Pete Zimmerman

Tech Can Turn Your Supply Chain Into a Well-Oiled Green Machine

The majority of your customers want to make their consumption habits more sustainable and their loyalty will only go so far if your brand doesn’t adapt. Despite growing demand for sustainable products, and consumers who value green practices over the green in their wallets, CPG brands are falling short. If they want to succeed, smart […]

Tom Maher

How Smarter, Stronger Supply Chains Improve the Customer Experience

Companies today are increasingly leveraging digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and machine learning (ML) to build smarter supply chain operations. They are turning “big supply chain data” into real insights that improve efficiency, bring products and services to market faster, and deliver differentiating customer value, all key to remaining competitive in the […]

Ashley Tyrner’s Vision Bears Fruit

Ashley Tyrner is founder and CEO of Farmbox Direct, which works with hundreds of farms to deliver fresh, natural, and organic produce to its 10,000-plus members. Responsibilities: Sourcing fresh organic and natural produce, forming partnerships with farmers, working with shipping companies, and designing the produce boxes that customers receive. Experience: Brand manager with fashion designer […]

Debbie Lentz

Five Tips to Achieve Career Success

The beauty of working within the supply chain is that it touches nearly every aspect of a business, which opens up huge career opportunities. Regardless of the career path you opt for within the supply chain, and like any job you embark on, to achieve success you need to work hard. Here are five tips […]

FMCSA to Announce Two-Year Delay in ELDT Rule

Federal trucking regulators are nearing a formal notice that they plan to delay implementation of the Entry Level Driver Training rule by up to two years after it was set to go into effect on a limited basis February 7th. The notice could be posted as soon as before Thanksgiving, a DOT official who asked […]

Three Steps Manufacturers Can Take to Improve Supplier Collaboration

We all use technology to make our lives easier. We have software to manage household budgets and smart watches to keep us on schedule. And in the manufacturing world, technology can give real-time visibility into the entire supply chain process and empower collaboration with suppliers. Yet somehow, nearly two-thirds of manufacturers working in complex, highly-regulated […]

FedEx delivery robots seen in New York City

As part of a promotion, FedEx sent out its’ SameDay Bots — also known as Roxos — on the streets of New York City last week. FedEx stated, “The Bot was visiting New York for a special event. Future testing plans are not yet determined.” The SameDay Bots are undergoing testing in other markets. They […]

Maritime Logistics in Ship Shape

Maritime Logistics in Ship Shape

While the prospect of higher tariffs and the cost of low-sulfur fuel requirements pose concerns for the maritime industry, it’s forging ahead with bigger, more automated seaports, as well as technology that improves visibility, reduces its environmental impact, and streamlines operations.

How to Build a Supply Chain Based on Speed to the Midwest

How to Build a Supply Chain Based on Speed to the Midwest

While companies look to technology for a competitive advantage in their supply chains, geography is an often-overlooked factor. A supply chain built on speed to the Midwest can boost efficiency and lower operating costs across a variety of industry sectors. Midwest logistics hubs are typically within a day’s drive of more than half the U.S. […]

Eric R. Byer and Mark M. Fisher

Why Freight Rail Needs Reform

A lack of competition, outdated regulations, and a handicapped federal agency allow poor delivery service, failure to provide notice of fee changes, and inadequate customer service, making it harder for shippers to depend on freight rail. Those shippers include a substantial percentage of National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) members, such as Univar Solutions, who […]

Florida and Mexican Seaports Sign Agreement to Enhance Trade

MIAMI – On behalf of Florida’s 15 seaports, the Florida Ports Council (FPC) has entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine (Coordinadora de Puertos) of Mexico to maintain relations that promote international commerce and economic development. The Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine is an agency of […]

The Logistics of Liquidation

The Logistics of Liquidation

When a customer returns a product, or a company clears unsold merchandise off the shelves, that’s the start of an uphill climb in search of maximum value recovery.

How a Freight Audit and a TMS Can Drive Efficiency for Your Supply Chain

How a Freight Audit and a TMS Can Drive Efficiency for Your Supply Chain

Could your company be spending millions on expedited air service and not know it? It happened to one shipper who didn’t audit their freight payments for several years. It turns out one shipment went out air expedited, and somehow every customer order after that went out the same way. A lack of oversight cost the […]

E-Commerce Fulfillment: No Pain, No Gain

E-Commerce Fulfillment: No Pain, No Gain

Escalade Sports has been playing the supply chain game since 1927. At one point in its history, Sears, the traditional model for catalog and retail store sales, accounted for about half of the sporting goods manufacturer and distributor’s business. Today, while the company still serves specialty shops, department stores, and big-box retailers, Amazon and other e-commerce direct-to-end-user channels have changed the game.

