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Kardex Remstar vertical buffer module: The LR 35 vertical buffer module is designed to pick small parts quickly in warehouses. It comes with picking software that lets users optimize routes and accurately pick goods. Additionally, the module easily integrates into existing systems and serves as a storage solution as well. UNEX roller rack: Designed to […]



Quick-Changing Supply Chains As trends in the fashion industry constantly change to keep up with evolving consumer needs and expectations, supply chain and logistics professionals need to be just as nimble and flexible to keep up. The apparel industry used to be divided into two seasons: spring/summer and fall/winter. Today, however, with the desire to […]

Keith Biondo

I Was a Shipment at Disney

On a recent trip to Disney World with my family, I felt like one of the shipments you manage. I experienced firsthand the recent technological magic Disney has invested in. The impact of that technology investment starts before you hit the park—advance planning, if you will. Disney encourages everyone seeking information about park attractions to […]

Nestlé’s Tasty Tactics for a Greener Supply Chain

In a revitalized commitment to ecofriendly practices, Nestlé has created a goal of reaching zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To be sustainable, though, the company is going to need to make some major changes within its supply chain.  To start, the food producer will need to begin implementing more sustainable ingredients within its […]

Florida: Clear Sailing

Florida: Clear Sailing

From exceptional ports to state-of-the-art e-commerce services, Florida’s logistics assets encompass everything under the sun.

Culture Builder

Culture Builder

While credentials and experience are important factors to consider when building a team, Dante Fornari believes that it’s cultural fit and chemistry that really make a difference.

Seeking Autonomy

Seeking Autonomy

What factors go into creating a successful supply chain? According to the EY Americas Supply Chain Reinvention Survey 2019, which surveyed senior-level supply chain executives on topics ranging from adopting technology, retaining leadership and talent, and prioritizing investment to supporting sustainability, here are the notable trends: A long road to 2025: More than 50% of […]

John Sheehy

Eight Ways to Minimize Supply Chain Risk

Supply chain attacks aren’t anything new, but threat actors continue to find new ways to breach networks. The 2013 Target breach and more recent NotPetya, Trisis, and Wipro compromises serve as not-so-gentle reminders that supply chain attacks are damaging and costly and present many risks to both businesses and their suppliers.

The State of Logistics

The State of Logistics

CSCMP’s annual State of Logistics Report presents an overview of the economy during the past year, key logistics trends, and the total U.S. logistics costs for 2018 (see chart). Here are some top takeaways. Macroeconomics: Economic slowdown expected and trade uncertainty volatile. The U.S. economy is flashing warning signs, as economic growth is forecast to […]

Gabrielle Griffith

Training: The Hidden Value-Add

Any business involved in import and export activities falls within the scope of all laws and regulations applicable to those activities. These laws and regulations are far-reaching and can be highly complex.

Noted: The Supply Chain in Brief-Sep 2019

Good Works To support a remote mountain elementary school in Yunnan, China, cargo-partner donated and delivered 200 desks and chairs, 130 bunk beds, and 260 bedding sets for a new dormitory building. In addition, the logistics provider will help the local government build a charity supermarket for people living in the mountain area to raise […]

5 Tips for Efficient Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) involves the flow of goods and services in an efficient manner. It encompasses all the steps involved in procuring raw materials through to the finished goods, in a way that is streamlined and provides value to the customer. As any successful business owner will tell you, SCM is an extremely crucial […]

IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions-September 2019

Products The Rite-Hite Dok-Guardian XL Safety Barrier helps facilities with loading docks comply with Walking-Working Surfaces regulations mandated by OSHA. At nearly 5 feet tall, the Dok-Guardian XL provides a physical barrier at loading dock openings and can stop up to 30,000 pounds of force. Transflo Trailer Tracking is a solar-powered device that provides near real-time communications and […]

Tara Meier

Choosing the Right 3PL and Supporting Supply Chain Excellence

Choosing the right third-party logistics (3PL) provider can make or break your goal of achieving supply chain excellence and have a significant impact on your company’s brand. Q: What are some top factors to consider when evaluating a 3PL’s potential to deliver supply chain excellence while upholding your brand? A: You want to ensure that […]

Mary Lamie

Collaboration Grows Freight Economy

At the heart of St. Louis’ strategy to advance as a global trade hub is a focus on collaboration to strengthen and promote the region’s already robust freight network. The entire bi-state region has united behind that common goal—establishing partnerships that bridge government boundaries, public and private sector, various industries, and multiple transport modes. The effort is paying off.

