Listen Up! 12 Essential Podcasts from Inbound Logistics

Listen Up! 12 Essential Podcasts from Inbound Logistics

Future-proof operations, jump e-commerce hurdles, perfect your digital transformation strategy, and more with these must-listen episodes featuring leaders who provide first-hand insight on the latest logistics news.

How UPS Uses Disruptive Technology to Redefine Healthcare Logistics

Guest: Dan Gagnon, Vice President, Global Healthcare Strategy and Marketing, UPS

For the healthcare sector, supply chain management can be a matter of life or death. As part of its business transformation, UPS initiated a healthcare and life sciences unit to oversee new sensing and monitoring solutions for critical healthcare shipments. Hear about the company’s undertaking and how they navigated COVID-19.

How to Weather the Amazon Effect

Guest: Bob Malley, Chief Executive Officer, Pierbridge

E-commerce has fundamentally changed consumer behaviors, and no platform has played a bigger role than Amazon. The so-called Amazon Effect dramatically raises consumers’ expectations while arguably lowering their patience. This is how parcel shippers can adapt and stay competitive.

Steps to Ensure Safety and Compliance for Hazmat Transportation

Guest: Mike Cobb, Vice President of Safety and Compliance, Landstar Transportation Logistics

Safety becomes an even bigger priority when it comes to shipping hazardous materials, and that responsibility has to fall evenly across carriers, shippers, and owner-operators to minimize potentially dangerous mishaps. Follow these useful tips to stay out of the danger zone.

Your Supply Chain May Benefit from a Control Tower Approach

Guest: Lori Harner, Senior Director, Product Marketing, E2open

The more complex the supply chain, the more moving parts there are—and that’s a lot of data to monitor. When shippers have to analyze that information, taking a holistic approach with a control tower is the way to go. Find out the possible benefits for your business.

Navigate Global Disruption and Find Ways to Prosper

Guest: Brent Yeagy, President & Chief Executive Officer, Wabash National

Despite the ripple effects of the pandemic, some shippers managed to not only weather the storm, but thrive in spite of it. Wabash National managed that feat by recognizing the changing dynamics of the transportation marketplace and adjusting to meet disruptions head on. Learn how prioritizing employee safety ensured continued service for their customers.

Cognitive Computing via IBM Watson Could Be the Next Big Revolution

Guest: Joanne Wright, Vice President, IBM Supply Chain

What if you could scan your entire supply chain, pinpoint problem areas, and stop disruptions before they even happen? It sounds impossible, but IBM Watson Supply Chain could do just that. Here’s how cognitive computing is poised to be a game-changer for supply chain management.

Guest: Jason Gillespie, Senior Director of Continuous Improvement and Innovation, DHL Supply Chain

Transportation providers have shifted gears in response to the pandemic, but with digitization trends already on the rise, it may be more accurate to say that transportation is simply adapting to the times. Keep an eye on these trends to improve visibility.

Demand Chain Management: The Next Revolution in Logistics

Guest: Brian Bourke, Vice President of Marketing, Chief Growth Officer, SEKO Logistics

Increased e-commerce shopping has forced retailers to rethink the way they do business as they shift their focus to creating value for consumers. Learn how the new world of retail revolves around the shopper.

Future-Proofing Shippers Against Disruption with Digital Transformation

Guest: Dr. Martin Verwijmeren, Chief Executive Officer, MPO

Disruptions happen, but the shock caused by COVID-19 has shippers looking to technology to not only manage the immediate impact, but future-proof their operations for years to come. Assess your level of preparation and learn how comprehensive orchestration can ease fears and achieve digital transformation.

What Suppliers and Retailers Can Do to Alleviate Supply Chain Volatility

Guests: Brian Meents, Executive Vice President of Account Management, Sales, and Marketing; Dan Sankeh3, President of Retail Supplier Solutions; Hub Group

Amid a volatile economic landscape, businesses continue to seek different solutions to find stable ground for themselves and their customers. What can suppliers and retailers do to better position themselves to alleviate supply chain disruption? Here’s how the retail sector can respond.

Digital Tools for Better Managing Rising Transportation Costs

Guest: Gary Barraco, Senior Director, Product Marketing, E2open

Leading e-commerce platforms boost consumer demand, leading to rising transportation costs. This demand chain focus means shippers have to better manage an already complex supply chain by using new digital tools to monitor key data. Discover the opportunities for efficiency in your supply chain.

Staying Responsive to the Evolving Demands of a Global Consumer Market

Guest: Brad Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer, XPO Logistics

A dynamic, global consumer market with increasingly challenging demand signals requires an agile, flexible, and responsive supply chain. Innovative technologies and software can help, but should businesses make that investment?

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