Gen Z Shifts Operations Into Hyperdrive

The transition to an autonomous supply chain is underway as Gen Z enters the workforce. Leaders should look to hire Gen Zers and consider these steps when digitizing, says a Gartner report:

    • Automation: Identify and automate all repetitive, non-value-added tasks, like procure-to-pay and customer claim management. Robotic process automation is the primary technology for this.

  • Augmentation: In 2025-2030, hyperautomation technologies, such as machine learning, will enter mainstream adoption. Gen Zers will progress into leadership positions, and awareness and acceptance of these technologies will speed up.
  • Autonomy: The final destination is supply chain autonomy, in which all low-value activities are automated. This involves minimal direct human involvement, which suits Gen Zers’ expectations. Employees will focus on strategy, innovation, customer experience, and preventing AI data bias.

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