Customer Service

Is Process Killing the Customer Experience?

When a company decides to do something new, employees usually try several different ways of carrying out the activity. But once they have found a way that works particularly well, they have strong incentives to lock into the chosen process and stop searching for alternatives. Fixating on a single process frees people’s time and energy […]

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Sean Wilcox

Shipping and Delivery: How to Get it Right

Thanks to the rise of e-commerce and heightening customer expectations, shipping and delivery have become key drivers of overall customer satisfaction. An e-commerce company’s ability to meet customer expectations can be a source of competitive differentiation. Executing against the wrong strategy—or not having a strategy at all—is a recipe for higher costs and lower customer […]

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15 Key Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Outsourced Fulfillment Partner

In a highly competitive market, outsourcing order fulfillment can provide most companies a competitive advantage. The right provider can cut costs, improve customer service, allow you to focus on core competencies, and help you stay ahead of the competition by managing your entire supply chain. Is outsourcing your fulfillment the best option for your business? […]

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Supply Chain Commentary: Five Challenges to Embrace and Channel into Business Advantages

Disruption can be daunting, especially coupled with pressure from increasing competitive forces and shrinking margins. However, strategic navigation and preparation can lead to positive outcomes. In the supply chain, challenges can lead to improvements in key areas such as inventory management and order fulfilment. Technology innovation can help. A PwC study found that companies with […]

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