The Science Behind Site Selection

The Science Behind Site Selection

Industry leaders test their theories about new distribution and fulfillment center locations, and—Eureka!—discover the elements of successful site selection decisions.

IoT in the Supply Chain

IoT in the Supply Chain

The Internet of Things will make the supply chain as we know it a thing of the past. Let our experts plug you in to the latest IoT know-how.

Winter Reading Guide 2016

Winter Reading Guide 2016

Don’t let winter put a deep freeze on your logistics learning. Keep your knowledge evergreen by cozying up to books on wide-ranging topics, from food logistics to procurement practices.

Fred Guelen

The Future Is Now: Strategic Technology Thinking for Shipping and Logistics Facility Managers

All over the world, forward-thinking shipping and logistics facility management (FM) professionals are frequently turning to next-generation, FM software to efficiently manage their facilities and real estate portfolios. It’s being used to streamline business processes, reduce facility costs, and simplify space and maintenance management. Simply put, it is revolutionizing overall workplace performance and helping businesses […]

Candace Sider

Get Ready for Trade Developments

Major developments in global trade, broad in scope and substance, are expected to play a significant role in 2016 and affect nearly every business that imports or exports. Many of these developments represent several years of negotiation or implementation phases. To stay competitive this year, companies should start planning for their implications now. To prepare, […]

Greg Braun

How “Chain of Responsibility” Affects the Supply Chain

Public concern over highway safety has never been more in the spotlight than it is today. In particular, increased scrutiny came about after the June 2014 traffic accident involving the vehicle of well-known actor Tracy Morgan and a Walmart tractor-trailer. Walmart agreed to provide generous civil settlements to the damaged parties, even though its driver […]

Malysa O’Connor

The Perfect Order Has Evolved—Has Your Workforce Management Strategy?

If you’re like most shippers, maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty is at the top of your list of business goals. To accomplish these objectives, your organization must be dedicated to the pursuit of the “perfect order.” The question remains: What really is a perfect order? The perception of the perfect order continues to evolve and […]

Global Logistics—October 2015

Global Logistics—October 2015

Today’s Digital Economy: What’s in Store for Retailers? Retailers are currently pressured to adjust their internal and customer-facing strategies to meet consumer demands, which are evolving at a rapid pace. But they must be willing to evolve as well, according to SAP’s inaugural Retail Index survey conducted in partnership with global forecasting firm Oxford Economics. The survey […]

Felecia Stratton

Whatever It Takes

So you’re a retailer, and out of stock on a particular item. Then, of course, a customer orders it. What do you do? When outdoor gear retailer Backcountry was faced with an out of stock that would disappoint a customer, an employee went shopping on a competitor’s website, purchased the item with a personal credit […]

Supporting Sustainability Throughout the Supply Chain

Companies can support sustainability throughout their supply chains with many different approaches. Reducing paper by automating manual business processes, optimizing shipments and loads with end-to-end visibility, saving fuel and lowering emissions by avoiding supply chain disruptions, and sourcing materials from suppliers with like-minded sustainability goals are just a few examples. Ed Rusch, vice president of […]

Lin Ding: A Healthy Perspective on Procurement

Lin Ding: A Healthy Perspective on Procurement

Lin Ding is procurement manager at Ultimate Medical Academy in Tampa, Fla. She has held this position since May 2015. Responsibilities: Overseeing procurement, supplier management, and contract management; creating a framework to support the department’s procurement activities; implementing purchasing policies and improvement strategies. Experience: Financial advisor, Yuebao Investment Co.; purchasing and sourcing coordinator, Seven Halos; […]

Trends—December 2015

Trends—December 2015

Data Capture Technology Ripe for Picking Reducing picking errors remains a high priority for distribution center operators, especially as customer expectations, particularly for faster and more accurate delivery, continue to increase, according to a recent Honeywell survey. Distribution centers are currently losing an average of more than $400,000 annually to picking errors, the survey finds. […]

Chuck Fattore

Realizing the Power of a Leveraged Platform

Q: How can today’s manufacturers deal with increasing regulations, demand volatility, and shifting global trade currents? A: One way a manufacturer can mitigate the effects of increasing regulations and demand volatility is by working with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider with a leveraged platform. When a 3PL provider utilizes a leveraged platform, it is employing […]