Anne Sexton

4 Steps to Streamline Global Shipping

For global manufacturers, managing logistics and carriers across locations, countries, and regions is no easy task, particularly given the current unpredictable business environment. But while shippers can’t control fickle global relations, they need not be at their mercy.

Destination: The Corner Office

Destination: The Corner Office

Got your sights set on the C-Suite? It’s no pipe dream. As the supply chain exercises more influence over business outcomes, its managers are rising to top leadership positions. The journey begins with expanding your skill sets and seeking job experiences that prepare you for the role.

Getting Shipments on the Right Track

Getting Shipments on the Right Track

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) provides wireless and broadcast infrastructure products and solutions to customers around the globe. Because many of the company’s products require installation, on-time delivery is critical. Late or damaged shipments raise costs when installation crews must wait for the equipment to arrive.

2019 Top 100 3PLs

2019 Top 100 3PLs

Providing innovative and reliable supply chain solutions, these third-party logistics providers drive home the goods. Presented in alphabetical order, these are the 100 3PLs Inbound Logistics editors selected as the best of the best.

E-Commerce Raises the Snack Bar

E-Commerce Raises the Snack Bar

To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, brands need to deliver a strong, direct-to-consumer experience across all their e-commerce and physical platforms, including social media, online marketplaces, website, and brick-and-mortar stores.

Avoiding the Trade War Squeeze

As trade volatility between the United States and China escalates, shippers find few options for avoiding a painful squeeze. While some are shifting production to other nations in the region, others find those countries are less than ready to handle the spike. In the thick of peak season preparations, here are some ways to ensure […]

The IoT Reality: How to Prepare Your Warehouse

The smart warehouse is here, and it’s powered by an ever-increasing number of “things.” The Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced tags, cameras, sensors, robotics, and more, all generating and needing a steady flow of data to run your warehouse. Countless case studies have found them to be faster, more efficient, and less prone to […]

3PL Power

3PL Power

Whether brand new, solidly up and running, or decades old, shipper-3PL partnerships thrive on open communications, flexibility, and trust.

The Nexus Way

The Nexus Way

Will Hansen Principal, Nexus VALUE-ADDED EXCHANGE We will honorably serve customers, adding value in every exchange, at every interface. PROVIDING SOLUTIONS We will formulate and execute creative solutions that allow customers to gain marketplace advantages, deliver superior service, and make wise investments across the supply chain. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT We will uphold standards of excellence, never […]

Robots and WMS: Living in a Materials World

Robots and WMS: Living in a Materials World

“Order any sample by midnight (EST). Get everything in one box, shipped FedEx Priority Overnight. Always Free.” That’s the first message users see on Material Bank’s website. It’s the promise the next-generation material sampling platform has built its entire operation around and will remain a driving force as it scales.



Blockchain clasps the supply chain Best known for its use in cryptocurrencies, blockchain is now making its way into the jewelry supply chain. In an industry where transparency is in high demand, the technology has a lot to offer. Aside from cost savings, which many other industries have realized by implementing blockchain to trace products […]

Ryan Webber

Reinventing Logistics in the Age of Amazon

n 1909, Henry Ford said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” Decades later, Jeff Bezos said, “Customers are divinely discontent. Their expectations are never static—they go up.”