FedEx Disputes New York Times Report on Company Investments

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – FedEx’s founder and CEO, Fred Smith, responded to the New York Times after it published a critical article contending FedEx didn’t make enough promised capital investments after Congress passed a tax cut. The newspaper claimed that tax cut brought FedEx’s tax rate to less than zero in 2018. A company spokesperson stated […]

Five Reasons Why the Delivery Economy Is Here… Now

Providing a great customer experience has long been a key factor in predicting any business’s success. Traditionally, this meant providing customers things like a comfortable place to shop, attentive and courteous sales associates, and a generous return policy. But, like everything else today, new digital technologies and services have dramatically changed what customers expect during […]

Hampton Wall Named Chief Executive Officer of Trax Group

Scottsdale, Arizona – November 18, 2019 – Trax Group, a leader in cloud-based transportation spend management solutions, announces that Hampton Wall has joined the company as Chief Executive Officer. Hamp has over twelve years of experience in the enterprise spend management industry, previously serving as CEO of both Proactis (LON:PHD) and Perfect Commerce. Hamp succeeds […]

Three Ways 5G Will Benefit the Logistics Industry

Fundamentally different from previous generations, 5G, the next generation wireless network technology, is engineered to greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. It promises data rates 100x those of 4G, with network latency around 1 millisecond, support for 1 million devices/sq. km., and 99.999 percent availability of the network. A connected world enabled […]

Breaking News – Walmart Canada and DLT Labs™ launch world’s largest full production blockchain solution for industrial application

TORONTO, Nov. 14, 2019 /CNW/ – Walmart Canada and DLT Labs™ today announce the launch of Walmart Canada’s blockchain-based freight and payment network, the world’s largest full production blockchain solution for any industrial application. The new system uses distributed ledger technology to track deliveries, verify transactions, and automate payments and reconciliation among Walmart Canada and […]

GOOD QUESTION | What’s the 2020 supply chain buzzword or phrase?

GIG WORKER. Embracing this growing segment of workers is the key to helping companies handle variability—from last-minute orders to seasonal swings—while remaining agile. Robert O’Dwyer Logistics Industry Principal Kronos Incorporated AI. It has only just begun to transform freight and logistics. With innovation comes new services and opportunities for cost savings or efficiency gains. Oren […]

Noted: The Supply Chain in Brief-Nov 2019

Shovel Ready Transportation management company Ruan broke ground on its new Iowa operating center, which will provide transportation and warehousing services to customers across the Midwest. Construction of the Ankeny Operating Center, which will serve as the provider’s flagship operation, is scheduled to be completed in September 2020. Transwestern Development broke ground on the Sam […]

IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions-November 2019

Products UNEX Manufacturing’s new Keg Flow Solution for distribution centers keeps beer kegs flowing smoothly through supply chains. Keg Flow stores traditionally hard-to-handle kegs in an ergonomic and space-saving fashion with room for more kegs per pallet and a versatile steel roller track. Toshiba introduced the BA400 thermal barcode printer, which has a compact design allowing top […]

A Greener Supply Chain

Much has been written about the recent US-based Business Roundtable event, where 181 CEOs announced their commitment “to lead for the benefit of all stakeholders,” not just shareholders. The implications will ripple through boardrooms around the country, as the event redefined the purpose of a corporation as one that serves — equally — shareholders, communities […]

Unpacking the Biggest Threat to a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

It may not incite the most technology hype or attention-grabbing headlines, however the centuries-old logistics industry is a critical sector that provides an enormous impact on our global economy. According to the annual State of Logistics Report, spending on logistics in the U.S. rose to $1.5 trillion in 2017, which represents 7.7 percent of U.S. […]



Sofa So Good What is the outlook for the U.S. furniture market moving forward? Here’s what to expect, according to Coresight Research’s U.S. Furniture Report, May 2019: A steady growth curve for the U.S. furniture industry is being driven by a strong economy. Consumer spending on furniture reached $114.2 billion in 2018, up 6.7% from […]

Tackling E-Commerce Shipping

E-commerce is quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives—putting pressure on retailers. Here are tips to help shippers keep costs down and customers happy.

