Dealing With Customs

Many importers admit that understanding the U.S. Customs Service (USCS) process is like navigating a bureaucratic labyrinth. Here are some useful tips from importers familiar with USCS and its processes. 1. Know thy import specialist. In order to successfully negotiate the intricate parameters USCS uses to measure the import process, it is important to build […]

Boosting Supply Chain Agility for a Competitive Edge

The recent downturn in the high-tech economy is leading companies to scrutinize their supply chains more closely. With profits falling, staffs shrinking, and doors closing, it becomes even more imperative that companies foster supply chain agility to retain a competitive edge in the face of highly volatile demand. Companies can improve supply chain agility in […]

Moving Furniture the Right Way

The online furniture community recently has seen its share of well-publicized supply chain failures. From my perspective as a transportation provider to this specialized niche, these online firms did not seriously consider product distribution issues. Granted, other customer-related consequences contributed to the difficulties, but it is impossible to overcome critical distribution problems. Most of these […]

Jack the Giant Killer

In the fabled tale of old, Jack the Giant Killer, a smaller, more wily competitor (who also has a friend with special powers) whips a larger, more powerful foe. It can happen in modern times too, logistically speaking. Let’s consider a real-world example of how using a 3PL helps a company operate successfully against competitors […]

SCM Software: An Intelligent Response to a Complex Need

Our current set of ERP applications grew out of an array of MRP and MRP II applications and their extensions. ERP took its cast from MRP and therefore was created first and foremost for transaction processing, data collection, and reporting of that data. Its motivation and structure came out of the financial world and naturally […]

Strikepoint: Part Three

"I won’t let it happen!" Gan McManus slapped the table, rattling the espresso cups. "Dammit, we had the prize in our hands—manufacturing capacity, a bridge solution to our supply chain dilemma, the works! And now it’s all whisked away by Ike Boone and his checkbook!" "Bravo!" Ed Combs said from across the table. "I’ve been […]

Gan’s the Man

As editor of Inbound Logistics, I get plenty of mail from readers. This month, I was bypassed. All your mail went straight to Gan McManus, the fictional hero of Strikepoint . It’s only fair to turn this column over to Gan and let him talk to you directly. —Felecia Stratton, Editor Wow. I want to […]

SCEM: Managing Problems Before They Happen

The recent advent of trading communities, trading partners, and the resulting issue of collaboration strategies has placed a new emphasis on supply chain web applications. As if the supply chain market needs additional heat, the economics of the time call for increased monitoring of business processes. Supply chain managers want that monitoring to anticipate problems […]

Strikepoint—Part Two

Mary Ann Dugan had left the meeting supercharged, rushing off to delegate everything so she could plunge into crisis mode—with Gan McManus, Ed Combs and anybody else in the hierarchy of Cornelius Footwear they decided to grab. "It’s going to be a long day—and probably night," she’d told Gan. "Which reminds me, I’m going to […]

Negotiating With Your Railroads

Rail mergers and acquisitions have shaken up the industry, leaving behind a tangled web for consignees and shippers to navigate. So how do you avoid getting snagged in the web of management hierarchy and get the best bang for your buck when negotiating a shipping deal? It may take a little research and some homework, […]

Practicing Enlightened Leadership

With employers facing labor shortages and unprecedented worker mobility, a stable, productive workforce of drivers, owner operators, and support employees is unusual in the rapidly changing trucking industry. It has been my experience in this industry that workforce stability—with low employee turnover—follows enlightened leadership. Enlightenment arrives when leaders elevate their game to a higher level. […]

Inventory Theft: Is Your Company Easy Prey?

The logistics industry has grown dramatically in the past few years and inventory loss has kept pace. Estimates now range in the $80-billion area for cargo and warehouse related theft. One reason that so many warehousing and transportation companies have incurred loss is that they often rely on ineffective security safeguards. This can prove to […]

What’s So Great About Page 43?

