Integrated TMS Platform Provides Supply Chain Benefits – DLS Worldwide

Q: What are the benefits of IT integration for shippers and customers?

A: Customers are looking for the fastest, most accurate, economical, and timely way to quote freight for their own customers. They want a system that is simple to use and doesn’t require making calls, visiting other websites, or getting inaccurate information. With an integrated TMS platform, customers can feel confident that they will get a variety of shipping options and correct pricing based on where they are shipping to.

An integrated platform also offers ease of use, with the shipper merely clicking a button to enter their shipment details and obtain a quote. They can feel confident that their quote will be accurate and their pricing locked in when they are ready to ship. All of this combines to save the customer time and money, and to help ensure their peace of mind.

Q: How does spending time designing an integrated system help logistics companies?

A: The return on investment is demonstrated in the automated orders received through the platform. As customers use the platform, they gain confidence in the system and use it more often. Through customer support of the platform, you will increase your reputation in the industry, not simply as a freight provider, but as a total freight service provider.

Q: Have you partnered to create an integrated platform?

A: One large integration project that we had great success with is Hotlines, an online auto parts inventory platform. We designed a system that seamlessly incorporates their ordering platform into our TMS to generate shipping quotes at the push of a button.

Participants in the program like the ease of use, timely pickups and deliveries, competitive rates, and options provided. Overall they have seen a 12-percent freight reduction since implementation nearly a year ago. Our customers also like personalized support that their customers receive from our staff.

DLS Worldwide optimizes your distribution and controls your costs through our spectrum of integrated services, unique sources of capacity, and global, technology-based delivery network.

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