Triple E Supply Chain

The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), a nonprofit supply chain association, released new standards for instituting a “triple E” supply chain—one that is ethical, ecological, and economical. Companies that meet the standards are eligible to apply for the ASCM Enterprise Certification, an industry benchmark demonstrating a commitment to clean supply chains. “More than ever, […]

3 Ways to Mitigate Cyber Risk in Your Supply Chain

In March 2019, when U.S. Coast Guard Deputy Commandant for Operations Daniel Abel spoke at a panel for The Brookings Institution, he cited reports from shippers and ships: “I’ve had a cyber breach and I’m inbounding to your port.” Cyber risks to supply chains in shipping, transportation, and logistics have only intensified since then. “Cyber […]

Southeast Ports Close in Advance of Hurricane Dorian

Though it has yet to land state-side, Hurricane Dorian is already a force to be reckoned with. In fact, it’s considered one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. Supply chain professionals are bearing down and preparing for the worst after the Bahamas suffered severe blows from the natural disaster. With […]

Thomas Griffin

How to Choose a 3PL and Reap the Benefits – DLS Worldwide

Q: What are the benefits of using a 3PL company for your shipping needs? A: You can streamline your processes by freeing up your employees’ time to work on other priorities and objectives. You will save money and achieve greater flexibility by leveraging better economies of scale, established carrier relationships, and knowledge of the industry […]

Stop, Thief!

Stop, Thief!

TT Club and BSI have issued the second edition of their report on global cargo theft, the first to cover a full year. The report analyzes cargo theft by modality, theft type (modus operandi), commodities targeted, and the value of losses across the major regions of the world (see chart above). Among the notable findings: […]

Managing Risk and Building Resilience

Antonio Galvao is chief supply chain officer for DuBois Chemicals, which creates custom chemistry, equipment, and process solutions. Responsibilities: End-to-end supply chain, including manufacturing, planning, logistics, procurement, and quality. Experience: VP, logistics and distribution, Americas, and VP, global logistics GISC, Johnson Controls; VP of supply chain, Africa, Middle East, Turkey, and Central Asia, and VP, […]

Walmart-Owned Flipkart Aims for Sustainability 

Flipkart, an online electronics retail company owned by Walmart, is working to increase sustainability across its supply chain. The e-tailer has already reduced its usage of single-use plastic by 25% across its packaging value chain. By 2021, it hopes to achieve 100% recycled consumption. Flipkart also filed for EPR (extended producer responsibility), a policy under […]

Greg Satell

Blockchain Moves Beyond the ‘Walled Garden’ Stage

On Halloween 2008, a mysterious paper entitled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System appeared on a cryptography mailing list. Its author used the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto and to this day no one is sure of their true identity. Nevertheless, the the paper unleashed a revolution. While the Bitcoin paper’s objective was to establish an alternative […]

Machine Learning Powers Smarter Warehouses

As part of its warehouse management functionality, ERP systems typically track information about products as they’re picked, packed, and shipped, so that orders can be filled faster and more accurately. However, real-time data can now be collected and analyzed using smart sensors, cloud technology, and self-learning algorithms to generate new insights. Powered by machine learning, […]

12 Tips to Identify Quality Suppliers

When most buyers plan to select a new supplier, they are usually tempted to focus on the best price. But shaving a few cents off the product price is no help if the quality is below standard or the component does not arrive when you need it. Focus on quality by incorporating these 12 tips […]

GOOD QUESTION | What’s the quickest way to improve return logistics?

Make sure information systems, distribution networks, and transportation capabilities work together seamlessly. Perry Belcastro Senior Vice President, Fulfillment Services Saddle Creek Logistics Services Leverage artificial intelligence to identify key drivers causing returns/claims. This can provide insights that can be used to optimize delivery, reduce volume, and provide critical information to engineering to improve products. Tom […]

2019 Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards

2019 Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards

MORE TO THE STORY: How to Find a 3PL-Third Party Logistics Provider AND THE WINNERS ARE: 1. Echo Global Logistics 2. Transplace 3. Hub Group 4. C.H. Robinson 5. Kenco 6. Werner 7. (tie). DHL Supply Chain. GlobalTranz 8 . Sunset Transportation 9 . (tie). SEKO Logistics. Penske Logistics 10 . R2 Logistics Our audience […]

7 Outstanding Women in Supply Chain and Logistics

7 Outstanding Women in Supply Chain and Logistics

Like their counterparts in many other professions, women have steadily advanced within the logistics and supply chain sector over the past few decades. The women we interviewed are succeeding at the top levels within their companies due to a strong work ethic, a passion for supply chain and logistics, and the ability to be comfortable as one of a few—sometimes the only—women in the room.