Inside Innovation

Inside Innovation

What are the top supply chain differentiators and innovation drivers? According to the findings of BluJay Solutions’ Focus on Customer Experience: Research on Supply Chain Priorities and Investments report: Customer experience reigns supreme. 61% of survey respondents agree or strongly agree that customer experience will overtake price and product as the number one brand differentiator […]

Barriers to Scalable IIoT Execution

By providing visibility into the assets and processes that historically had no data feedback loop, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has allowed manufacturing organizations to leverage their incoming data to implement crucial initiatives such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. In addition, by establishing a constant and secure channel for data to flow from […]

Keith Biondo

Take the Current When It Serves

I recently participated in a summit of supply chain and business leaders who shared the many ways they are successfully navigating the turbulent waters of global trade. Despite the headwinds, they were determined to find new supply lines and expanded market opportunities. Determined and, yes, even optimistic about their economic future. It reminds me of […]

DHL Gives Mio Better Inbound Logistics Control

DHL International Supply Chain has developed a purchase order (PO) management and visibility solution for the Swedish home furnishings retailer Mio. The solution provides Mio more control over inbound orders from eight countries to reduce detention and demurrage costs while improving intake planning for distribution centers.   DHL will provide PO management and visibility for […]

Uber Plans to Expand Freight Services into Canada

Uber Technologies Inc. is expanding its freight division into Canada to snag a piece of the country’s US$74-billion trucking market. The San Francisco-based company has been gradually expanding its services beyond ride hailing in recent years with ventures including food delivery, e-bikes and e-scooters. Uber announced last month that it would invest US$200-million into its […]

Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

Though Hurricane Dorian may be behind us, U.S. supply chains continue to feel its effects. And it’s possible that another large storm could still be on the horizon. Even if manufacturers aren’t located in a hurricane impact area, they can still experience business disruptions if a customer, supplier, or transportation route is affected. In the […]

Going the Distance: Securing Supply Chains From Cyber Attack

All over the world, business are achieving their goals with more ease than ever before, thanks to digital disruption. Ambitions that would have taken decades to achieve in the past can now be attained in significantly less time, whether you are expanding globally, automating low-level tasks or scaling up. But this digital awakening has also […]

3PLs: Responsive, Cost-Effective, and Green

3PLs: Responsive, Cost-Effective, and Green

The modern supply chain is complex, and in order for the world’s leading companies to deliver their goods and services in an expedient, cost-conscious, and environmentally friendly fashion, they are increasingly turning to third-party logistics (3PL) companies to achieve these goals. These are among the themes of the 2020 Third-Party Logistics Study, created and supported […]

Michael Eastabrook

Data on Loading Dock Activities Improves Operations, Boosts ROI

Warehouse managers have long been forced to base decisions about their loading docks on assumptions rather than data. That’s starting to change, thanks to new technology that assembles objective information to support well-informed decisions. Q: For shippers in retail, high-volume distribution, and similar industries, what kinds of data about activities at the docks could help […]

Noted: The Supply Chain in Brief-Oct 2019

Good Works MSC Group, parent company of MSC Cargo, worked with South Carolina Ports Authority and other industry partners to fill two 40-foot shipping containers in Charleston, South Carolina, with critical supplies to send to the Port of Freeport in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian. The maritime partners filled the shipping containers with more than […]

Crane Worldwide Logistics Announces New Vice President, Customs Brokerage and Trade Advisory Services

Houston, October 23, 2019 — Alexandra Kleinschmidt joins Crane Worldwide Logistics in Houston to lead the customs brokerage and trade advisory team. Kleinschmidt is a licensed customs broker, certified customs specialist and has an experienced background in leadership roles covering customs brokerage, compliance, ocean product and sales. Throughout her career, she has lived in multiple […]

GREEN SHOOTS: How to Implement GSCM

Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) can be integrated into almost any industrial business. The key to implementing this concept is to identify areas where sustainable practices can be applied to an existing supply chain. These areas include: Cleaner material sourcing. For retailers, this may involve partnering with companies to redesign packaging using recyclable or biodegradable […]

S.C. Ports makes a $63.4 billion annual economic impact on S.C.

