What, Me Worry?

Manufacturing professionals are among the most aware of industry change due to automation, finds The State of Intelligent Process Automation from Nintex. The survey of manufacturing workers finds that 75 percent don’t harbor concern for job security amid the rise of new technologies. In fact, 33 percent are worried these tools will make their jobs harder.

Manufacturers’ greatest fear: The study provides insight to why manufacturing professionals may be skeptical of intelligent technologies: 35 percent have been in their jobs for more than 10 years, and 98 percent say moderate to deep expertise is necessary to carry out their roles. While these employees understand digitization’s potential, they fear a negative impact—laziness. Indeed, 77 percent of manufacturing employees say artificial intelligence will make them lazy and cause them to lose their marketable skills.

The future: While automation can make work easier by eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks (for now), that doesn’t mean lazy workers will multiply.


Many manufacturing pros still struggle to understand how AI technologies can supplement their hard-earned expertise to create the most efficient operations. Digital transformation asks manufacturers to re-evaluate their processes to increase productivity and use the technologies hand in hand with their years of expertise.

Manufacturing employees who choose to work in tandem with new technologies can direct their intangible expertise toward higher-level strategic tasks.

—Ryan Duguid, Chief Evangelist, Nintex