Saving More Than $38 Million In Less Than 24 Months – nVision Global

Saving More Than $38 Million In Less Than 24 Months – nVision Global

By utilizing nVision Global’s Impact TMS, a shipper saved more than $38 million by avoiding expedited freight costs and improving transportation planning.

The Challenge

Our customer was unable to prevent associates in their global location from moving shipments via expedited freight. In most cases, these shipments should have been placed on rail or ocean modes of transport, but they were placed on air. These costs were only visible once freight bills were audited and nVision Global captured the invoice data and presented them the results.

The Solution

The shipper partnered with nVision Global and began utilizing their Global Impact TMS platform. This solution required users to utilize only contracted providers.

In addition, the Impact TMS provided the shipper the capability for multimodal rating of any shipment and presented both negotiated and spot quote rates in the same view. This ensured the shipper’s associates selected only approved transportation providers and the optimal mode of transport.

As a result of utilizing nVision Global’s Impact TMS, our customer has saved more than $38 million to date by avoiding expedited freight costs. By using the Impact TMS solution, they have improved transportation planning and optimization capabilities. They have also seen increased accuracy upon execution and improved workflow management and exception handling.

In addition, there have been further savings due to tactical and strategic carrier sourcing and load consolidation. Our customer also utilizes other nVision Global services including Freight Audit & Payment, Business Intelligence, and Claims Management to further their cost savings, gain access to vital data, and ultimately achieve visibility to their entire global supply chain.

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