Turn to page 43 of the May 2001 issue, and read part one of Strikepoint, a fictional tale of one man’s quest, in the face of a growing product demand, to find a logistics solution and save his company from financial ruin. Why should you spend your time reading “make-believe?” Because Strikepoint is a celebration […]

DSC Logistics: Focusing on the Process

Over the years, many fine voices—W. Edwards Deming, Eliyahu Goldratt, Taguchi, Michael Hammer and James Champy—have emphasized examining and improving business management processes. The reason they, and others, place such importance on process is to counter some companies’ tendencies to fixate on disparate details, personalities, or other matters peripheral to their essential business interests. That’s […]

Strikepoint—Part One

IT CAME LIKE A BOLT OUT OF THE BLUE THAT FRIDAY. Rob Wylie, a defector to Cornelius’ humongous rival, Zip Athletic Wear, had called, offering Gan a "real" logistics job. For more money. Plus stock options that could actually mean something. And, probably the clincher, a chance for Gan finally to use some of the […]

Selecting a Warehouse Management System

You don’t have to be a software guru to select a good warehouse management system, but you better know what you want to accomplish. Don Dalton, president of Columbus, Ohio-based ScanData Systems. Inc., says companies need to clearly identify their operational requirements before asking a software company to provide a solution or respond to an […]

Extending Efficiencies Beyond the Four Walls

Most companies that have successfully streamlined the internal links of their supply chain have not been able to extend those efficiencies outside their own four walls. Inside, they’ve found many ingenious ways to squeeze time and complexity from supply chain processes. Outside, where the supply chain branches out to myriad partners who help move goods […]

Handling Returns: Just Tell Me Where it Hurts

Our economy has experienced tremendous growth cycles over the past several years. As a result, manufacturers are making more stuff, retailers are buying more stuff, and consumers are spending more money on stuff than ever before! Inevitably, mistakes are made, resulting in product defects, bad merchandising decisions, or over-optimistic sales projections. No matter how good […]

Peace and Tranquility

In light of the Chinese government’s reaction to the recent spy plane incident, prudence dictates that readers of this magazine—inbound logisticians and supply chain managers with crucial assets and supply lines stretching across China—seriously consider contingencies now. The treasure you have invested in China is at some risk. The spy plane incident reminds me of […]

Simple Collaboration: The Focus is Transportation

Reduced to its base element, supply chain management is the transportation of goods from Point A to Point B. At this core, the fundamental players are shippers, receivers, and transport providers. How well they perform together is the basis for creating wealth in companies and nations. Goods efficiently sourced and manufactured, but not shipped, have […]

Your Dream Logistics Job: Make it Happen!

The new breed logistics professional has a four-year degree, analytical and technological skills, supply chain knowledge and line management leadership. There’s a shortage of these professionals at all levels, creating tremendous career opportunities. If you are looking to capitalize on this opportunity, you need to review your career aspirations and develop a game plan to […]

Becoming A Change Agent for Marketplace Success

Two important premises exist in the business world: if we don’t change faster than the changes taking place outside our own walls, it’s just a matter of time before we lose our competitive edge. the future will be inherited by the fastest learning organization. How do leaders drive change so that we’re not left in […]

Unlocking the True Value of e-Marketplaces

E-marketplaces have earned tremendous interest and participation in almost every industry, from chemicals to office supplies. However, e-marketplaces are only now reaching a level mature enough to evaluate the benefits. Surprise! The main reasons used to lure participation—such as lower product prices for buyers and increased access to new customers and markets for suppliers—are not […]

Is Logistics Boring?

Recently an assistant editor left Inbound Logistics to take a job with a consumer publication. Reason? Even though she was a young, bright, talented editor, she said she found logistics “boring.” That brought me up short. I never found logistics boring. In fact, changes in the transportation industry, especially these past five years, have been […]

Leading Logistics to the Fourth Dimension

This past year has brought growth, mergers, and a steady move toward collaboration among supply chain suppliers and users. The supply chain community is growing up—and boldly—in a not-so-confident e-commerce world. There is a big difference between B2B supply chain organizations and standard fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants e-commerce companies. The strong will survive and the poorly thought through […]

Selecting A Supply Chain Management System

Choosing supply chain management (SCM) software can be the single most important decision a logistics manager can make. This solution can be one that drives your business to 99.8-percent fulfillment levels or drives it into the ground. Blinco Systems Inc. ( offers this 10-point checklist to use when interviewing vendors and evaluating SCM software packages. […]

e-Commerce Change Is in the Air

In 1995, a major financial services firm said, “our customers will never go on-line to trade.” Five years later, the landscape of that sector has changed significantly with a whole new way of doing business and with a cadre of new companies that are formidable competitors. To some degree, the transportation sector, and specifically air […]

