Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Complexity: What’s Behind Supply Chain Disruption and Why You’re Not Achieving Consistent ROI Improvement

In a 2016 Gartner survey, 63 percent of supply chain leaders reported “increasing supply chain complexity” as the highest risk to business continuity. A second survey from Gartner identifies supply chain complexity as #4 in the list of obstacles to achieving supply chain goals. As supply chain leaders face these challenges, they should focus on […]

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Samuel Mueller

Turn to Technology to Attract the Next Generation of Workers

Supply chain stakeholders have to acknowledge the shortage of workers in the supply chain sector. An estimated 600,000 manufacturing positions in the United States are going unfulfilled due to a lack of qualified workers, according to the 2016 MHI Annual Industry Report. Additionally the survey showed that 58 percent of respondents face a significant challenge […]

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Inbal Axelrod

Transparency to Efficiency: How IoT Can Increase the Productivity of Your Transportation (Sponsored)

The evolution of business has rapidly increased over the last 25 years. The speed of technological advances has impacted all aspect of business, including the last bastions of manufacturing and transportation operations. Every business has looked to capitalize on technology to increase productivity and leveraging that into higher profit margins. With the Internet of Things, […]

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Jeff Luthman

Extending the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

In the life science and pharmaceutical area, an inefficient supply chain can cause serious problems including product degradation and late deliveries of life-saving medications. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers specialize in streamlining their customers’ supply chains, merging logistics expertise with state-of-the-art innovations. While manufacturers search for ways to distinguish products in a competitive marketplace, many do […]

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Spencer Moore

Walmart’s ShippingPass Has Ended. What Retailers Should Do Next.

The shipping wars between Walmart and Amazon are heating up. On Jan. 31, 2017, Walmart halted its ShippingPass delivery service in exchange for free two-day shipping—signaling their latest move against Amazon. As more retailers offer free shipping, today’s consumers now expect online purchases to be delivered “fast and free.” Evolving customer expectations for delivery are […]

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Mitch Weseley

The Whole Industry Is Struggling to Define TMS. Here’s My Take.

I’ve been in the transportation sector for more than 30 years and wrote the first transportation management system (TMS) as a developer back in the ’80s. Since then, the term “TMS” has come to mean many different things. Today, it covers different product classes; many transportation software vendors refer to themselves as a TMS provider […]

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Kyle Martin

Supply Chain in the Cloud: How Tech Is Reshaping Logistics

In warehouses, on roads, and in corporate offices, technology is evolving every facet of logistics. From basic improvements like streamlining operations and increasing process efficiency to fully automating delivery trucks, technology is enabling much smarter, simpler supply chain management. Below are three emerging technologies reshaping the logistics industry: RFID Technologies The replacement of traditional barcodes […]

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Trends—February 2017

Trends—February 2017

Trump Administration: Make America Freight Again Promises to repair, restore, and improve U.S. infrastructure became one of Donald Trump’s primary campaign themes. Now that his term has officially begun, his administration has taken steps to follow through on those promises. The President’s team created a list of 50 infrastructure projects that will be a top […]

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Shruti Agrawal

Reduce Supply Chain Costs with Consolidated Procurement Strategies

For sourcing agents and organizations involved in procurement, supply chain efficiency is a pressing concern. In addition to physical factors like the layout of the unit and machine capacity, procurement contracts and the manner in which they are implemented can account for a majority of supply chain and manufacturing costs. Working hand-in-hand with product design […]

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