Tariffs Go Nuts

Almonds are an especially lucrative product for California—the state’s almond industry currently supports more than 100,000 jobs and accounts for approximately $11 billion of the state’s economy. Instead of being roasted and seasoned with salt, however, almonds are being roasted by escalating Chinese tariffs. Earlier in 2018, President Trump implemented steep tariffs against offshore aluminum […]

Martin Verwijmeren

Tuning Into Supply Chain Orchestration

In both the B2B and B2C markets, customers demand speedier shipments, greater flexibility, and more transparency in the order lifecycle. Only by innovating to establish real-time visibility with the power to make changes can companies achieve the agility required to meet customer needs and stand out from the competition. Let’s dig into five trends you […]

TMS Brings the Power

TMS Brings the Power

Electronics company Celestica plugs into a TMS solution to cut costs, increase visibility, and power continuous improvements.

Neil Hamilton

Using IoT to Move From Push to Pull

Customers want more and they want it now. If you are unable to meet expectations, they will go elsewhere. The supply chain model often used in retail distribution is outdated and broken. Using Internet of Things (IoT) and vertically integrated order processes can achieve a leaner supply chain and help you say goodbye to out […]

2018 Top 100 Truckers

2018 Top 100 Truckers

Inbound Logistics’ annual Top 100 Truckers directory provides an in-depth index of carriers that match shippers’ diverse and demanding needs. MORE TO THE STORY: Use the Trucking Decision Support Tool IL editors selected this year’s list from a pool of 300-plus trucking companies, evaluating surveys, conducting online research, and talking with shippers and truckers alike. […]

2018 Trucking Perspectives

2018 Trucking Perspectives

Insights collected through Inbound Logistics’ exclusive annual survey of shippers and truckers find the industry’s most significant trends and challenges.

Paul A. Myerson

Store Delivery Keeps Retailers in the Game

Multi-channel retail and fulfillment is typically based on the assumption that customers choose a main way to connect, whether physical stores or a website. Many retailers manage each channel separately with different teams, budgets, processes, tools, reporting structures, and revenue goals. In multi-channel retail and fulfillment, stores have their own stock and sell directly to […]

Joe Beacom

How to Choose a Specialized Carrier – Landstar

Q: What qualities should a shipper look for in a specialized carrier? A: A shipper’s evaluation should include people, processes, and performance. Specialized freight is often unique, high-value, and critical to the shipper or consignee operation, unlike many other commodities. Carriers with a history and reputation of safe, on-time and claim-free deliveries are the carriers […]

Defending Against Supply Chain Hackers

While your company may have excellent cyber security practices in place, your suppliers may not. These best practices will help protect your company from hackers who attack your supply chain partners. 1. Review Incident Response Plans. Always make sure vendors have an incident response plan in place before conducting business with them. If there is […]

Nina Luu: Banking on Data

Nina Luu: Banking on Data

Nina Luu is CEO and co-founder of Shippabo, a cloud-based supply chain management solution headquartered in Los Angeles. Responsibilities: Leading shippers, logistics experts, and technologists in creating cloud-based supply chain solutions. Experience: Co-founder, IGH Global Corporation; marketing director, Evergreen Herbs Education: B.S., business administration, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, 2005. One year after college, I […]

Moving Cross-border Shipments

As your suppliers and customers become more geographically diverse, more of your supply chain and customer experience depends on moving shipments through Customs accurately and without delay. 1. Create a dashboard for incoming orders. A visual tracker of inbound shipments may help simplify the importing process. Tracking where orders and shipments are while in transit, […]

TradeLens Caps Blockchain Initiative

TradeLens Caps Blockchain Initiative

In an effort to apply blockchain to the world’s global supply chain, Maersk Line and IBM have collaborated to develop TradeLens, a blockchain-enabled shipping solution to promote more efficient and secure global trade, bring together supply chain partners to support information sharing and transparency, and encourage industry-wide innovation. To date, 94 companies are actively involved […]

Keith Biondo

Returning Experience

The war between the retail/e-commerce customer experience and increasing costs is heating up, thanks to the impact that rising transportation prices are having on the retail process. That trend plagues e-commerce players and retailers, both large and small. For example, in July 2018, spot market trucking costs were up 30 percent year-over-year, according to DAT. […]

