GOOD QUESTION | What are the characteristics of a great supply chain?

GOOD QUESTION | What are the characteristics of a great supply chain?

“A great supply chain moves like a prima ballerina on opening night — precise technique, relentless professionalism, and endless hours of preparation all come together seamlessly to make it look effortless.”

Chloe Demrovsky, Executive Director, Disaster Recovery Institute,
(DRI) International

A great supply chain is collaborative planning across all functions. It’s process first, then tools to accelerate and improve process and network. It’s outcome focused, driving to the right metrics. And, it’s engaging suppliers in common goals.

Steve Raetz
Director, Research & Market Intelligence
C.H. Robinson

High-performance supply chains offer a vision of how they drive and support corporate strategy. Secondly, they provide an understanding of uncertainty and risk. Next, clarity and collaboration of key assets and partners. Finally, talent and agility to respond to ongoing change.

Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP, CPA, CAE

If eyes are the window into the soul, then data is the window into a great supply chain. Data provides real-time visibility, the analytics for impact and flexibility to scale globally. Partners can help with tools, resources, and much more.

John Kruzan
Senior Director, Shipping
Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce

A great supply chain brings predictable, on-time performance, at the lowest cost.

Eric Allais
President and CEO
PathGuide Technologies, Inc.

A great supply chain starts with the right people. A well-functioning operation needs employees who fit the team culture and managers who help them grow.

Tom Gimbel
Founder and CEO, LaSalle Network

The characteristics of a good supply chain are visibility, optimization, having the lowest cost possible, timeliness, and consistency.

Brandon Stallard
CEO, TPS Logistics

Great supply chains integrate the expertise of multiple qualified suppliers who safely and consistently fulfill expectations; display quantifiable customer value with meaningful, accurate metrics; and actively support profitable, sustainable growth.

Preston Charles
Worldwide Advancement Consulting

A great supply chain has senior-level sponsorship that enables success throughout the process; a collaborative mentality that flattens the buyer/supplier relationship into a mutual-win one; and agreement on measurable processes.

Ross Elliott
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

A truly great supply chain balances rigidity and flexibility. Rigidity provides the backbone of service quality, predictability, resilience, and cost control. Flexibility allows you to anticipate and meet your changing client, vendor, and market needs.

Nick Foy
Director of Operations, ModusLink

More and more companies across industries are looking outside of traditional warehouse and transportation metrics and incorporating real-time visibility and customer satisfaction into their performance management. This approach enables anticipation of performance disruptions with business intelligence and analytics driving decisions making. Not only are companies looking at new ways to address performance, they are also looking at new ways to collaborate to further reduce cost and share in excess capacity with trusted partners. Collaboration is not only vital for best in class but also survival in the marketplace for those leaders in logistics.

Gary Allen
VP, Supply Chain Excellence

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