CHARLESTON, SC – Oct. 22, 2019 – South Carolina Ports Authority has long been a powerful economic engine for South Carolina, and as container volumes have doubled over the past decade, the Port’s positive economic impact on the state has significantly increased. S.C. Ports Authority (SCPA) makes a $63.4 billion annual economic impact on South […]

Fostering a Data-Centric Culture in Fulfillment Operations

With more customers shopping from their couches, there’s never been a greater need for distribution center efficiency. Items are flying off the shelves, and both pickers and management are feeling the pinch. It’s no surprise, then, that technologies designed to help unlock and leverage data are rising in importance. According to Zebra Technologies, 61 percent […]

Optimizing the Last Mile

Doing last-mile logistics correctly leads to repeat business and loyal customers, but final-mile processes involve more than just a truck and driver.

BREAKING – UPS Launches New Tech-Enabled Healthcare Solutions, Forms Healthcare Unit

UPS Premier is a new critical healthcare product portfolio using next-generation sensor and tracking technology to help pinpoint tracking accuracy, combined with a new operating model featuring priority handling from origin to destination. Company deploys consistent quality management system across 114 UPS, Marken and Polar Speed facilities globally. New UPS Healthcare and Life Sciences unit […]

5 Tips for Choosing a Logistics Provider

Especially during times of global volatility and evolving marketplaces, an experienced logistics provider is a critical business decision. Vincent Touya, managing director of Dachser USA, offers these considerations for choosing a provider that will meet your expectations and business objectives. 1. Strong reputation and knowledge of your industry. The reputation of a logistics provider plays […]

Kicking the Tires on an IoT Solution

Kicking the Tires on an IoT Solution

Tire manufacturer Michelin is a shipper with a massive global footprint and complex demands. With headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin operates 121 production facilities in 17 countries; those facilities produced approximately 190 million tires in 2017. With a presence in 170 countries, distributing products across the globe is a challenging and sophisticated operation.



Steel and Aluminum Tariffs: What’s Happened So Far To help make sense of the confusion around current steel and aluminum tariffs, IHS Markit offers this timeline. March 23, 2018: President Donald Trump imposes import tariffs on steel and aluminum. June 1: Significant–and supposedly final– changes are imposed. June 15: President Trump approves tariffs on Chinese […]

Driving the Efficiency of the U.S. Supply Chain

The recent surge of domestic manufacturing and the overall growth of the U.S. economy has required suppliers and carriers to re-examine and seek out new ways to streamline their operations. As the economy has continued to grow over the past decade, the American truck driver has become one of the most important facets in the […]

Brian Thompson

Automated Bidding Tools Benefit Shippers, 3PLs, and Carriers

At the start of a new year, it’s common for shippers striving for an optimized supply chain to review their carrier options to make sure they use the ideal mix of freight transportation providers. In 2019, this bidding business has lasted the entire year, as shippers and 3PLs look to take advantage of a softer […]

Eleke Ukpabi

Leveraging System Design and Optimization for Supply Chain 4.0

Supply Chain 4.0 is an integrative approach to operational digitization, where existing and nascent technology applications are leveraged to transform the supply chain ecosystem. This is seen as an essential response to evolving business requirements and the gradational manifestation of industry 4.0 evolution. Q: How should companies prepare for the potential change to their business? […]

Bill Michels

Tariffs: Is it Time to Rethink What Goes Where?

Did you think the U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods were temporary bargaining chips to get concessions from China? Now that essentially every item imported from China is subject to tariffs, are you thinking again? As the U.S.-China trade war shows little sign of ending, supply chain managers have to find new ways to keep costs […]

Rob Brasher

Employee to Entrepreneur: Transitioning to Freight Agency Ownership

Leaving a job to start a company is a high-risk/high-reward decision. For those transportation and logistics professionals who have been toying with the idea of entrepreneurship, there are some points to take into consideration to help make the right choices. Q: When is the best time to open a freight agency? A: There’s never a […]

2019 – The Year of Brazilian Trade

With continual shifts in the global landscape, countries from around the world are increasingly looking to Brazil as a partner ripe for trade and investment. Brazilian stocks have already reached an all-time high in the first half of the year, showing that the country is truly starting to make its mark as a key, competitive […]