Home Depot Builds New Supply Chain

Home Depot Builds New Supply Chain

Home Depot will spend $1.2 billion to overhaul its supply chain to offer faster delivery for consumers and businesses. Walker Sands’ 2018 Future of Retail report offers the home improvement retailer some advice: To compete with Amazon, Home Depot should focus not only on delivery speed, but transparency as well. Only 30 percent of consumers […]

Michael Gravier

Leveraging Technology: Put Strategy First

With all the hype about technology’s potential, it’s easy to lose track of the basic truth that technology enables strategy. Technology applied to an inappropriate strategy will accelerate a firm’s demise. Tech trends enable strategies that are reshaping global supply chains. These new technologies complement each other; used in combination they create synergies far beyond […]

Is Asia The New Bermuda Triangle?

Is Asia The New Bermuda Triangle?

Large shipping losses declined by 38 percent globally over the past decade, but losses in Asia rose year-on-year, with incidents in the South China, Indochina, Indonesia, and Philippine maritime regions rising 25 percent. That makes Asia the top area worldwide for major shipping incidents in the past decade, leading it to be dubbed the "new […]

Doug Collins

5 Tactics for Managing the Unexpected

No supply chain is immune from risk, and the farther a company’s supply chain traverses the globe, the more opportunity for things to go awry. Companies can take proactive steps to ensure they won’t be blindsided by sudden changes to their supply chain. Taking out a credit insurance policy from a credit insurer is just […]

Big Apple Polishes Freight Transportation System

Big Apple Polishes Freight Transportation System

New York City plans to overhaul its aging freight distribution systems through strategic investments to modernize maritime and rail assets and create new distribution facilities. Freight NYC is a $100-million plan with the ultimate goals of creating nearly 5,000 good-paying jobs for New Yorkers and a more sustainable and resilient supply chain network. New York […]

Fail Fast, Then Move On

Fail Fast, Then Move On

Jim Barnes did not have a mentor at the start of his career. “No one taught me how to become a leader,” recalls Barnes, chief executive officer of enVista, an Indianapolis-based supply chain consultancy and software firm. MORE TO THE STORY: Getting Advice, Paying it Forward Instead, observation and experience helped Barnes develop his leadership […]

In Iceland, There’s No Place Like Drone

In Iceland, There’s No Place Like Drone

Consumers in Reykjavik, Iceland, will soon just have to walk out their back door to receive their packages. Drone technology company Flytrex, in partnership with Aha.is—Iceland’s largest online marketplace—launched 13 new routes for an autonomous on-demand urban drone delivery service to serve nearly half of Reykjavik. The upgraded service also includes an advanced “InAir” wire-drop […]

Good Question: What’s your best time-management tip?

Good Question: What’s your best time-management tip?

The Eisenhower Box has had the largest impact on my time management. People have a tendency to put everything in the “urgent/important” bucket, which dilutes their focus. It has helped me more confi dently delegate or eliminate tasks altogether.

Ben Conwell

Will Airbnb for Warehouses Take Off?

On-demand services are becoming so much a part of our daily lives that millennials can’t imagine a world before Uber or Postmates. Now, on-demand service is becoming a reality in the logistics real estate sector. Technology platforms such as Flexe and Stord connect organizations that need warehousing space to those that have extra space on […]

Erik Snyder Keeps His Spirits Up

Erik Snyder Keeps His Spirits Up

Erik Snyder is president of North America supply and procurement with Diageo, a leading premium spirits company and producer of brands including Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, Smirnoff, and Guinness. Responsibilities: Oversee Diageo’s end-to-end supply chain and procurement operation in North America, including sourcing raw materials, distillation, manufacturing, packaging, planning, and customer service. Experience: Senior vice […]

IoT Clears the Air for Transportation Companies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to help transportation and logistics providers significantly reduce emissions, enabling compliance with clean air targets. It will also improve worker health and safety while maximizing resource efficiency and reducing expenses. That’s according to Inmarsat’s 2018 research project, which analyzes IoT adoption across the transportation and logistics sector. The […]

