Bill Johnson

How the Hub-and-Spoke Model Can Improve Distribution for Rail Networks

Ever since Federal Express implemented a hub-and-spoke model and famously demonstrated its efficacy in Roger Frock’s Changing How the World Does Business, the well-known distribution model has been adopted by organizations in the transportation, healthcare, and aviation industries for the distribution of goods and services. With the success of the hub-and-spoke model in the transportation […]

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Chuck Fattore

Realizing the Power of a Leveraged Platform

Q: How can today’s manufacturers deal with increasing regulations, demand volatility, and shifting global trade currents? A: One way a manufacturer can mitigate the effects of increasing regulations and demand volatility is by working with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider with a leveraged platform. When a 3PL provider utilizes a leveraged platform, it is employing […]

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Cynthia Bergmann

Alleviating Gridlock: A Chicago Case Study

To improve the flow of rail operations in the Chicago area, Amtrak CEO Joseph Boardman tasked Amtrak’s Gateway Blue Ribbon panel with examining rail congestion in Chicago and offering recommendations to improve traffic flow and alleviate gridlock. The panel derived its recommendations from extensive interviews with freight and passenger rails; federal, state, and local government […]

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