Warehousing Firm Thrives on Modernization

Warehousing Firm Thrives on Modernization<br />

Customer satisfaction based on timely, accurate, and cost-effective services has always been our mission,” exclaims Fred Ferber, president of Ferber Warehousing. Just ask one of the more than 650 clients who have faithfully utilized Ferber’s warehousing facilities. One example is Jason Twymon, project manager, IAC, who was in a quandary on how he was going to get his goods from the Rochester Hills facility to a plant in Monterrey, Mexico. “We knew who the right people were to get things done,” he says. “Your initiative in calling FedEx to ensure the shipment got out on time is greatly appreciated. Your staff definitely went above and beyond.” The end result is another happy and satisfied client.

“Ferber Warehousing has been extremely innovative in implementing the latest in technology to streamline our operations,” says Dianne Heath, vice president of business development. Ferber Industries has developed a total business distribution software solution called Conveyorware.com©, available for use by all clients. The Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is a proven, reliable, and error-free system offering seamless connectivity from their system to any web-enabled device (PC, smart phone, PDA). Clients can check inventory, order status, and enjoy stock reorder point notifications. The software sends clients and their customers e-mail notification of tracking numbers for each parcel shipment. All these features, such as bar coding, labeling, inventory control, material handling, and Real Time Order Management, are successfully handled by the sophisticated Conveyor© software. Conveyor© offers Ferber clients personnel time savers; manages their inventory, which is like managing money; and provides convenient shipping information. This is why Ferber Warehousing is different in the innovative ways they support their clients.

Weight Watchers praised Ferber Warehousing. “We are very happy working with Ferber Midwest. Their state-of-the-art computerized system ensures that our promotional items are delivered quickly and error-free. They are always available to speak with, which helps when last-minute changes need to be made. They have done an excellent job with our distribution.” Being flexible is how and why they survive and continue to thrive.

“We can support a small startup company, as well as established clients like Cabella’s, Apple, Honda, and GM,” Mr. Ferber reflects. “In today’s economy, our customers tell us they want solutions that are more scalable and flexible, and that is what is bringing new opportunities to Ferber Warehousing.”

Based on a company’s specific requirements, warehouse contracts can be month to month. You pay for only the space and services you need. Ferber Warehousing offers bulk container processing and palletizing; and inspecting, testing, processing returns, and consolidating shipments. Ferber Warehousing provides the distribution and fulfillment staff for everything from sorting, light assembly, kitting, repacking, and sequencing. This helps Ferber’s clients stay competitive as they’re able to meet deadlines and get product to its destination with zero errors.

Mr. Ferber purchased the historic National Twist Drill building and founded the company in 1985. Today, it is a full-service warehouse, cross-docking, storage, fulfillment and distribution provider. This home-grown, Michigan-based company, headquartered in Rochester Hills on 33 acres, provides 500,000 square feet of storage. A second building, operating out of Madison Heights, is a 94,000 square foot facility with 25,000 square feet of office space and 69,000 square feet of warehouse space. Ferber Warehousing serves a variety of industries, including automotive, electronic, manufacturing, commercial, e-commerce, retail and beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

As Ann Allard of J & J importers of Wines of Distinction recommends, “Ferber Warehousing has been an outstanding partner for us! We rely on you for quick response and accurate fulfillment of our orders. You never fail to deliver. I prepare requests often and then make several changes, giving you very little time to process these orders. Ferber Midwest always responds, “No problem” and “We’ll have it ready for you.” On the rare occasion that there is a problem (usually due to some miscommunication on our end) you always resolve it immediately. We are so pleased with the service that Ferber delivers that we have recommended you to our distributor. Please extend our thanks to Dianne, Mr. Ferber and all the team members who “touch” our account behind the scenes.”

Call Ferber Warehousing today to learn more about their services, rate quotes and Conveyor© Software: 888-248-2144. Visit our website for special offers: www.ferberwarehousing.com.

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