Choosing Technology Over Nuts and Bolts

Picture this Information Technology (IT) department of a transoceanic shipping company: Hundreds of programmers sitting in front of computer screens. Managers training employees on outdated systems in use for 20 years. Phone calls from business unit heads wondering why legacy work is delaying project deadlines. This was Sea-Land in 1992, when I became CIO. Yet […]

Cross-Pollination and Excellence

Remember way back in high school bio class when you learned about J. Gregor Mendel’s experiments with peas? I bet you said to yourself, “What am I learning this for? I’ll never use it. I’m not gonna be a farmer.” Guess again, Mr. Greenjeans! You’re all grown up now, and you are the world’s finest […] Fever

No doubt about it. Throughout 1999 and early 2000, Dot-coms were hot, hot, hot! The opportunities offered by the Internet were seized by a whole new breed of entrepreneurs—bold and brave, innovative and uninhibited. Often their ideas—and their businesses—went from conception to realization in a matter of months. Their companies were unencumbered by the overhead […]

New Logistics Portal Saves Money on Every Shipment

Supply chain portals are growing in number, uniqueness, and breadth of service to all partners. They will continue to grow, given the ever-increasing usefulness of conducting supply chain management on the web and the constant growth of new technologies in this area. One new portal, which went live in November 2000, is worth noting., […]

Transportation Software: A Guide for the Perplexed

Making the right transportation software choice is harder than ever. More than 60 Internet transportation dot.coms have launched in the last 12 months alone. If you’re like most people, you’re wondering: “How can I make sense of all these companies?” The good news: the Internet can provide enormous productivity gains for transportation and logistics companies. […]

Get Customer-Centric or Get E-liminated

Ask three people to define e-commerce, and you’ll end up with three disparate answers. The problem is that companies use e-commerce to define varying degrees of involvement in e-business. Some companies think they conduct e-commerce because they have e-mail. Some believe that the mere presence of a web site constitutes an e-commerce approach. The fact […]

Carpe Diem Logistica

For purists, 2001 is when the new millennium really starts. For this magazine, 2001 marks the beginning of our 21st year of publication. It also marks the beginning of the third decade of championing the inbound approach that advanced the idea of traffic management from its humble, if not important, beginnings to an engine of […]

The Lights Are On But No One’s Home

We have a saying in the big city, “the lights are on but no one’s home.” By the time you read this, in California at least, everyone may be home but the lights may be off. Chalk another one up to federal and state energy policy pooh-bah’s polymorphic foul-ups. They hit the off switch. Few […]

Automatic Information: The Supply Chain Goes Live

As the pressure for speed and accuracy increases within the supply chain, companies constantly search for technology to deliver goods quickly and reliably. To meet that demand, an ever-increasing number of end user communication solutions—such as RF devices, subtle bar-code readers, cell phones, and personal digital assistants—have been developed and marketed in the past 10 […]

Stress-Free Shipping: The Reseller’s Way

Are you the owner of a small- to medium-sized business looking for ways to give your customers better service? Have you encountered stress in your business even as you’ve searched for something as seemingly simple as an overnight shipping service? In addition to the cost of transporting a package, perhaps you’ve had questions of dependability […]

Online vs. Offline Shopping: Retailers Must Respond

E- tailing has emerged as a significant retail force—consumers are shopping online. Now it’s up to traditional brick and mortar retailers to respond. With even more recent pressure on pure-play retailers, an integrated retail strategy seems to be in mode. Whether you adopt the creative label, or simply treat the Internet as a channel […]

This Land is Your Land: Real Estate Cuts Costs

As competition among 3PL firms continues to increase, finding new ways to reduce your operating costs and maximize supply chain efficiencies becomes increasingly important. A 1999 analysis of the logistics industry found that an estimated eight cents on each dollar spent on logistics can be allocated to the warehouse with the majority, or 59 cents, […]

Sharing Your Logistics Wealth

Hats off to the National Industrial Transportation League, which has joined with and Transportation for Tots to collect toys and cash for needy kids at its annual conference and at other transportation-related events. also teamed up with this holiday season for a six-week online toy collection campaign. These folks know that logisticians—and […]

Part of the Ship’s Engine, Not Part of the Load

It’s amazing what we can learn if we stop talking long enough to listen. As a CEO, there are so many occasions to speak, to describe, to explain, and to present our ideas. But I find that the most valuable experiences are those that offer the chance to simply hear—really HEAR and fully UNDERSTAND—what those […]