John Sell

Returns in the E-Commerce Retail Supply Chain – MD Logistics

In recent years, a rise in e-commerce sales has led to an increase in the amount of items returned. This increase in returns creates a challenging situation for retailers and an opportunity for their 3PL providers. Q: How does the reverse logistics process work? A: 3PL providers engineer returns solutions that are specific to their […]

Know Your Product: How Blockchain Will Transform the Supply Chain

As consumers, we’re predisposed to trust the name-brand companies that form our commercial ecosystem. We believe, for the most part, that the products we buy are genuine. And for the products that aren’t, we have confidence that protocols exist to ensure that they never make it to market. It’s an optimistic point of view, but […]

Bob Daymon

Use Big Data to Improve Your Supply Chain – Transplace

The term "big data" has been one of the hottest buzzwords in recent years, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Statistical science and data analytics can help organizations acquire historical measurements and generate actionable information that improves supply chain visibility, drives operational efficiency, and supports growth. But knowing the importance of data is only the first […]

Europe Stays in the Loop

Europe Stays in the Loop

Virgin Hyperloop One will open a $500-million Advanced Technology Development and Testing Center in Spain, the company’s first European development facility. In return for this investment, Virgin Hyperloop One will receive 126 million euros in public aid through loans and grants to help establish the new center, advance its technology development and testing, and stimulate […]

Brian Bourke

Cross-Brand Collaborations: X Marks the Spot – SEKO Logistics

Cross-brand collaborations seem to be everywhere right now. But why the sudden explosion in collaborations? And why do brands do it? SEKO Logistics teamed up with digital e-commerce agency Red Hot Penny to analyze some likely reasons behind cross-brand collaborations to provide insight and inspiration. Open up new markets A collaboration of two brands in […]

How Using BI Can Transform Your Business

Many industries, such as transportation and logistics, have deployed enterprise software to help operate and manage work processes for decades now. And, as a result, companies and the solutions providers have collected a treasure trove of information, not only about an individual company, but about the industry as a whole. Until recently, with the advent […]

Mike Matte

Getting More Strategic about Transportation Sourcing – Dupré Logistics

When faced with the logistical dilemma created by the truck driver shortage, increased traffic, and the increase from retail to e-commerce, challenges can’t be fixed by doing what’s always been done. At Dupré Logistics, we see many organizations continuing to source tactically, based on price or as needed on the brokerage market; changes to that […]

7 Ways to Integrate Demand and Supply

7 Ways to Integrate Demand and Supply

Companies can achieve cohesive demand and supply integration (DSI) by following seven fundamental rules, recommends a recent University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute study. The paper, based on the work of Mark Moon, PhD, a UT professor and global supply expert, focuses on 18 companies in a range of sectors with successful DSI as […]

What Do the New UPS Surcharges Mean?

What Do the New UPS Surcharges Mean?

To help shippers understand UPS’s recent surcharge increases, Spend Management Experts, a supply chain spend management consultancy, outlines the carrier’s new fees and their potential impact. The Increases: Effective June 4, 2018: The fee for over maximum limits and the oversize pallet handling surcharge increased by $150 and a new shipping charge correction audit fee […]

News & Trends Impacting the Oil & Gas Supply Chain

News & Trends Impacting the Oil & Gas Supply Chain

Automation Takes Center Stage Once considered to be merely on the horizon of the oil and gas industry, highly sophisticated technology is now front and center. Key advantages include: Monitoring capabilities. With automation, oil and gas companies can keep track of their pipes and networks with unprecedented oversight. Reduced operating costs. Effective use of digital […]

Thomas Griffin

Integrated TMS Platform Provides Supply Chain Benefits – DLS Worldwide

Q: What are the benefits of IT integration for shippers and customers? A: Customers are looking for the fastest, most accurate, economical, and timely way to quote freight for their own customers. They want a system that is simple to use and doesn’t require making calls, visiting other websites, or getting inaccurate information. With an […]

The Three P’s of Sales & Operations Planning Success

The formula for business success varies greatly from industry to industry. However, most business leaders believe when you focus on the right areas and create a winning culture, success will follow. Marcus Lemonis, the star of The Profit, a CNBC reality show about saving small businesses, says the three keys to business success are people, […]

