven by four primary costs. Labor is usually the largest cost, which is why companies focus on it so much. Second is the building itself. Third are the IT systems necessary to support the operation. Finally, there’s materials handling equipment […]

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Tom Heine

Second-Generation Logistics Software: Accessible Anywhere

Q: What is the latest logistics software trend? A: Transportation management systems (TMS) have morphed into communication hubs with Web and mobile access. The PC user interface for employees—while still crucial—is becoming much less important than it once was. Q: How can that be? The first generation of software focused on employees adding and viewing […]

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