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GOOD QUESTION | What’s the quickest way to improve return logistics?

Make sure information systems, distribution networks, and transportation capabilities work together seamlessly. Perry Belcastro Senior Vice President, Fulfillment Services Saddle Creek Logistics Services Leverage artificial intelligence to identify key drivers causing returns/claims. This can provide insights that can be used to optimize delivery, reduce volume, and provide critical information to engineering to improve products. Tom […]

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GOOD QUESTION | What’s the most neglected part of the supply chain?

Reverse logistics is usually an afterthought. Heather Jarvis-Gann Logistics & Dispatch Crestwood Midstream Partners LP Defining what supply chain management is for your company is key to writing the right job description and attracting the right talent. Tyler Chamberlain, MBA Supply Chain Manager Capital One Compliance is often viewed as a cost center and is […]

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Good Question: What are your top supply chain predictions for 2019?

Uber Freight and other new platforms will power increasingly connected truckers and LTL providers into the gig economy. Steve Dowse SVP, Product Management Blume Global Supply chains will continue their evolution from the traditional lean standard strategy to more of a flexible and elastic supply chain to meet market and logistics fluctuations. These changes will […]

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