Logistics I.T.

When Every Product Tells a Story

What makes Amazon so successful? How has the company turned retail (and logistics, for that matter) on its head? The answer is intelligence. Thanks to digital technology and an expansive network infrastructure, Amazon knows more about the demand chain it’s built between brands and consumers than most traditional companies can possibly grasp. But that’s changing. […]

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The Rail Networks of Tomorrow Will Ride on Satellite Connectivity

Railways are critical in supporting the global movement of goods in remote areas. However, today’s railway operators face many challenges, including optimizing network capacity, carrying out vital maintenance work, and improving health and safety. In their ambition to achieve greater control over their assets, transport leaders are now deploying more advanced technologies across their networks, […]

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Sierra Wireless Launches Acculink Cargo, A Managed IoT Solution for Asset Tracking

Internet of Things solutions provider Sierra Wireless today launched Acculink Cargo, a new managed IoT solution that companies can quickly deploy to track the location and condition of high-value and sensitive assets. Delivered as a service for a single monthly fee, Acculink Cargo leverages Sierra Wireless’ expertise in IoT devices, global connectivity, and cloud to […]

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2021 Top 100 Logistics IT Providers

KEY AI: Artificial Intelligence CRM/CX: Customer Relationship Management/Customer Experience DRP: Distribution Resource Planning EDI: Electronic Data Interchange ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning GTM: Global Trade Management IoT/IIoT: Internet of Things/Industrial Internet of Things MRP: Manufacturing Resource Planning OMS: Order Management System TMS: Transportation Management System WMS: Warehouse Management System YMS: Yard Management System 360data 920-830-5000 | 360DATA.COM Products: WMS, TMS, OMS Platform: Cloud/SaaS/Hosted, Local Pricing: Transactional Industries Served: E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, Transportation […]

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Vijay Natarajan

Converging Order and Logistics Management on One Platform

Q: Order management systems relate closely to supply chain management by better matching demand to supply. What are the new developments in OMS? A: Today’s technology empowers brands to offer a range of diverse, quality products, as well as customizable delivery or omni-channel fulfillment options to their customers. Doing so cost-effectively has always been a […]

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Dave Maddox

Build Supply Chain Resiliency with Digital Transformation

Q: How has the pandemic revealed shortcomings in supply chains? A: The pandemic highlighted the need for a resilient supply chain. The companies that best weathered this crisis were able to make informed decisions and collaborate across their supply chain to minimize the impact of the disruption. It’s clear that adopting an integrated transportation management […]

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