Logistics I.T.

The Next Transformational Technology for Terminal Operations: Simplified and Integrated Systems

The terminal operations sector we serve is in constant motion. The tools and systems necessary to run marine and rail facilities are vast and disparate. Once upon a time, if one of those systems failed, you’d pick up a clipboard, record the tasks, and calculate deltas. When everything was back up and running, you’d sit […]

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Is Ransomware Holding Global Trade Hostage? Here’s How to Safeguard Your Supply Chain

In June 2017, another major cyberattack targeted several large multinational corporations. The malware Petya (or NotPetya or Nyetya) was able to breach dozens of Russian and Ukrainian companies, including Russian oil and gas giant Rosneft, as well as leading global businesses across multiple industries. This time, two giants in the logistics industry, Maersk and FedEx, […]

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It Happens Automagically

I heard the phrase “it happens automagically” not long ago, and it reminded me of an editorial I wrote in 2000, when I mused that one day we’d have “a global internet without wires, melded with interaction free detection—finding something without looking.” Today, it is real and it happened sooner than I expected. The Internet […]

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Chris Makowski and Nisa Moore

Insights into Complexities of Managing Secure Global Transportation for the Government – General Dynamics IT

Operating one of the largest supply chain and logistics operations on behalf of the government, General Dynamics IT, a 2017 Inbound Logistics Top 100 3PL Provider, functions as a 3PL provider and is responsible for the shipment of goods around the world to high-threat and isolated posts. In addition to meeting contract door-to-door terms and […]

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Global Trade Content: Unlocking the Supply Chain Value

New Content-as-a-Service solutions deliver content that exists outside an organization. This outside-in perspective is spurring companies to find new value to make supply chain planning and execution inherently more intelligent—especially when it comes to global trade. Content solutions can, for example, help companies properly classify goods to ensure compliance while minimizing duties and tariffs; research, […]

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The Key to Lasting Supply Chain Innovation: Get Real

Managing a business for sustained growth often means finding and implementing innovative solutions to the challenges of complex supply chain logistics. Yet, when it comes to achieving lasting, repeatable innovation, it’s the real-world solutions that win out time and time again in leading logistics facilities. In his book Moneyball, Michael Lewis detailed how an analytical, […]

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Supply Chain Commentary:
The Battle of Retail Titans

Technology is ever-changing and recently, has been advancing at an extraordinary rate and providing accessible capital with highly valued stock prices. These prices are enabling acquisitions that have the ability to change the competitive landscape overnight. Exhibit A: Amazon’s deal with Whole Foods Market. Many recent acquisitions can be attributed to companies with aggressive growth […]

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Commentary: Wearable Technology Set to Permeate the Supply Chain Workforce

Often viewed as consumer-facing, wearable technology also presents a huge B2B opportunity particularly when it comes to helping businesses and their workers accomplish tasks and drive success in manufacturing and the supply chain. Seventy-five million wearables will permeate the workplace by 2020. And since this technology is often more mobile than laptops or tablets–and provides […]

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