Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management: Soft Skills Required to Maintain Relationships

Supply chain management is often viewed as solely a statistical endeavor, but soft skills are often required in maintaining buyer and supplier relationships, according to new research from Penn State. Researchers suggest that levels of trust between companies may be an important influence on how they operate and perform. “In business settings, we tend to […]

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Gelnius Launches Supply Chain Management Software

Gelnius’ new technology platform has the ability to save money based on customers achieving reduced transportation cost and better management of administration overhead, as well as cost savings linked to visibility of all freight transactions on a single platform, managing non-compliant suppliers and improved reporting, business intelligence, and supply chain visibility. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution […]

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Calling All Logisticians: Assist the Military to Bridge the Gap

Military missions are complex logistical efforts, requiring a significant understanding of supply chain and transportation management. Service members at all levels have logistical knowledge. Whether moving to a new location, planning training, or executing maneuvers, all military personnel are intimately familiar with mission execution and the associated logistical operations. As professional logisticians and supply chain […]

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Supply Chain Complexity: What’s Behind Supply Chain Disruption and Why You’re Not Achieving Consistent ROI Improvement

In a 2016 Gartner survey, 63 percent of supply chain leaders reported “increasing supply chain complexity” as the highest risk to business continuity. A second survey from Gartner identifies supply chain complexity as #4 in the list of obstacles to achieving supply chain goals. As supply chain leaders face these challenges, they should focus on […]

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