Rob Kriewaldt

Free Trade – Vital to Our Industry

Free trade has been a pillar of the U.S. economy for much of our nation’s history. Over the past several decades, the United States has negotiated many bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) to increase access to other countries’ markets while opening the U.S. market and benefiting consumers. In addition to membership in the […]

The Value of a Positive Customer Experience

We have all been there—we purchase a product and something about it doesn’t meet our expectations. While many companies have figured out that an "easy return" goes a long way in customer satisfaction, there are still those that make it challenging. Let’s be honest, we have avoided ordering from companies that don’t make this process […]

Sid Geddam

Building the Connected Warehouse

Boxes, pallets, and forklifts aren’t the only things that move throughout a warehouse. Data also flows across a range of warehouse business processes, from the receipt of goods to storage and tracking, picking and packing, and outbound transportation. How effectively a business utilizes that information has a massive impact on warehouse and supply chain performance. […]

Cheryl Citrone

Attracting More Women to the Transportation Profession

More than 13 million Americans comprise the transportation workforce, and nearly half of them are eligible for retirement within the next 10 years, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Not only is this particular workforce an older population, it’s also male dominated, as women account for as little as 13 percent of transportation occupations […]

Paul A. Myerson

RFID: More Than Just a Better Barcode

Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) offers a multitude of benefits that can significantly reduce and eliminate waste in the extended supply chain. RFID, an automatic identification method using electronic tags that have a microchip and printed antenna, is a lot more than just a small improvement from barcode technology. Barcodes offer a status report at […]

Jerry Stoll

Dimensioning on the Move

Growing fuel costs and capital expenses paired with a driver shortage have left companies shipping less-than-truckload (LTL) freight scrambling for ways to cut costs. Unfortunately, opportunities to counter fuel costs, eliminate capital investments, and reduce the manpower required to keep business moving are limited. That’s why many shippers are turning to dimensioning technology to gain […]

James Kilkelly

IT Asset Disposition Is the Future of Reverse Logistics

While forward logistics optimizes the flow of goods from the producer to the consumer, reverse logistics inverts that flow from the consumer back to the producer. Most often, this includes warranty recovery, value recovery, repair, redistribution, product recalls, used parts, and replacement materials for refurbishment, service, or product contract returns, and end-of-life recycling. In a […]

Jim Hayden

Optimizing the Holiday Supply Chain With Reliable ETA

Timeliness is top of mind during the holiday season. As Santa prepares for his ride around the world to give every child a gift by Christmas morning, manufacturers and retailers are also busy planning to meet increasing customer delivery demands during the holidays. Santa has his magic and his elves, but companies must find other […]

People Person

People Person

Bobby Harris, President and CEO of BlueGrace Logistics, discusses the talent gap, entrepreneurship, the importance of keeping employees happy, and more.

Felecia Stratton

Keep the Change

When developing content for Inbound Logistics, I often ask readers what issues and challenges they face. Dealing with constant change in supply chain management is one hot-button topic that arises repeatedly. Efficient change management is critical in the supply chain because it touches every function within an enterprise. And, as I recently discovered, managing change […]

Selecting a Global Trade Management Tool

Selecting the right global trade management system is an important factor in growing your business. Analyzing features such as customization and security can help you determine which solution best meets your company’s needs. Ron Atapattu, president and founder of Overseas Cargo Inc., offers the following recommendations for selecting global trade management software that can take […]

Sean Smith: Ingredients for a Great Career

Sean Smith: Ingredients for a Great Career

Sean Smith is supply chain director at Agropur Ingredients in La Crosse, Wis. He has worked for the company since 2013. Responsibilities: Purchasing, inbound and outbound logistics, production planning, inventory management, analytics, and warehouse operations. Experience: Supply chain manager, U.S. Army; strategic sourcing manager—facilities, Citigroup; supply chain manager—contracting and sourcing, Adventist Health Systems. Education: Diploma, […]

Trends—November 2015

Trends—November 2015

GHS: Label It a Problem Fewer than 50 percent of the nearly 150 supply chain professionals from internationally based chemical companies responding to Loftware Inc.’s recent GHS Readiness Survey have met the latest Globally Harmonized System of Classification (GHS) labeling requirements. The United Nations originally adopted the GHS in 2002 to ensure hazardous materials are […]

Refugees Cause Price Hike for EU Shippers

Refugees Cause Price Hike for EU Shippers

Refugees Displace EU Supply Chain In many cases, even under the best circumstances, border crossings can be rife with paperwork, passports, and delays. But Europe has streamlined the process, with free and open border crossings between most of its member states that eliminate many of these hassles. That is, until recently. More than nine million […]

Andreas Pohl

What Trends are Shaping the Global Air Freight Market?