Product Spotlight: Materials Handling Innovations

inVia Picker: Picking items as small as a pack of gum or as bulky as a case of soda, this robot provides a solution for e-commerce fulfillment centers through a Robots-as-a-Service platform. Pickers operate as an automated storage and retrieval solution, picking totes, bins, and boxes weighing less than 40 pounds from warehouse shelves. The […]

Chewing the VAT

“Filing VAT returns on time is crucial to your business,” warns Mohammed Fathy, general manager of Al Dhaheri Jones & Clark. “A delay can not only cause a huge amount of stress, but also threaten your entire business should you fail to comply.” Value-added tax (VAT) is a consumption tax that applies to all goods […]

DP World Extends Services to Europe with Unifeeder Acquisition

DP World Extends Services to Europe with Unifeeder Acquisition

To expand its presence in Europe, Dubai port operator DP World acquired Danish logistics company Unifeeder from Nordic Capital Fund VIII and certain minority shareholders for $765 million. The aim is for DP World to boost its presence in the global supply chain and broaden its product offering to shipping firms and cargo operators, according […]

Tom Derry

How to Reach the Pinnacle of Success

Last year, at age 29, Daniel Kaskinen, manager, strategic sourcing at Premier Inc., became the megawatt winner of the ISM®/Thomas™ 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Stars Recognition Program. He was recognized for his exceptional success at improving efficiencies and saving millions of dollars at his previous company, even at an early point in his career. […]

How to Know if Your Freight Broker Is Legitimate

Freight brokers act as intermediaries in moving shipping and logistics forward, and in recent years, more brokerage operations have flooded the scene, making it easier to secure a partnership that is beneficial to your overall business. While having more options for freight brokers is beneficial in finding the best fit intermediary for the best price, […]

Julie Gibbs

How to Prepare for Proposed China Tariffs

At the stroke of midnight July 6, 2018, tariffs against imports of tens of billions in yearly value of Chinese goods took effect for goods entered into or withdrawn from warehouses for consumption. Here’s what you should know: The 25-percent duties are based on country of origin, not country of export, and apply only to […]

Straighten Up and Fly Right

Straighten Up and Fly Right

A logistics maxim holds that "air freight is an ocean shipment gone bad," says Neel Jones Shah, senior vice president and head of global air freight for Flexport Inc., an air and ocean freight forwarder. Many shippers likely can relate: They planned to move their goods using a less expensive but slower transportation mode. Then, […]

Anatomy of Hospital Supply Chain Disruptions

Anatomy of Hospital Supply Chain Disruptions

The aftermath of Hurricane Irma, which hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, created a severe shortage of IV bags in the continental United States. The reason: Baxter International, one of the major suppliers, manufactures the products in the U.S. territory and was crippled by the loss of electricity to the island. As a result, many […]

U.S. Seaports Need Multimodal Funding

U.S. Seaports Need Multimodal Funding

U.S. port authorities identify more than $20 billion in projected multimodal port and rail access needs over the next decade, while one-third cite pressing rail project needs costing at least $50 million for each of their ports, according to a new American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) survey, The State of Freight III. Funding and […]

Brittain Ladd

Driverless Trucks: A Different Idea

I admire and respect the individuals and companies working on perfecting driverless trucks. However, I don’t believe driverless trucks are an innovative concept. In fact, I believe just the opposite: Designing driverless trucks is the wrong solution for transportation. There is so much effort and capital being directed at wanting to make trucks driverless that […]

Disruptive Technologies Shake Up Supply Chains

Disruptive Technologies Shake Up Supply Chains

When efficiency is the primary focus in integrated supply chain management, every little bit that helps to tighten both front- and back-end processes helps. Increasingly, companies in a variety of verticals are achieving such efficiencies by leaning on disruptive technologies. These envelope-pushing solutions could take the form of artificial intelligence used in automation software, robotics, […]

Tammy Flanders Hetrick

Internal Audits: The Cornerstone of Compliance – A.N. Deringer

Internal audits are the cornerstone of your compliance program. Monitoring your performance, and that of your Customs broker, is the only way to determine if the policies and procedures you’ve put in place are effective. You may be asking yourself: How often do we do this? How do we do this? Who has time for […]

