Raising the GPA

Raising the GPA

Georgia ports authority (GPA) has developed a strategic plan that allows for 10 million twenty-foot equivalent container units, one million rail lifts, and more than one million auto and machinery units per year, GPA Executive Director Griff Lynch told attendees at the 50th annual Georgia Foreign Trade Conference in early February.

Lynch provided an overview of Georgia Port Authority’s 2028 Plan that calls for 42 ship-to-shore cranes, 200 yard cranes, new rubber-tired gantry crane lanes, and significant intermodal expansion in Savannah. The GPA will soon open its second inland terminal in Northwest Georgia, and break ground on the Mason Mega Rail project at Garden City Terminal. Combined, both intermodal projects will open new markets while significantly reducing rail crossings and over-the-road freight through Savannah, Atlanta, and beyond.

GPA goals over the next few years include:

  • Double the volume of container rail lifts to one million.
  • Add eight more truck lanes to reduce transittimes leaving the port.
  • Add temperature plugs for additional temp-control containers.
  • Grow to be the largest car port in the country.
  • Open new inland ports in North Georgia.

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