New research by has predicted that the worldwide air cargo logistics market will experience a 5.97% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2014 to 2019. Increased research into this market is welcome, but this report attributes most of the annual growth to an increase in online retail store sales. Consumers are ordering more products […]

Cynthia Bergmann

Alleviating Gridlock: A Chicago Case Study

To improve the flow of rail operations in the Chicago area, Amtrak CEO Joseph Boardman tasked Amtrak’s Gateway Blue Ribbon panel with examining rail congestion in Chicago and offering recommendations to improve traffic flow and alleviate gridlock. The panel derived its recommendations from extensive interviews with freight and passenger rails; federal, state, and local government […]

Brent Daboub

Why Parcel Sorting Automation Can’t Wait

Shoppers have embraced e-commerce, and, for retailers, it has been a boon. The volume of products that people are buying online is skyrocketing. U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the second quarter of 2015 totaled nearly $84 billion, an increase of 14.1 percent from the same period in 2014, according to the Department of Commerce’s Census […]

Howard Rosenberg

Don’t Just Liquidate, Seek Scalable Solutions

Relaxed return policies create a competitive advantage for retailers but can wreak havoc on reverse logistics. Each year, consumers return hundreds of billions of dollars in merchandise, most of which can’t go back on the shelf due to diminished item condition, damaged packaging, or product obsolescence. No matter the reason, that’s a significant amount of […]

What is the Difference Between Logistics and Supply Chain?

What is the Difference Between Logistics and Supply Chain?

“Supply chain is the football coach, and logistics is the quarterback. They both provide direction regarding how field assets must be situated and positioned. But the coach provides the overall game plan, and the QB executes the moves, adapting on the fly as needed.“

Jeremy Bodenhamer

Shipping for the Digital Age

Robots, autonomous vehicles, and other fancy hardware like drones are the cool new toys in logistics. Although logistics and transportation is one of the largest markets on the planet, the relative lack of innovation in the sector is surprising. Marty McFly and the rest of the “Back to the Future” crew predicted that this year—2015—would […]

Brett Gopal

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sales and Operations Planning

Most business executives would agree that effective S&OP should lead to competitive success. But S&OP means different things to different organizations. What makes S&OP a "secret sauce" is dependent on a few key factors. Having the right people in the bus. First and foremost, it is essential to obtain executive-level sponsorship. S&OP strategies fail without […]

Doug Mattoon

Pioneer Ports Drive Economic Development in the Inland Northwest

The Port of Lewiston, Port of Clarkston, and Port of Whitman County—also known as the Pioneer Ports—are the most inland seaports on the West Coast, located 465 river miles from the ocean in the Inland Northwest. These three ports play a critical role in driving economic vitality in the Lewis-Clark Valley and Palouse areas of […]

Tim Thoma Brings It In

Tim Thoma Brings It In

Tim Thoma is international logistics and compliance manager at Northern Tool and Equipment, a multi-channel retailer based in Burnsville, Minn. He has held that position since 2008. Responsibilities: Moving freight from overseas to the company’s three distribution centers. This includes managing relationships with freight forwarders and carriers, and overseeing customs compliance. Experience: A series of […]

Kae-Por Chang

Doing Business in China

Q: What do I need to know about doing business in China? A: Most companies today know why China is a great place for business for manufacturing, regional distribution, and domestic consumption. What companies may not know is that the logistics costs of doing business in China are quite high. China’s trade rules and regulations […]

Dr. Jeff Karrenbauer

Three Steps to Mitigate Supply Chain Risk…Now

A supply chain vulnerability and risk assessment should be an integral part of any overall supply chain strategy analysis. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Many businesses don’t address supply chain vulnerability and aren’t prepared for potential supply chain disruptions due to either random acts of nature or deliberate actions. The recent West Coast port […]