Keith Biondo

3PL Growth Spurt. Why?

The managed logistics sector thrives both in times of positive change and in times of uncertainty. We’ve recently had plenty of both. In today’s bipolar economy, it’s no wonder that U.S. 3PLs had their best-ever year in 2018. Forty percent of 3PLs report top-line sales growth of 20% or better in our annual 3PL Perspectives […]

The Politics of Expanding Into New Markets

The Politics of Expanding Into New Markets

A majority of U.S. companies (82%) would like to expand into new markets and 36% are considering expansion opportunities in the BRICS and MINT countries, according to a new survey of U.S. business decision makers by connected planning company Vuealta. However, 55% of respondents say political uncertainty and its impact on their supply chains is […]

3PL Perspectives 2019

3PL Perspectives 2019

What does the road ahead look like for shippers and logistics service providers? In our 14th annual 3PL market research report, Inbound Logistics explores potential speed bumps and market movers.

Find Air Shipping Success Despite Uncertainty in Today’s Air Market

In the past, air shipping has been somewhat predictable thanks to reoccurring annual events like the holiday season. But recent events have disrupted the typical peaks and valleys we’ve come to expect. Now more than ever you’ll need to find the right strategy to handle out of the ordinary events as well as the typical […]

Don’t Forget to QC Your Logistics

Effective quality control stretches from manufacturers all the way to the consumer. Historical data and experts claim that quality impacts 30-70 percent of the final cost of the product. This includes things such as: Rejected parts that need to be replaced, returned or fixed Delays impacting the production schedule Customer dissatisfaction after a product is […]



The Gas supply chain now extends to your car Recently fueled with more than $15 million in funding and an operating space that has grown from three to 18 cities in less than one year, California-based startup Yoshi offers a monthly subscription service that delivers gas for your car directly to your residence. In addition […]

How Tech Keeps Talent

For the logistics and transportation industries, the evolving on-demand economy means an increased demand for warehouse staff and commercial drivers. Thanks to the smartphone powered e-commerce shopper, perks like free shipping, two-hour shipping, and real-time delivery have fueled the acceleration of driver demand. In fact, the American Trucking Association estimates the commercial trucking industry will […]

Pervinder Johar

Operating a Purpose-Driven Supply Chain

Leading with purpose creates an impact that resonates across a business—including employees, customers, partners, and shareholders. It can often be a complicated process, but it doesn’t need to be. For global brands that source raw materials, move products through global supply chains across borders, and ultimately deliver a product or experience to a customer, understanding […]

Pete Butler

Filling the Manufacturing Skills Gap

The manufacturing skills gap may leave a projected 2.4 million positions open in the coming decade, with a potential economic impact of $2.5 trillion. How can manufacturers prepare and fill positions with qualified individuals? What training and ongoing education strategies will enable the necessary skills? Predictive analytics and machine learning can eliminate the guesswork in […]

Port of Savannah: Meet Me in St. Louis

Port of Savannah: Meet Me in St. Louis

The St. Louis Regional Freightway and the Port of Savannah are forging a partnership to create a new connection between the St. Louis region and the largest single-terminal container facility in the western hemisphere. In response to record movement of 4.3 million TEUs in fiscal 2017, the Port of Savannah is investing $3 billion to […]

Bill Mathews

Stop Calling It Backhaul

A backhaul is a means of returning drivers and equipment to their origin or domicile. It’s that happy place where sales can command the highest rates for haul and the customer connection is at its best. It stands to reason, however, that one company’s origin point is another company’s wasteland in terms of relationships and […]

The Road to Route Planning

Customers in the digital era expect deliveries to be reliable, fast, and transparent; they want to be able to track a delivery, even when it takes only a few hours to reach them. Route planning can help meet this demand. Many businesses employ route-planning systems to gain a competitive advantage. These digital tools consider products, […]

