Supply Chain Management

What hobbies/activities make you better at  supply chain and logistics management?

What hobbies/activities make you better at supply chain and logistics management?

MORE TO THE STORY: Comments from LinkedIn Supply chain management is like cooking a complicated meal. You must plan well, execute with excellence, and serve perfectly and promptly. Have great tools and multitask. Be creative to create outstanding results. Hannah Kain President & CEO, ALOM Staying active and participating in team sports definitely translates to […]

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Robert Walpole

Key Factors Shaping World Trade and Global Logistics

By all accounts, 2016 will be a year in which major agreements and more open markets will shape world trade and increase the global logistics that move commodities to manufacturers, and finished goods into the hands of consumers virtually everywhere on the globe. From the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans Pacific […]

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Thomas W. Derry

Three Keys to Global Supply Chain Prowess

The world’s increasing interconnectedness presents opportunities for supply management professionals to be more efficient and effective as they work to help companies achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. That same interconnectedness, however, poses three serious challenges that must be addressed if we are to continue to be successful. The ongoing security threat to companies’ networks, computers, […]

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Nick Cicero

Leverage Dashboard Technology to Improve Decision-Making Capabilities

As a logistics professional, you’re familiar with the value of high-quality data. Experienced supply chain practitioners recognize that the value of data is directly related to its utility: Raw data without context or consequence is virtually meaningless. With even more tracking systems contributing to a dramatic increase in the volume of available data, companies are […]

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Raymond G. Monteith

Is Your Business Prepared for the Worst?

Disasters and tragedy happen every day. From fires and theft to severe weather events, we experience disruptive incidents on a regular basis. So how prepared is your business to withstand a crisis? How well have you incorporated risk analysis and crisis preparation into your business operations? Effective risk assessment depends on using our imagination to […]

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Shay Scott

Eight Ways to Find and Retain Qualified Supply Chain Talent

The burgeoning need for talent to operate today’s complex supply chains has begun to garner significant attention. Not only are supply chain management roles expanding at a rate outpacing qualified new graduates, but supply chain is also rapidly becoming more complex, creating the need for existing personnel to dramatically retool their skill sets. These trends […]

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