Delivering B2B Supply Chain Flexibility

The stakes continue to rise in the online business-to-business world. Despite the still rapid entry of new players—1,000 new sites since the beginning of the year—Forrester Research predicts that within three years, less than 200 will remain. While there are many reasons for the falloff, the main reason is that many sites do not […]

Supply Chain Revolution Is In Your Hands

Corporate leaders today recognize what logistics professionals have always known: supply chain performance can have a significant dollars-and-cents impact on an organization’s market share and profitability. The evidence is compelling. For example, best-in-class companies spend five to six percent less on supply chain management as a percentage of sales than median performers, according to The […]

Getting On Board with Windows CE

Although on-board computers have been used in the transportation and logistics industry for more than a decade, most have been single-function proprietary devices that users could not customize. Now, multi-function, open-systems devices are available that operate all applications, are user programmable, and can be connected to corporate data networks with widely used protocols. Industries such […]

Securing America’s Future by Riding the ITS Wave

Ocean liner service is the backbone of international transportation for manufactured goods. General cargo ships, sailing on regular schedules along established trade lanes, annually move more than 1.2 billion metric tons of consumer, industrial, and military commodities ranging from fatigues and milling machines to perfume and designer jeans. In the past 10 years, the number […]

Happy Holidays! Are You Ready?

Is all your product staged for this holiday season? Some companies were not ready for the shopping frenzy last year, and it wasn’t just the failure to execute and deliver in time. Low inventory levels and faster moving supply chains, given the growing practice of inbound logistics, offer high rewards but there are high […]

Leveraging the Power of XML for Supply Chain Integration

Using the Internet to automate the supply chain process is a growing worldwide trend. While many players from diverse backgrounds have entered the field, that does not mean they all have the right stuff to make it in this market. These players—whether providers or users—have to keep in mind the need for new and robust […]

Logistics Land and Supply Chain City

One of the more interesting ideas to come along the business philosophy turnpike in recent years is the concept of the “experience economy.” Spurred on by consumers who want not only goods and services, but also immersion in memorable encounters, providers began looking for ways to maximize the experience potential of their businesses. The most […]

From Market Position To Eco-System

The door to dialogue is open! In the April and May issues of Inbound Logistics, this column focused on the ways our business is changing. Rapidly. Dramatically. And permanently! I invited readers to respond with their thoughts and their experiences, and respond you did. You wrote about increasing the velocity of supply chains, synchronizing activities, […]

Collaboration… It’s More Than Visibility

Collaboration. The use of this term in business-to-business marketing is equivalent to “free” in consumer marketing. It’s catchy, it’s new and, best of all, no one knows what it really means. Collaboration has been used to describe open-market bids, trade exchanges, shipment tracing/tracking, sharing order status information, and more. But what is collaboration really? What […]

Understand the Net, Don’t Get Caught In It

This past year has seen an unprecedented move toward consolidation of the supply chain and the Internet. It also has seen a major push toward integrated trading exchanges. These trends are keeping consultants such as Advanced Manufacturing Research (AMR), The Gartner Group, Dataquest, and Aberdeen Group pretty busy. Here’s a look at what these analysts […]

E-Commerce Changes Rules for Back-End Operations

Prior to 1999, every aspect of back-end support operations for the direct marketing industry was tailored to meet the typical cataloger’s needs. In the 1970s and 1980s, direct marketing was limited to the mailbox, and order processing and fulfillment operations were designed to meet the catalog or direct mail customer’s demands. The costs and requirements […]

Warehouse Without Wires

Last month in this column, Publisher Keith Biondo gave voice to the challenge of adapting to Internet change as a growing tide of logistics dot.coms sweeps our industry. His head hurt from trying to keep up with this Internet thing—so much change, so many choices. Well, just as the pain was easing (we thought), they’ve […]

Life in the Fast Lane

There used to be those who viewed logistics as a slightly sleepy business. Sure, we worked against the clock, we moved things along, we met our customers’ timetables, we worked very hard to get products safely and on time to the places they had to be. But the pace, compared to the way we move […]

Specialty Products: Don’t Get Boxed In

Thinking outside the box is good advice to follow—both figuratively and literally—when it comes to shipping odd-sized, high-value products such as structural components, store fixtures, trade show exhibits, display cases, office furnishings, computers, and related merchandise. Indeed the box or crate, with its attendant cost and downtime delays of packing and handling, can critically limit […]

Buying an ERP System in the Internet Age

The standard business model on which an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is based is inherently inward-looking. An ERP system, typically with client-server architecture and a Windows interface, works on the assumption that a fairly small number of company employees within a specific department will need to access an application. The advent of the Internet […]

Is Your Supply Chain Achieving Customer Loyalty?