Paul A. Myerson

The View From the Control Tower

As discussed in my last column, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a process that uses “outside-in” thinking by integrating demand forecasts, supply plans, inventory projections, and financial plans into one medium-term strategic model. That’s a great starting point. But the leading-edge way to manage your short- to mid-term global supply chain in real time (or […]

JetBlue Ups Its Cargo Game

JetBlue Ups Its Cargo Game

As part of its plan to gradually expand cargo operations, JetBlue will partner with Miami-based consultancy Aeronex Cargo. Initially, JetBlue will utilize flights to and from Fort Lauderdale to interline cargo moving through Miami International Airport. Aeronex will organize the Miami to Fort Lauderdale road-feeder transportation. Prior to 2018, the low-cost carrier did not transport […]

Derek Browning

Choosing a 3PL: How to Make a Mature Decision

Relationships between shippers and third-party logistics (3PL) providers commonly focus more on tactical and operational elements rather than strategic elements. When sourcing to 3PLs, the shipper’s RFP often focuses on lane costs rather than strategic elements such as systems integration, real-time visibility, and total-cost performance. The transactional lane-focused relationship is appropriate for companies looking for […]

Carriers Cough Up Hiring Fee

Carriers Cough Up Hiring Fee

As part of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) new Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse rule, trucking companies soon will be required to pay the agency a fee prior to hiring each driver—in addition to an annual fee for currently employed drivers. Starting Jan. 6, 2020, carriers will be mandated to query an FMCSA database […]

(Not So) Forever 21

On September 29, 2019, Forever 21 filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The young-adult fashion emporium’s decision will primaily affect locations outside of the United States. The company plans to shut down nearly all of its facilities in Asia and Europe. It plans to close nearly 200 stores in the United States, and plans to continue […]

Supply Chain Skills of the Future and How Organizations Can Prepare

A recent CEO survey by Gartner1 cited “lack of appropriate talent and capability” as the top most inhibitor to a company’s digital progress. Supply chain organizations are no exception. The gap between the skills needed to compete in an increasingly digital world and those available in the organization is widening. Rise in robotics, algorithmic intelligence, […]

How to Detox the Pharma Supply Chain

How to Detox the Pharma Supply Chain

Advances in technology, new regulations, and more personalized medicine can make managing pharmaceutical supply chains a tough pill to swallow. Successful supply chains leverage new IT, share information, and embrace change.

Maersk, Blackbuck Create Containerized Trucking Platform

To help India’s government reach its goal of reducing logistics costs from 14% of the GDP to less than 9% by 2022, integrated container logistics company Maersk is partnering with BlackBuck, India’s largest online trucking marketplace. BlackBuck will own and operate a new containerized trucking platform, which Maersk will support by developing industry-specific solutions. The […]

The Sky’s the Limit for UPS With New FAA Drone Approval

On October 1st, 2019, UPS was the first company to receive approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for a broad plan to use a fleet of drones to expand its package delivery options. The milestone sets the pace for what many companies hope will become the norm in last-mile service. While other enterprises like Walgreens […]

Warehouse Automation Growing, But For How Long?

Warehouse Automation Growing, But For How Long?

During the past few years, the warehouse automation market has seen double-digit growth rates driven in part by the rise of e-commerce and omni-channel retail, finds new research from market intelligence firm Interact Analysis. Consumer demand for faster and cheaper online delivery options has many retailers investing in warehouse automation to cut order processing times […]

The IoT Supply Chain of the Future

There are many reasons why supply chain management could be affected in the coming years; political unrest, wars, Brexit, and even environmental concerns such as rising fuel costs, the conversion to low-sulphur fuel, and unpredictable weather conditions. All of these will impact the shipping of goods globally, and the inherent costs associated. And we mustn’t […]

2019 Top 100 Truckers

2019 Top 100 Truckers

Inbound Logistics’ annual Top 100 Truckers directory offers an in-depth review of carriers that match shippers’ diverse and demanding needs.