Gary C. Smith

Product Philanthropy: An Efficient Way to Move Unwanted Inventory

While businesses have made great strides in inventory management, many have yet to adopt a truly efficient, cost-effective process for moving unprofitable stock. Discounting merchandise eats into profits and devalues the corporate brand. Liquidating is even less profitable and more laborious. As a result, many otherwise efficient operations end up housing idle stock far longer […]

Analyzing Lift Truck Fleet Data 

Collecting and analyzing lift truck data is critical to optimizing materials handling equipment (MHE) fleet utilization and maximizing cost savings. Good data helps fleet managers budget short- and long-term costs, determine correct fleet size, and evaluate whether to lease or buy new equipment. Allen Polk, director of business development for Kenco Fleet Services, offers the […]

Keith Biondo

Timely Timeline Reminder 

In the past 30 days, I heard and saw much that reminded me why so many IL readers tell me they love working in logistics. My travels included 30 site visits and two industry conferences. Here’s part of my timeline: At an early morning meeting, I spoke with one visionary who is forging public-private partnerships […]

Global Logistics—October 2015

Global Logistics—October 2015

Ocean Containers Talk Back What would Malcom McLean say if “the box” talked back? Now it does. CMA CGM recently debuted the Bougainville as the first containership with connected container technology that transforms the box into a smart asset. The initiative is part of a collaborative project between the French steamship line and Traxens, a […]

An Acquiring Mind

An Acquiring Mind

Brad Jacobs is not one to rest on laurels. Rather, a restlessness within keeps him searching for bigger and bolder challenges. Jacobs built a reputation consolidating disparate companies into industry juggernauts. He kindled his career in oil and gas (Amerex and Hamilton Resources), moved on to waste management (United Waste Management), then dug into the […]

Paul A. Myerson

Measuring to Manage or Barely Managing to Measure

Respondents to a Bain & Company survey say they run their supply chains only half as efficiently as top supply chain performers such as Toyota, Dell, and Home Depot. In fact, top-quartile performers spend just 4.2 percent of revenue on supply chain costs, compared to almost 10 percent for average performers in the same industry. […]

Trends—October 2015

Trends—October 2015

Amazon Dash Turns the Tide When Amazon debuted its Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) and buttons in spring 2015, it gave consumers a taste for how the Internet of Things (IoT) can simplify even mundane tasks. The underlying DRS architecture enables connected devices that measure consumable usage to automatically order physical goods from Amazon when supplies […]

Ryan Repich

Building Bench Strength With Supply Chain Graduates

Gripped by financial pain in 2008, organizations across all industries cut labor to keep the lights on. While this approach provided short-term relief, many businesses were left with a resource plan that was thin. Within the past year, the economy has improved and across most industries, organizational growth has translated into increased pressure for businesses’ […]

Anthony Vitiello

If Yogi Berra Were a Logistics and Supply Chain Manager

UltraShipTMS (and many of its employees) is native to the New York metro area. We all grew up with Yankees baseball among the constants of life in this part of the world. That is why it was with great sadness that we marked the passing of Yogi Berra, who, like the Yankees and like UltraShipTMS, […]

Steve Johnson

Missouri Gets Shipping

Missouri’s central location, sixth-largest public road and highway system, service by all seven Class I railroads, third-largest inland port in the nation, and major airfreight centers in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield might be enough to attract the attention of most nationwide shippers looking for a strategic Midwest location. But Total Quality Logistics (TQL) […]

Jeff Metersky

Use Supply Chain Modeling to Mitigate Port Shutdowns and Other Risks

Recent massive strikes among dockworkers on the California coast brought the reality of supply chain continuity planning to the forefront once again for global businesses. The Los Angeles and Long Beach ports handle nearly half of the nation’s cargo, and are the main gateway for imports from Asia, including automobiles, furniture, clothing, electronic products, and […]

Jack Rosenberg

When Real Estate Intersects With Logistics

Fulfillment centers across the globe are adapting to better suit customer demands. We’re seeing increased automation and robotics, more office improvements, higher levels of complexity, greater security, and stepped-up employee workplace amenities, among others. In short, businesses are expecting more. And they want more now. Leasing new property is an important part of expanding or […]

Keith Biondo

XPO Goes Long with Con-way Play

Merger and acquisition activity in the transportation and logistics sector has been fast and furious over the past few months. Still, it’s hard to imagine that UPS’s acquisition of Coyote Logistics ($1.8 billion) and Infor’s GT Nexus move ($675 million) have become little more than sidebars to this summer’s blockbuster feature—XPO Logistics’ bookended $3 billion-plus […]