Business logistics executives face four major challenges: Achieving dramatic reductions in time-to-market. Creating value for shareholders. Marketing their supply chain as a competitive edge. Earning customer loyalty. Organizations must focus time, attention, and dollars on these areas. While many companies have plans to achieve challenges one through three, market leaders know that without true customer […]

Start-me-up, Scotty!

In the classic Star Trek series, whenever someone wanted to go from here to there in an instant, they just said, “Beam-me-up, Scotty,” and there they’d be. It was more than transportation. It was transformation. And “beaming up” might be a way to describe what is happening today. Our bold new 21st Century has vaulted […]

Global e-Logistics Comes of Age

The technologies available through the Internet, combined with ongoing advances in logistics software development, have given supply chain management an enormous boost—far greater than those who first promulgated the supply chain could have anticipated. The scale of solutions has increased while the volume of transactions has grown at a staggering rate. This is a time […]

The e-Enabling of Hub Group

The advantages of collaborative partnerships in the emerging world of e-business logistics are numerous. As portals, application service providers, and other services burst forth into this arena, it is important to understand that no enterprise is large enough to do it all alone. Hub Group Inc., Lombard, Ill., a non-asset-based transportation management company specializing in […]

Staying Up to Speed with Non-Stop Demand

The demand side of the supply chain continues to undergo major changes in strategies and technologies. The scale of consumer demand—and the need for both accurate forecasting and a fast response to demand—acts as the driving force. Fast response time is king of the market. While the Internet has been given a lot of credit […]

Real Estate Companies Deliver Distribution Solutions

In today’s economy, companies are experiencing an increased amount of pressure to deliver their products to market more rapidly and cost-efficiently. Customers have little tolerance for lengthy delays in the fulfillment cycle, and they reject the exorbitant costs often required to deliver the products to market more efficiently. To avoid these pitfalls, companies have begun […]

And Millennium Realities

It might be fun to take a trip in that logistics time machine the publisher talks about on the previous page, but prudence dictates we take a look at our logistics realities. A dichotomy exists in our market between those who get it and those who don’t, those who lead in logistics best practices and […]

Millennium Musings…

Standing in the doorway of the 20th century, 19th century scientists and engineers couldn’t imagine they lacked a true understanding of their reality. They knew there would be inventions, new developments, but they believed they had a clear picture of their world and its physical limits. “The basic fundamental principles governing the behavior of our […]

Capturing a ‘Supply Chain Moment’

A “Kodak moment” can be the moment that grandma sees the new baby or Aunt Helen gives the proud graduate a check. What is a “supply chain moment”? The supply chain deals with a very complex set of technologies and issues. Technologies are stacked over the supply chain like planes over O’Hare on Thanksgiving. Any […]

Reaching the Pinnacle of SCM Success

Leading supply chain software developers are taking a more creative and inventive view of intelligent practice in applying their solutions. The idea of one company doing it all is usually dismissed; many SCM providers are now carving out niches of specialization. But one company is taking a different approach—many companies under one parent offering an […]

Positioning the Supply Chain in a Volatile Market

The supply chain and its attendant technology is a warp-speed moving target that responds to enterprise strategy changes, the intelligent moves and vagaries of the Big Six accounting firms, the latest acronyms of the supply chain consulting community, and the shifting forces of the marketplace. The need for faster response time alone has ushered in […]

Richter’s Model for Success

The merging of global sourcing and transportation with industry-specific manufacturing creates a golden opportunity for software providers. The apparel and fashion business in particular is prime territory. Staking its claim to this territory is Richter Systems Inc., based in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 1968, Richter focuses its software applications on the apparel industry. “The apparel […]

QUALCOMM: Managing Information in Motion

While many technologies have been brought to bear on the supply chain, none have exceeded the importance of the advances in communication. It is all right and good to get products resourced, manufactured and distributed, but if the level of communication to accomplish these tasks is not of the highest order, business is not being […]

Taking a Community Network Approach to the Supply Chain

The increasing growth of e-commerce is not just augmenting normal business practice; it is changing how people do business and what kind of business they do. The necessities of global sourcing, global selling, global manufacturing, global logistics and global distribution have placed managing a successful business in a whole new context. RockPort Trade Systems, Gloucester, […]

