Julie Gibbs

10 Steps for a Win-Win Shipper-Forwarder Partnership

While many companies rely on forwarders and brokers for compliance, it is ultimately the importer/exporter’s responsibility. Here are 10 key steps to create a win-win partnership with your forwarder where compliance is the top goal. Create SOPs. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) clearly communicate how you expect the forwarder to proceed in certain situations and should […]

Isaac Mathew

Dialing In to the Secondhand Smartphone Market

More than any other mobile device, our gadget-centric society loves smartphones. The next big thing is always right around the corner. And that’s the phone we want. This compelling trend has spawned a budding market for secondhand smartphones. Many consumers are content to chase the next product generation one or two years behind if it […]

Tom Heine

The March of Technology

How are you going to make money at the lower margins of 2016? Freight is down, trucks are plentiful, and fuel is down so much that you need to get a lot of new business just to keep your revenue even. Not an easy environment. And it’s going to get tougher. Margins have been coming […]

John Burke

Is It Time to Think About Logistics Outsourcing?

Changing consumer behaviors, increasing consumer expectations and rapid advancements in technology are converging to create the need for supply chains to be more global, transparent, agile and responsive. We are at a unique point in time with all of these dynamics in place simultaneously that the supply chain function is evolving in its breadth of […]

Peter L. Coratola Jr.

The Potential of Change

With schools across the country rapidly increasing the use of technology in the classroom, recent graduates entering the logistics workforce expect similar atmospheres. Without even realizing it, these individuals have trained themselves in a variety of ways to further their career. They are comfortable spending hours a day behind the computer, checking their emails religiously, […]

Ryan Kelly

Optimizing Inbound for Improved E-Commerce Fulfillment

E-commerce is changing warehousing. Consumers want to purchase merchandise at any time, from anywhere—whether it is online, mobile, or in a store. As a result, efficient and reliable omni-channel fulfillment has become an imperative for retailers. To better align business models with the new paradigm, retailers and logistics providers are augmenting their distribution networks to […]

Bradley Hartwig

Truckload Capacity: There is Always a Truck Going That Way

Hundreds of calls, page by page through the carrier listings. Ninety-nine percent of the replies are, "Sorry, we don’t hire out." But through all the searching, you always find one. That gem in the rough who runs the lane. They are booked out for the week, but now you have them in your pocket. Success! […]

Increased Visibility

The strength of any supply chain is in its individual links. For shippers of all types of freight, that means having visibility into accurate and timely load locations. For shippers, carriers, brokers and third party logistics services providers, the MacroPoint freight tracking solution is proving to be the answer. Today as well, shippers are requiring […]

Richard G. Piontek

Preparation: The Key to Successful Business…and Procurement Projects

Shippers everywhere are enjoying the "summer of ’16." Carrier capacity is abundant, and rates, particularly in the truckload spot market, have fallen by double-digit percentages relative to last year. Contrast this with the "winter of ’14" when the Polar Vortex drove spot rates to all-time highs. Since that time, decreasing fuel costs, coupled with favorable […]

Gerry Post

Import Express LCL Service

In an industry where speed of information is constantly improving, it is ironic that the actual speed of the various modes used to move cargo (airplanes, trucks, ships, and trains) has improved very little. That makes even the smallest improvement to the speed of delivery an important consideration. Improvements in speed of delivery typically involve […]

Ian Aguilar

Keeping an Eye on Cost Management

The transportation and logistics industry is currently experiencing an acceleration of mergers and acquisitions, which is causing dramatic changes to the supply chain. Are you prepared to manage through this ever-changing environment while keeping a focus on managing cost? The 80/20 Rule of Logistics tells us that 80 percent of supply chain cost and efficiency […]

Jose Quesada

What You Need to Know About the New SOLAS Regulation

With the introduction of the new Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulation, there has been much discussion about what the new ruling entails, and what it will mean for the industry. There has also been a lot of confusion, particularly regarding who is responsible for implementing the changes and enforcing the ruling. To clear […]

Rick Brumett

Adapters Win in the Multi-Modal, Omni-Channel Fast Lane

In today’s digital supply chain era, market-leading shippers in North America are racing to adapt to the growing need for the speed, choice, precision, agility and visibility required to satisfy end customers. Responding to multi-modal and omni-channel demands for the rapid flow of goods, forward-thinking supply chain leaders are leveraging advanced analytics, robust supply chain […]

Roxanne Bullard

Big Data: Breaking Down Key Information and Putting It to Work

Just mention the word data today and most people will envision something akin to a spinning galaxy full of ones and zeroes that is beyond comprehension. But data doesn’t have to be that way. Big data isn’t this giant nebulous of information that only analytical geniuses can understand. Rather, big data is everywhere and when […]

James Hancock

Is Transportation Management Your Core Competency?