Getting the Most from Professional Association Memberships

Membership in a supply chain or logistics association can be significant to your professional development.Actively participating helps advance career growth and offers continuous learning. Dino Moler, executive vice president of client solutions for third-party logistics provider LeSaint Logistics, member of several logistics and supply chain organizations, and president of the board of directors for the […]

Reader Profile | Jeff Larson: A Gem of a Job

Reader Profile | Jeff Larson: A Gem of a Job

Jeff Larson is director of distribution engineering analysis at Tiffany & Co. in Parsippany, N.J. He joined Tiffany in 2001 and has held his current position since 2009. Responsibilities: Process improvement, distribution strategy, user testing and integration for the warehouse management system, and some procurement activities. Experience: Process engineer, manager – engineering analysis, Tiffany & […]

Trends—September 2015

Trends—September 2015

Rising Labor Costs Eat Into Fast Food Supply Chains When New York State’s wage board voted to raise minimum pay to $15 in July 2015, it set tails wagging around the country. The wage hike, which will be phased in over the next three years upon approval by the state’s labor commissioner, only applies to […]

Global Logistics—September 2015

Global Logistics—September 2015

Ocean Carrier Dependability Ebbs Over the past few years, steamship lines have been juggling assets and throttling back transit times to better balance supply and demand. A slowdown in global trade—especially between Asia and Europe—and the industry’s well-publicized struggles with overcapacity have forced the issue for many carriers. While shippers and supply chains have adjusted […]

Chris Timmer

Intelligent Technology Provides Visibility into Supply Chain

As more and more companies scale and expand, managing transportation is quickly becoming a challenging factor of growth. More so, companies need to have complete visibility into their entire transportation process in order to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. While many TMS providers can promise transportation management, intelligent transportation technology also provides organizations […]

Ed Rusch

Using Analytics to Differentiate Your Customer Service

Differentiated service is about making your company easier to do business with, anticipating the needs of your customers, and having products available when needed. For example, when I travel last minute, I expect my preferred rental car provider to have a vehicle available for me when I arrive. I don’t think about their current demand, […]

Thomas W. Derry

Why Excellence in Supply Management Matters More Than Ever

In today’s competitive business environment, having visionary leaders and great products is not enough. In the past 20 years, companies have experienced a profound shift, and have dramatically increased their spending on external suppliers. This places the supply management function in the spotlight as a key driver of profitability. The better supply management teams are […]

Kathryn C. Thomas

Positive Train Control: Negative Impact On Railroads?

The Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (RSIA) mandates that Positive Train Control (PTC), a set of advanced technologies designed to stop or slow a train before accidents occur, be implemented across approximately 60,000 miles of the nation’s rail lines by Dec. 31, 2015. Class I railroad main lines that handle any poisonous, inhalation, or […]

2015 Trucking Perspectives

2015 Trucking Perspectives

Inbound Logistics’ exclusive trucking market research report delivers shipper and motor carrier insights into trucking challenges and trends.

Rick Erickson

Opening a Dialogue on Freight Payment

Q: A recent report revealed that only 18 percent of shippers discuss best practices in freight payment processing with outside organizations. Were you surprised by that number? A: As a company that works hard to help our clients think strategically—and views payments as a strategic function of any company—we’d love to hear that shippers are […]

Tom Heine

Temporary Bills and Lack of Investment Threaten U.S. Infrastructure

Q: The House just passed a three-month highway bill. Will that impact infrastructure investment? A: On July 28, 2015, the House voted to approve a temporary $8-billion bill extending federal transportation funding until the end of October. They sent it to the Senate only two days before the nation’s road and transit spending would have […]

Chuck Fattore

Leveraged Platforms: The More Efficient Road Ahead

Q: What is a leveraged platform? A: A logistics services provider leverages its platform to employ the same best practices to manage its own supply chain needs as it does for its own client base of direct shippers. By augmenting their global scale with a vast network of local stations, these service providers are better […]

Steve Syfan

Outsourcing to a Third-Party Logistics Provider

Q: From a shipping perspective, how can manufacturers best address today’s increasing regulations and demand volatility? A: Outsource your shipping to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. The answer might sound a bit self-serving, but I believe most manufacturers would agree if they took the time to crunch the numbers. A 3PL is much more familiar […]