McHugh’s Road Leads to Integrated Logistics System

There are as many roads to supply chain management as roads to Rome. One road is to concentrate on integrating the various levels of logistics execution—such as warehouse management, distribution management, labor management and transportation management—which allow the product to move from its point of origin to its consumption as fast as possible, at the […]

A Supply Chain Alliance for Progress

No single LIT vendor can meet every need of every user within the supply chain. But there’s strength in numbers. Paragon Management Systems, EDS/A.T. Kearney, Sun Microsystems, and Selectica have formed an interesting alliance offering a complete supply chain solution. Each company brings something vital to the table. Sun Microsystems, Mountain View, Calif., provides the […]

Crossdocking: The Supply Chain Core

Crossdocking has become a key technology in handling products and packages properly within the supply chain. For crossdocking to come of age, certain technologies had to be firmly in place, including portable and fixed bar-code equipment, data collection terminals, software applications, a dedicated database, a network or a combination of network and radio frequency devices. […]

The Summit Group: Logistics Pros

Functions that used to operate in silos, such as warehousing and transportation, must now answer to the greater demands of the supply chain. In turn, the supply chain must answer to its primary driver—the customer. Providing satisfaction to the customer has become the means by which an enterprise achieves its own business goals. Providing exceptional […]

Optum Inc: SCM Execution Solution

We used to talk about warehousing as a place; now we talk about it as a process. New supply chain strategies and technologies are capturing this process. The architecture of logistics information systems is changing as different software applications take possession. For example, MRP II’s replacement, ERP, functionally provides a suite of applications that handles […]

JD Edwards: The Fourth Wave of Supply Chain Management

The dynamics of the supply chain as a strategy, as a market, and as a set of technologies are creating a tidal wave of change. One company riding the crest of the wave is J.D. Edwards, Denver, Colo. Best known for its very strong position in the ERP market and recent phenomenal growth surge, J.D. […]

Maria Gray

Can Competitors Unite On Your Behalf?

In 1997, DSC Communications Corporation, a $1.6-billion telecom equipment maker based in Plano, Texas, decided to get radical. In an attempt to streamline the number of freight forwarders not only swarming its docks, but swamping the progressive company with paperwork, DSC turned to outsourcing. Putting its domestic, international, and van line segments out for bid, […]

Got Milk?

What did you have for breakfast this morning? A bowl of Wheaties at your kitchen table? No? You stopped at McDonald’s for an Egg McMuffin, or you upscaled your way to Starbucks for coffee and a croissant, didn’t you? I know, I know. Who has time to sit down for breakfast anymore? If you actually […]

Turning Traditional Software Upside Down

The supply chain’s fast lane is getting faster. Camelot IS-2, Cambridge, Mass., ( offers a product called skyva that is aimed at optimizing the supply chain process.” skyva enables the integration of best-of-breed applications and provides flexible, scalable, and dynamic enterprise software solutions,” says Dr. Guenther Moeckesch, Camelot chairman and CEO. skyva is generated directly […]

Logistics Success: Take it to the Bank

Global economics plus smart financing equals huge opportunities. But overseas trade presents many logistics risks that can cause lending institutions to hesitate in financing all the working capital needs of their clients. The success of a transaction depends on a well-oiled logistics process, with the job finished only when the goods satisfactorily reach the customer’s […]

Logistics for the Common Man

Since I started editing Inbound Logistics in 1984, IL’s mission has been to help companies of all types and all sizes adopt new logistics ideas; specifically to take a pull approach to logistics. As I plan our editorial coverage for next year, I’m hearing more and more from readers at small and mid-size companies who […]

ERO Enhances Supply Chain Software

As Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) expands out into the supply chain, its reach, and many of its functions, takes on a different set of characteristics. These characteristics include increased access to information, greater efficiency among various enterprise functions, and a better handle on easier implementing, better planning, and optimal producing. PeopleSoft, Pleasanton, Calif., refers to […]

Creating and Managing Intermodal Partnerships

Much has been written about creating “partnerships” in business today. Increasingly, the word implies more than just establishing a close cooperation between two parties and maintaining an acceptable level of service. “Partnership” has become synonymous with forging a true vendor-customer alliance to achieve predetermined objectives and proactively identifying ways to provide the best service at […]