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Jose Quesada

What You Need to Know About the New SOLAS Regulation

With the introduction of the new Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulation, there has been much discussion about what the new ruling entails, and what it will mean for the industry. There has also been a lot of confusion, particularly regarding who is responsible for implementing the changes and enforcing the ruling. To clear […]

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Rick Brumett

Adapters Win in the Multi-Modal, Omni-Channel Fast Lane

In today’s digital supply chain era, market-leading shippers in North America are racing to adapt to the growing need for the speed, choice, precision, agility and visibility required to satisfy end customers. Responding to multi-modal and omni-channel demands for the rapid flow of goods, forward-thinking supply chain leaders are leveraging advanced analytics, robust supply chain […]

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Roxanne Bullard

Big Data: Breaking Down Key Information and Putting It to Work

Just mention the word data today and most people will envision something akin to a spinning galaxy full of ones and zeroes that is beyond comprehension. But data doesn’t have to be that way. Big data isn’t this giant nebulous of information that only analytical geniuses can understand. Rather, big data is everywhere and when […]

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James Hancock

Is Transportation Management Your Core Competency?

When evaluating your needs for a Transportation Management System (TMS) it’s important to look beyond technology and consider who will manage planning and execution. How do you determine if outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) will deliver greater value than developing an in-house team? Making the Decision: Evaluate your core competency— Is your expertise […]

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Rob Kriewaldt

Become an Extension of Your Client’s Brand

As entities responsible for brokering appropriate carrier rates, ensuring accurate quantities of orders, and guaranteeing high quality of products, third-party logistics providers are extensions of companies’ brands. The functions 3PLs perform help shape their clients’ outwardly facing reputation. Here are the most effective ways to become an extension of your client’s brand. Cost Savings Carrier […]

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Survey Says: Invest in Warehouse Technology

It’s no secret that e-commerce is changing the landscape of warehousing. Forrester Research estimates online sales in the U.S. will increase 56 percent—from $335 billion to $523 billion—over the next five years. Coupled with ever-growing consumer expectations for instant gratification, the pressure on warehouses is set to grow exponentially. So how do industry leaders plan […]

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John Rodeheffer

3PL Customer Service Specialization

Defining customer service can be difficult. Measuring it is even harder. Sometimes ambiguous, customer service is more than being courteous and helpful, it’s also about being knowledgeable. To solve complex problems, and to do so with speed, a 3PL must know a shipper’s needs inside and out. While intricacies of certain shippers and receivers will […]

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Tom Heine

The March of Technology

How are you going to make money at the lower margins of 2016? Freight is down, trucks are plentiful, and fuel is down so much that you need to get a lot of new business just to keep your revenue even. Not an easy environment. And it’s going to get tougher. Margins have been coming […]

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John Burke

Is It Time to Think About Logistics Outsourcing?

Changing consumer behaviors, increasing consumer expectations and rapid advancements in technology are converging to create the need for supply chains to be more global, transparent, agile and responsive. We are at a unique point in time with all of these dynamics in place simultaneously that the supply chain function is evolving in its breadth of […]

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Peter L. Coratola Jr.

The Potential of Change

With schools across the country rapidly increasing the use of technology in the classroom, recent graduates entering the logistics workforce expect similar atmospheres. Without even realizing it, these individuals have trained themselves in a variety of ways to further their career. They are comfortable spending hours a day behind the computer, checking their emails religiously, […]

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