When evaluating your needs for a Transportation Management System (TMS) it’s important to look beyond technology and consider who will manage planning and execution. How do you determine if outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) will deliver greater value than developing an in-house team? Making the Decision: Evaluate your core competency— Is your expertise […]

Rob Kriewaldt

Become an Extension of Your Client’s Brand

As entities responsible for brokering appropriate carrier rates, ensuring accurate quantities of orders, and guaranteeing high quality of products, third-party logistics providers are extensions of companies’ brands. The functions 3PLs perform help shape their clients’ outwardly facing reputation. Here are the most effective ways to become an extension of your client’s brand. Cost Savings Carrier […]

Survey Says: Invest in Warehouse Technology

It’s no secret that e-commerce is changing the landscape of warehousing. Forrester Research estimates online sales in the U.S. will increase 56 percent—from $335 billion to $523 billion—over the next five years. Coupled with ever-growing consumer expectations for instant gratification, the pressure on warehouses is set to grow exponentially. So how do industry leaders plan […]

John Rodeheffer

3PL Customer Service Specialization

Defining customer service can be difficult. Measuring it is even harder. Sometimes ambiguous, customer service is more than being courteous and helpful, it’s also about being knowledgeable. To solve complex problems, and to do so with speed, a 3PL must know a shipper’s needs inside and out. While intricacies of certain shippers and receivers will […]

3PL Perspectives 2016

3PL Perspectives 2016

MORE TO THE STORY: Perspectives Methodology 3PLs At A Glance 2016 Top 100 3PLs Ever get a tattoo? You don’t just go to the first place you stumble across. It usually takes some shopping around to find the right parlor. You ask your friends and acquaintances for recommendations. You go on the internet and read […]

Readers’ Choice: Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards 2016

Readers’ Choice: Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards 2016

The global supply chain is ever changing. International trade deals, wars, embargoes, company failures, start-ups, and increasing regulations don’t even begin to complete the list of things shippers have to stay on top of. Many companies just don’t have the specialized knowledge in house to successfully manage complex logistics operations. MORE TO THE STORY: 3PLs […]

Wes Baker

Warehouse Fires Can Cripple Your Business. Preventing Them Just Got Easier.

As warehouse heights have increased with the help of new materials handling technology, so have the risks. That’s why fire codes often require property owners to install dense arrangements of expensive sprinklers throughout the racks. Fortunately, alternative designs can make this “in-rack” sprinkler protection far less cumbersome and costly. The proper sprinklers can be essential […]

Nerijus Poskus

How the Panama Canal Expansion Will Shake Up U.S. Shipping

The expansion of the Panama Canal, expected to be completed by the end of June 2016, will rewrite the rules of shipping, with far-ranging impacts for logistics managers, retailers, railroads, and public infrastructure across the United States. More than a decade in the making, the canal expansion not only increases the number of ships that […]

Tom Collins

How Real-Time Information Can Transform Your Supply Chain

In the world of supply chain management, timing is everything. As same-day shipping is quickly becoming the new standard for many e-commerce retailers, companies are beginning to appreciate the true value of a highly effective supply chain management solution and its role in maintaining effective global operations and consistent customer satisfaction. Enhancing your supply chain […]

Eric Geerts

SOLAS Container Weight Verification: What Shippers Need to Know Now

Container stack collapses; vessel instability; injury to dock and vessel workers; damage to cargo, ships, and port machinery; insurance claims; and significant environmental impact have added to the urgency for an accurate container weight. As a result, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) implemented the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requirement to verify container weight […]

Keith Biondo

Freshening Up

Organic, non-GMO, free range, locally sourced, sustainably sourced, antibiotic free, vegan, and artisanal food preferences are all the rage for a sizable minority seeking healthful eating choices. This trend is one of several convergent forces impacting the grocery business that will ultimately change the supply chain operations of successful players. It’s not just millennials or […]

Making Your Distribution Data Work For You

Consumer shipping expectations are changing faster than ever, putting more pressure on omni-channel retailers. While retail giants spend seemingly endless resources catering to customer whims, many other retailers struggle to optimize shipping and distribution practices, increase customer loyalty, and maximize sales without wasting precious resources. With technology permeating every aspect of e-commerce and shipping, retailers […]

AGT Global Logistics Founder and CEO Angela Eliacostas: Unstoppable Force

AGT Global Logistics Founder and CEO Angela Eliacostas: Unstoppable Force

When she joined trucking company Freight Flow as a part-time billing clerk in the early 1990s, Angela Eliacostas was looking to augment her income as a young, single mother with four children. Then she rose through the ranks, eventually becoming general manager. In 2005, she launched a firm of her own. MORE TO THE STORY: […]

Kendra Austin: Dedicated to Diversity

Kendra Austin: Dedicated to Diversity

Kendra Austin is director of supplier diversity with pharmacy benefit management services provider Express Scripts, St. Louis, Mo. She has held this position since November 2014. Responsibilities: Creating a supplier diversity program, defining the business case for it, and developing an internal infrastructure for engaging diverse sourcing participants. Experience: Supplier diversity executive, Ameren; procurement agent, […]