The Value of a Trucking Company Offering 3PL Services

On-time delivery has remained a singular focus for shippers, supply chain engineers and freight handlers for decades. Only now, they have more options available to alleviate delivery disruptions and expedited costs. A multi-modal strategy — combining truck assets with 3PL carriers — gives shippers more capacity choices and consistency that can be the difference between […]

Managing Logistics Chaos With the Next Wave of Artificial Intelligence

Most of us have heard of the “Butterfly Effect” — the phenomenon where the flapping of butterfly wings in one location can affect how weather plays out in a distant location. This is an example of nonlinear system behavior, or how a small change in conditions in one location can result in large changes in […]

The Impact of E-Commerce Growth on Logistics Companies

The rise of e-commerce and the digital marketplace phenomenon, also known as “The Amazon Effect,” has changed the composition of consumer buying behavior and expectations, as consumers now expect fast, free shipping and competitive pricing. This demanding delivery schedule challenges traditional logistics and supply chain models, and companies are now forced to adjust their strategies […]

FSVP Inspections Are Underway—Is Your Foreign Food Supplier Ready?

According to the FDA, the United States imports about 15% of its food supply. More than 200 countries and about 125,000 food facilities and farms supply 32% of the vegetables, 55% of the fruit, and 94% of the seafood that Americans consume annually. Imported food can be hazardous, picking up harmful contaminants along its journey […]

5 Key Things to Consider in an ERP Software Selection Project

5 Key Things to Consider in an ERP Software Selection Project

Picking the right ERP solution can be tough. There are lots of options when considering an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system today, partially because generic ERP solutions that must be customized are being replaced with cloud-based, industry-specific solutions. From agriculture and transportation to entertainment and banking, there now are specific solutions for many industry verticals. […]

How to Maintain Composure During Trucking Capacity Shifts

When logistics executives and decision-makers get together, the conversation often turns to transportation and truck capacity—currently a conundrum for many. Loosening capacity means spot market rates are down 20% on average, which can be a tempting proposition for shippers, despite inherent volatility. On the other hand, a tougher pricing environment means trucking company failures are […]

Consumer Demands Put Pressure on Furniture’s Final Mile

While brick and mortar stores remain the shopping venues of choice for the majority of US furniture buyers, the battleground is shifting. By 2012, 27 percent of total home furnishings revenue will come from online sales (Statista), and that share is growing at a double-digit rate. The trend has ramped up the pressure for fast, […]

Walgreens Brings the Goods to You With New Drone Delivery Program

  Walgreens is taking steps to make their customers’ experiences as seamless and stress-free as possible.  In a new partnership with Alphabet’s drone service, Wing, the company will be testing a new on-demand option that delivers foods and beverages to customers. Eventaully, Walgreens hopes to incorporate over-the-counter medications into its offerings.   The move comes in […]

Solving the Trucking Labor Shortage

The convenience of e-commerce is quickly driving up the number of product shipments across the U.S. In fact, Pitney Bowes’ latest shipping index reveals an 8% year-over-year growth in U.S.-based shipments. As more consumers start shopping with e-commerce giants such as Amazon, it remains to be seen whether the trucking industry can keep pace. According […]

Scott Fisher

EFW’s Net Promoter Score Program Measures Customer Satisfaction

Q: Why implement a Net Promoter Score Program? A: The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has become one of the most popular approaches to measure and improve customer service. It’s a metric that a growing number of our clients are adopting to gauge not only customer satisfaction, but our performance. Along with recognizing the transformative business […]

Eric Mautner

M&A: What You Need To Know

Q: What is the most common hurdle a buyer and seller face when attempting to consummate a transaction? A: The most common hurdle is the gap between what the seller feels the business is worth, and what the buyer is willing to pay. For the seller, it can be an emotional decision and they may […]

Selecting a TMS

For those involved in managing freight movement, selecting the best transportation management system (TMS) is a crucial decision. Here’s how to evaluate a solution.

IN BRIEF: New Services & Solutions-October 2019

Products UniCarriers Americas unveiled its BXC65 4-wheel, cushion tire, electric forklift. With a 6,500-pound capacity, the BXC65 features on-board diagnostics and provides immediate truck status to reduce downtime. Materials handling company Crown Equipment made its Crown WP Series pallet truck available for purchase through the Crown online store with free, five-day shipping. Crown WP Series pallet trucks maneuver […]

The Transformer

The Transformer

Michelle Dilley energizes her company by challenging the status quo, standing her ground, and allowing her team to make mistakes.

Debbie Lentz Goes For It

Debbie Lentz is president of global supply chain at RS Components and Electrocomponents plc, an industrial and electronic products provider. Responsibilities: Global distribution oversight, including distribution centers, transportation, inventory, export and import trade compliance, and pricing. Experience: Senior VP, chief supply chain officer, Toys R Us. Various executive-level positions with Kraft Foods, including senior VP, […]