Logistics I.T.

Supply Chain Productivity Boosters: Three Technologies Making Maximum Impact

In today’s perpetually advancing and highly competitive modern marketplace, it is vital for businesses to stay ahead of the industry and maintain an edge, starting by reviewing current processes and identifying what can be automated or require less time, labor, and costs by utilizing technology. Embracing new technological trends will streamline workflow and optimize productivity […]

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Windows Mobile Migration: Three Ways to Ensure Business Continuity and Minimize Supply Chain Disruption

Microsoft’s 2015 decision to curtail support of mobile devices included, to the company’s credit, a sustained transition period. While this provided some breathing room for supply chains dependent upon Microsoft mobile platforms to transition to alternative operating systems, the days are numbered for companies that have yet to complete the OS transition. In June 2018, […]

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Invest in Logistics IT in a Grow Economy

Now is the time for all supply chain management professionals to come to the financial aid of their logistics IT. In the Information Age and the Internet of Things (IoT) era, the need for speed and flexibility in sharing accurate information both internally within your business units and externally with your customers, vendors, and suppliers, […]

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Unblocking the Blockchain: Beyond the Hype

For the logistics sector, blockchain is taking center stage in 2018. In the first three months of the year, we have seen Buffett’s BNSF Railway, UPS, and GE among a whole host of others join the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), which has dedicated itself to developing the industry standards for blockchain use. We have […]

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Supply Chain Commentary: Boost Productivity, Efficiency, and Security in Your Warehouse

Smoothly running logistics—a key factor in successful warehouse operations—depends on a three-legged stool of productivity, efficiency, and secure operations. Today, software underpins many warehouse functions, giving leaders a new source of productivity and efficiency insights—and a new concern for corporate security. Measuring and Optimizing Productivity Optimizing labor productivity is the number one goal within warehouse […]

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AI Ushers Supply Chains Into Data-Driven Future

Over the years, organizations have deployed an array of transactional and analytic systems for supply chain operations. While gains have been made, supply chains remain far from the ideal of real-time visibility and data-driven decisions that define the supply chain of the future.  Supply chains have grown infinitely more complex in today’s faster digital environments. […]

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