Amazon Delivery Drivers, Assemble!

Amazon Delivery Drivers, Assemble!

Amazon shoppers may soon have the option to have their orders assembled upon arrival, says a Bloomberg report. The e-commerce giant is testing the premium service as online furniture and housewares sales continue to soar and shoppers get more comfortable making big-ticket purchases online.

Amazon currently offers scheduled at-home delivery to a particular room, but consumers are often disappointed when their items arrive unassembled in large boxes. The new service is designed to be more convenient, cheaper, and easier for Amazon to manage. It also helps the company compete with retailers like Wayfair and Home Depot, which already offer in-home assembly, the report says.

The retailer may have to address driver issues such as adequate training and demanding job completion times, as obstacles such as cluttered homes and narrow stairways could significantly lengthen deliveries, Bloomberg says.

The new service requires drivers to unpack and assemble the items, remove the packaging, and take the item back on the spot if consumers aren’t satisfied. Previously, consumers had to schedule an outside contractor to come to their home at a different time to assemble the product—if the service was even offered in their location.

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