Supply Chain Management

How Walmart’s OTIF Policy Creates New Baselines for Suppliers

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. caught many shipping companies off guard when it released its new “On-Time In-Full” (OTIF) policy. This program mandates that if any shipment arrives early, late, or on-time but not packaged properly, the shipper will be charged 3 percent of the total items’ value. It was only a few months ago that Walmart […]

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Transportation Industry Leads the Way in Preventive Maintenance

Trucks need to keep rolling. Conveyor belts aren’t much good if they don’t convey anything. Cargo planes don’t move freight if they can’t fly. Ships don’t deliver from under the water. Business logistics managers can’t ignore the importance of preventive maintenance because the costs of reactive maintenance can have a heavy impact on the bottom […]

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Supply Chain Report: Why Suppliers Hold Back

Supplier collaboration and sustainability can drive innovation and growth in top supply chains, but only 43 percent of suppliers feel fully empowered to collaborate with their partners, says new research from 3M. Surveying 237 suppliers in the United States, the report uncovers insight on the most urgent trends, opportunities, and challenges facing suppliers today. Collaboration […]

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