Bridging the Gap Between Women and Funding

Thirty women have become small business owners in the trucking industry thanks to the efforts of Expediter Services (ES), in conjunction with the Women in Trucking Association. To bring more women into the transportation industry, ES set a goal of supporting 150 total women-owned small businesses through the 150 Business Challenge within 12 months. Through […]

Bill Keough

What Can Humanitarian Supply Chains Learn from the Private Sector? – SCTL at the University of Washington

For-profit corporations have spent the past 20+ years optimizing their supply chains to provide superior customer service, improve responsiveness and cash flow and, ultimately, to boost profits. And a handful of stand-out enterprises like Amazon have actually altered expectations about the sort of results a best-in-class supply chain can deliver. Consumers, in both their personal […]

Italy’s Ritrama Sticks a Landing in SC

Ritrama, an Italian multinational self-adhesive materials producer, chose Ferretto Group’s technological solutions for its new automated warehouse located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The structure spans an area of more than 5,000 square meters, and is equipped with six stacker cranes with different pick-up tools. Currently in use for about 70 percent of the warehouse, the […]

Keith Biondo

Dual Dynamics

If you are using a third-party logistics (3PL) provider for truck brokerage alone, you are leaving money on the table. I wrote that eight years ago, when commenting on the results of our annual 3PL market research. Why did I say that? Because logistics providers have evolved and developed an array of solutions that bring […]

Paul A. Myerson

Are You Ready for Omnichannel Retail?

An omnichannel retail strategy provides a consistent shopping experience across different channels and devices, requiring your supply chain to offer a smooth, positive experience for customers—no matter where and how they interact with your brand. Some supply chain challenges to address when dealing with an omnichannel retail strategy include: Supply chain visibility. Consumer expectations are […]

Noel Perry

What’s Driving Truck Regulation?

The trucking industry presents a rich example of the intersection between the public’s demand for safety and consumers’ demand for low-priced goods delivered when they want them. The essence of the trucking intersection is the presence of very large vehicles mixed among the very small vehicles motorists drive. Even the dumbest motorist knows that when […]

The Supply Chain in Brief

Shovel Ready Work is underway on a multipurpose cargo berth project at Florida’s Port Canaveral that will provide the infrastructure and capabilities to handle a wider range of heavy and oversized cargo, including commercial spacecraft components. Scheduled for completion in mid-2019, North Cargo Berth 8 on the port’s north side is designed and engineered as […]

Fleet Operators Get No ELD Satisfaction

Fleet Operators Get No ELD Satisfaction

Slightly fewer than half of fleet operators responding to a Coretex Electronic Logging Device (ELD) satisfaction survey say the mandate is good for the transportation industry. Coretex surveyed 303 U.S. trucking companies of various sizes. More than two-thirds (69 percent) of responding companies say ELDs do not improve driver satisfaction, and 33 percent indicate it […]

Steven Pastor

Industrial Development Returns to the Rails

The United States’ inadequate supply of Class A industrial space located close to international shipping facilities adds complexity and cost to distribution networks. With sky-high land acquisition and development costs, and limited land availability around the busiest ports, companies are forced to scatter operations in several smaller facilities or pay premium prices for adequate space. […]

A Sweet deal: Nestlé, XPO Build Digital Warehouse

Nestlé, the world’s largest food and drink company, and XPO Logistics, a global provider of transport and logistics solutions, are co-creating a 638,000-square-foot distribution center at the new SEGRO East Midlands Gateway Logistics Park in Leicestershire, UK. Nestlé will predominantly occupy the facility, a digital warehouse of the future, for its consumer packaged goods. The […]

Kristi Montgomery

IoT: Where We Are, What Comes Next

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to disrupt all industries, including the supply chain. While excitement around this disruptive technology is enticing, IoT still has a long way to go. Supply chain executives must be thoughtful and selective when it comes to investing in it. Let’s break down some benefits and drawbacks of IoT […]

Fresh Fish Shippers Breathe Easy

Fresh Fish Shippers Breathe Easy

The world’s only approved airfreight oxygen delivery system will revolutionize live seafood transportation throughout continental Europe and the UK through an agreement between FloatPac, the owner of FishPac live seafood oxygen transport systems, and LipFish AS, based in Troms, Norway. Lipfish currently has its first 42 units on the water for delivery to Norway, with […]