X Marks the Spot: Geocoding is Here and the Supply Chain Must Get Onboard

E-commerce’s introduction to the retail industry gave way for a complete shift in the way people shop for goods and services. Today with abundant shopping websites and mobile apps available to consumers, both the demand and expectation for how quickly and where we receive goods continues to expand the reach of e-commerce. Now more than […]

IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions-July 2019

Products Rite-Hite‘s new wall-mount light/fan combines the Rite-Lite LED Dock Light with the CoolMan® 2800 Trailer Fan to provide loading dock workers with more visibility and heat relief inside trailers. The Rite-Lite dock light uses six high-intensity LEDs while the CoolMan 2800 trailer fan has a telescoping arm which can be raised, lowered, and extended. […]

GOOD QUESTION | What’s the most neglected part of the supply chain?

Reverse logistics is usually an afterthought. Heather Jarvis-Gann Logistics & Dispatch Crestwood Midstream Partners LP Defining what supply chain management is for your company is key to writing the right job description and attracting the right talent. Tyler Chamberlain, MBA Supply Chain Manager Capital One Compliance is often viewed as a cost center and is […]

How SMB Warehouses Can Ramp Up Agility

Small and mid-size businesses need to be increasingly nimble to respond to the Amazon effect disrupting today’s marketplace. There’s no better time than now to start rethinking warehouse operations and capitalizing on technology to improve efficiency, boost productivity, speed delivery and lower costs. Although e-commerce accounts for slightly less than 10 percent of overall retail […]

Keith Biondo


As a culture, are we really committed to sustainability? Yes and no. Conventional wisdom can be contradictory. For example, some of you are reading this on paper. BAD! Yet studies show that fast-growth carbon capturing recyclable paper is much more sustainable than the gigawatts of energy and massive server farms needed to deliver Inbound Logistics […]

Subcoms Focused on the Future

In a retail environment focused on customer experience and convenience, subscription commerce (subcom) companies are maintaining a foothold. According to the 2019 SnapFulfil and Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA) State of Subscription Commerce survey, 46% of today’s subcom offerings now have 2-5 years of operational experience; 40% have more than 5,000 customers, and 29% have more […]

John Carroll

Simplifying the Sophisticated Warehouse To Drive Efficiency – Serco Entrematic

As the equipment and resources in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers become more technologically complex and sophisticated, well-designed processes and systems can help build a simplified, straightforward operation that is safer and more efficient. Q: How can shippers, especially those in retail and high-volume distribution, accommodate the increasing demands of e-commerce with their warehouse […]

Technology Trends You Can’t Ignore

Technology Trends You Can’t Ignore

Strategic technology trends have the potential to drive significant disruption and deliver significant opportunity. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must evaluate these trends to identify opportunities, counter threats, and create competitive advantage, according to a recent Gartner report. Key Report Findings Artificial intelligence (AI) opens up a new frontier for digital business. This is […]

5 Supply Chain Myths—Busted

5 Supply Chain Myths—Busted

Whether you have established your career or are just starting out in supply chain management, you’ll come up against persistent misconceptions. Inbound Logistics puts five of the most common myths to the test.

Digital Forwarders Gain Traction

Digital forwarding platforms are rapidly gaining traction in a global forwarding market characterized by uneven change, according to Global Freight Forwarding 2019, a new study from Transport Intelligence. Technology is creating a vast range of forwarding options available to shippers across the globe—from online booking and quotation to visibility tools and control towers. However, “perhaps […]

Looking for a New Logistics Provider? First Things First

The competitive e-commerce landscape calls for strategic partnerships between growing businesses and logistics providers that put their customers first. As e-commerce causes structural changes across the shipping and logistics space, it can be challenging for business owners to find a logistics provider that’s as invested in their business’s success as they are. Indeed, with the […]

How Evolving Consumer Behavior impacts Global Supply Chains

How Evolving Consumer Behavior impacts Global Supply Chains

The impact of evolving consumer shopping behaviors on retailers and manufacturers is the focus of a new supply chain study by DiCentral, a B2B integration services provider, along with the Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh University. The study, Supply Chain Collaboration in Transformative Vertical Industries: Implications of Omnichannel and Dropshipping, examines the motivations, […]