Daniel Cser

Seven Tips for Finding the Right Chinese Partner

China is a major trading partner for the United States, and the relationship is key for both countries. U.S. trade with China is booming, but there are issues that continue to linger, such as the U.S. trade deficit and China’s trade surplus, a Chinese fiscal policy that keeps currency artificially low compared to the U.S. […]

Improving Fleet Safety with On-Board Video

Transportation is vital to a supply chain that efficiently manages the flow of goods—physically connecting manufacturers to their customers to provide them access to their favorite products. A break in that link—such as late deliveries, or damaged or stolen goods—can be detrimental to the success of a business, negatively impacting supply chain relationships and, in […]

Felecia Stratton

Just Another Brick in the Mall 

Travel around the world, and you see up-and-coming economies sporting many shiny new buildings, airports, ports, and factories, while more mature economies display aging legacy infrastructure. It’s the nature of progress. You see the same parallel in retail operations, where newer e-commerce models seem to overcome legacy brick-and-mortar models. But not entirely. Yes, e-commerce is […]

Safeguarding Your Loading Dock

No matter how thoroughly you follow OSHA’s safety training requirements, or how diligently you supplement safety requirements with in-house training and programs, there are still likely to be gaps in your company’s loading dock safety efforts. Andy Brousseau, manager of warehouse safety for third-party logistics services provider APL Logistics, offers the following recommendations for efficiently shaping […]

Trends—August 2015

Trends—August 2015

Warehouse Performance: It’s a Whole New Game One new way to save money on warehouse labor costs is to turn work into a game. No, we don’t mean a chucking-things-across-the-warehouse-floor kind of game, but creating competition through gamification. It’s a way to drive down warehouse labor costs by increasing employee performance and morale. The process […]

Global Logistics—August 2015

Global Logistics—August 2015

UPS Peddles Electric Cargo Bikes in Europe E-commerce growth and last-mile expectations place a greater burden on shippers and carriers to find more efficient means to deliver parcels—especially in congested urban areas. That’s why UPS is currently testing the feasibility of using electric cargo bikes to pick up and drop off packages in downtown Basel, […]

Rob Kriewaldt

Be a Logistics Superhero

In recent months, there has been a steady stream of articles bemoaning the increasing costs and challenges within the logistics industry. You hear about driver shortages, rising labor costs, lack of available real estate, oversize package regulations, increased shipping rates, and additional governmental regulations. CSCMP’s annual logistics study charted a 3.1 percent increase in 2014 […]

Torben Kock

CPG Market Demanding More Flexible Logistics Solutions

According to a new study released by Transport Intelligence (Ti), one of the world’s leading providers of expert research and analysis dedicated to the global logistics industry, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector (also known as Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG) is a giant with global sales exceeding $550bn (USD). The Consumer Packaged Goods […]

John Sell

How Non-Traditional Service Offerings Are Enhancing Supply Chains

Q: How do non-traditional supply chains differ from traditional supply chains? A: Traditionally, 3PL providers offered a specialized set of services focused around warehousing, order fulfillment, transportation and supply chain logistics. Today, several factors have driven 3PLs to non-traditional services that spread their influence further into the supply chain. Non-traditional supply chain services include various […]

Chris Scott

A Fresh Route for Latin American Produce

More than 21 million metric tons of fruits and vegetables were imported into the United States in 2013, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Approximately 35 percent of that produce comes from Central and South America. While Latin American perishable exports have grown dramatically in recent years, some logistical shortcomings prevent maximum cold […]

Dave Manning

Driver Shortage Threatens to Slow Intermodal Growth

The shortage of qualified drivers threatens the intermodal industry’s continued growth. The challenge for intermodal is not only hiring enough professional drivers, but also retaining them. For many transportation companies, attracting and retaining drivers are the biggest challenges. The extreme number of multi-hour delays along the intermodal chain, combined with the impersonal treatment drivers receive […]

Paul A. Myerson

Procurement and Purchasing: Buying into Lean

While supply chain costs, primarily procurement and transportation, can range from 50 to 70 percent of sales, some companies place too much emphasis on the traditional focus of reducing material costs in supply processes. Applying Lean principles to procurement and purchasing processes can identify non-traditional sources of waste, in some cases creating a paradigm shift […]