Customized TMS Delivers Annual Savings

Customized TMS Delivers Annual Savings

WD-40 Company teamed up with Unyson for better network oversight and improved on-time service.

The Challenge

WD-40 Company needed to find a solution to increase visibility to their transportation spend while simultaneously making improvements throughout their business. Additionally, they wanted to outsource their LTL, TL, IML, bulk, and drayage freight to a third-party provider. WD-40 Company’s network includes 500 unique customers and four Distribution Centers (DCs).

The Solution

Unyson designed a customized transportation management and technology solution for WD-40 Company. With this solution in place, Unyson was able to manage WD-40 Company’s inbound and outbound freight. Next, Unyson created a unique dashboard for the company to provide better oversight into their network. Unyson was able to reduce WD-40 Company’s transportation spend and deliver incremental savings year over year. In addition to savings, Unyson improved on time service to WD-40 Company’s customers.

With the integration of Unyson’s TMS into WD-40 Company’s supply chain, Unyson began maximizing consolidation opportunities and advising WD-40 on appropriate carrier selection. Additionally, Unyson conducted a network sourcing analysis of WD-40 Company’s four DCs and shipping patterns.

With this knowledge, Unyson identified which locations were optimal for WD-40 Company to ship from to produce the most cost savings. Unyson’s dedicated account team also provides WD-40 Company with detailed monthly reporting, lead time tracking, and MABD compliance. Detailed reporting ensures the supply chain group is maximizing trailer utilization and reducing cost per pound shipping. This all-encompassing solution has proved beneficial to both companies throughout the 11-year partnership.

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