Test Riding to Reduce Carbon Emissions Along The Supply Chain

When it comes to sustainability, consumer demand doesn’t always align with reality. Consumers want their orders to arrive within days, but with minimal environmental impact. Finding ways to incorporate nimble, zero-carbon emission vehicles throughout the supply chain is often the first step in meeting both of these expectations. One solution is electric cargo bikes (ebikes) […]

Eric Meyer

Securing Capacity for Freight Moving In and Out of Mexico – Landstar

Shipping freight across the U.S.-Mexico border is a complex operation and requires a trusted, reliable logistics provider. With 80 percent of Mexico’s exports currently coming to the U.S., and with so many companies having their own Mexican entities for building or supplying components, the overall supply chain between the U.S. and Mexico has become very […]

Manufacturers Take on Amazon

In response to the “Amazon effect” and today’s consumer demands, manufacturers are reprioritizing and focusing their technology investments on inventory optimization solutions (43 percent) and integrated planning and execution technologies (41 percent), according to findings from JDA Software’s 2018 Intelligent Manufacturing Survey. The survey suggests manufacturers are embracing a new retail-like role and willing to […]

Southwest Goes Tex-Mex

U.S.-based low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines flies into the international freight transportation field with the launch of a new Houston-Mexico City route. The carrier plans to add Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas to its network by end of summer 2018. The airline is starting with four roundtrips per day between Mexico City International Airport […]

To 3PL or Not to 3PL?

Retailers may face significant challenges when expanding further into the online/e-commerce business. Some challenges may involve supply chain management issues. One of the largest obstacles is developing an effective fulfillment strategy. When it comes to making this decision, it is advisable to review the possible benefits of using a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. Self-performing fulfillment […]

Finding Hidden Talent

Finding Hidden Talent

Employers worldwide are facing the most acute talent shortage since 2006, according to the latest ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey. Of the nearly 40,000 employers surveyed, 45 percent are struggling to fill roles. Skilled trade workers, sales representatives, and engineers are the most difficult to find. MORE TO THE STORY: The 4 B’s of Finding Talent […]

An American in Paris: UPS Invests in France

An American in Paris: UPS Invests in France

UPS officially opened a new 30,000-square-meter, advanced technology package sorting and delivery hub outside Paris in Corbeil-Essonnes/Évry. The new facility, which employs nearly 1,000 people, facilitates cross-border trade and enhances package delivery service in the Île-de-France area. “This $100-million advanced technology facility spans four soccer fields,” says Nando Cesarone, president of UPS International. “And it’s […]

Mitigating Cargo Theft Risk

Cargo theft continues to be a challenge to shippers, totaling an estimated $145 million in losses each year in North America. 1. Develop a plan. Establish security procedures for carriers hauling your freight. Ask drivers not to stop within the first 250 or 300 miles of pickup unless there is a real emergency. It’s not advisable […]

J&J Uses Sustainability to Strengthen Carrier Relationships

J&J Uses Sustainability to Strengthen Carrier Relationships

Shipper of choice and sustainability are trending terms among supply chain managers but they’re nothing new to the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in North America. The company’s logistics operation has a long track record of attracting carriers that share a commitment to customer service, efficiency, and sustainable transportation. With for-hire trucking capacity in […]

2018 Top 100 3PL Providers

2018 Top 100 3PL Providers

It’s a boon year for third-party logistics providers offering innovative, flexible, and reliable solutions to meet shipper demands. Presented alphabetically, these are the 100 3PLs Inbound Logistics editors chose as the best of the best. Search the 3PL Decision Support Tool for an even deeper dive.

Julie Thuston

How an End-to-End Strategy Can Help You Overcome The Capacity Crunch – Unyson

The 2018 capacity crunch has created what many consider one of the most challenging markets we’ve ever seen. Today’s shrinking driver pool faces an upcoming wave of retirements and disinterested millennials, resulting in constrained truck availability. The ELD mandate has also impacted capacity, with restrictions on the amount of hours driven in a day leading […]