Good Question: What’s your best time-management tip?

Good Question: What’s your best time-management tip?

The Eisenhower Box has had the largest impact on my time management. People have a tendency to put everything in the “urgent/important” bucket, which dilutes their focus. It has helped me more confi dently delegate or eliminate tasks altogether.

Luke Saari
Executive Vice President, GlobalTranz

Transportation managers should examine fleet management processes and identify tactical activities—such as planning delivery routes—that software can do in a fraction of the time. This redirects staff brainpower away from spreadsheet number-crunching and toward initiatives that make significant improvements in cost and service.

Will Salter
CEO, Paragon Software Systems

Don’t lose sight of your organization’s top-level goals—make sure your efforts are aligned with your organization’s objectives. Prioritize your workload into manageable, meaningful increments to achieve peak productivity.

McLean Palmer
Senior Vice President, Operations
Ascent Global Logistics

Find the task on your list that you hate doing and do it first. That way, you won’t subconsciously drag your feet on other things to put off what you don’t want to do.

Toni (Wade) Popp
Inventory Coordinator
JOANN Stores

Ensure you take care of yourself. You’re setting yourself up for failure if you try to do more than you can realistically. Prioritizing wisely, saying "no" when needed, and delegating are all aspects of this.

Kristy Knichel
Knichel Logistics

Eat the frog—get the top things done first; start with the big-impact items and move down the list.

Travis Condon, PMP, PSM
Senior Consultant

1) Turn off notifications and sounds for incoming email. 2) Put email you were copied on in a separate folder from those addressed to you. 3) Make a list of three things you want to achieve the next day. 4) Use a planner to identify the one thing you want to get done this week, this month, this year (they should be interrelated).

James Meads
Logistics Procurement Manager Sub-Saharan Africa

Spend 10 minutes in planning to save 20 minutes in execution.

Paul Okonkwo
Control Room and Field Operations Supervisor

Make a deliberate effort to plan your day’s work. When you have to make adjustments, you’ve already prioritized your projects.

Catherine Mallery
Pricing Analyst
Celadon Logistics

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