Trends—June 2016

Trends—June 2016

The Name’s the Same, But It’s a Different Game There’s a new player in the electric vehicle market. By its name, Nikola Motor Company may seem a carbon copy of rival Tesla Motors (both are named after engineer, physicist, and inventor Nikola Tesla), but the vehicles Nikola wants to make are bigger in scope. Literally. […]

Global Logistics—June 2016

Global Logistics—June 2016

Fashion Police: Who Are You Wearing? Who made the clothes you’re wearing? Where were they dyed? Where were they sewn? You may have no idea. As it turns out, there’s a good chance the clothing manufacturer has no idea either. Some companies have come a long way in terms of supply chain visibility since the […]

Rob Kriewaldt

It’s Chemistry: Globally Harmonized System Facilitates Trade

Prior to December 1, 2015, a chemical material handler could approach a tank of a hazardous substance and see as many as three different hazard symbols, depending on the product’s country of origin, transportation mode, and labeling agency. “Is the skull-and-crossbones image the symbol for acute toxicity?” he would think. “Or is it a carcinogenic […]

TMS Provides Recipe for Visibility, Vendor Compliance

TMS Provides Recipe for Visibility, Vendor Compliance

The Customer Weis Markets, Inc Sunbury, PA USA A regional supermarket chain primarily in central Pennsylvania and an industry leader throughout the United States’ mid-Atlantic coastal region. Solution Provider Kuebix Maynard, MA USA "Kuebix has become the foundation of our Managed Transportation Services program for all inbound shipments. Kuebix has provided Weis the necessary information […]

J. P. Wiggins

Internet of Things on Your TMS

Q: The Internet of Things has been discussed in detail in the supply chain world. Does this have an impact in transportation? A: The Internet of Things (IoT) is the physical network of vehicles, buildings, devices, and other items that are increasingly connected. I also consider people, as well as legacy applications like ERP and […]

Thomas Griffin

Addressing Vendor Management and Shifting Global Trade Currents

Q: What are the most important aspects of good vendor management? A: Fairness is the first element that always comes to mind when this subject arises. Both parties need to be satisfied and gain benefits in each deal that is agreed upon. If not, deals tend to end faster than planned and turn into a […]

Chris Cotter

Lifting the Fog on Extreme Caution Driving

Inclement weather such as rain, snow, and fog is a constant feature of motor vehicle travel. During poor conditions, commercial truck drivers and their dispatchers must use discretion when deciding whether travel should continue and in what manner. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (49 C.F.R. § 392.14) specifically address driving in adverse weather conditions and […]

ML Peck

Is Your Company Millennial Friendly?

When it comes to attracting millennial job candidates, the supply management sector has a decided advantage. College students say they’re attracted to our profession because of the number of different disciplines within it, the breadth of responsibility, and its impact on sustainability and the global footprint. We may have an easier time drawing in millennials, […]

Gary Hanifan

Goodbye, Linear Supply Chain. Hello, Digital Supply Network

Ready or not, the death of the linear supply chain is upon us. Supply chains built to deliver reliable, cost-effective results are no longer fit for purpose in today’s digitally driven world. Enter the digital supply network (DSN). DSNs intertwine, even harmonize, four supply chains—physical, information, talent, and financial—that businesses have operated separately for decades. […]

Eytan Buchman

Enterprise Technology Freight Train Finally Reaches Logistics Sector

About $19 trillion worth of goods are exported globally annually. But despite the scope of global trade, logistics was, until recently, not on the tech radar. An analysis of top technology media sites since 2007 found over 2,000 mentions of a popular social media tool, while “freight” and “cargo” were referenced less than 600 times. […]

Rob Honeycutt

Optimizing the Industrial Purchasing Experience

In today’s industrial marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. A major component of creating that distinction is offering customers a seamless, easy, and quick buying experience. This is a significant challenge when the products involved are complex, costly, and often must be customized. Companies who embrace this challenge […]

Finding a Cure for Sweating Slab Syndrome

Despite the significant strides in medical technology in the 21st century, identifying a cure for the common cold is still one of medicine’s most elusive pursuits. Similarly, the phenomenon in warehouse operations known as sweating slab syndrome (SSS) has perplexed even the most experienced industry experts when it comes to the causes and potential cures. […]

Brian Beetz

How to Handle DOT and GHS Regulations

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) deadlines that went into effect on June 1 and December 1, 2015, respectively, have significantly impacted U.S. chemical manufacturers and distributors. By now, all chemicals being shipped by manufacturers and distributors should meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) […]

Choosing a Warehouse Management System

Before selecting a warehouse management system (WMS), it’s important to know what drives your company so you can identify the key needs you want the solution to address. Steve Hitchings, senior vice president of information technology for Kenco, offers this advice for choosing the right WMS. 1. Assess your business needs. Know the problem you are […]

Keith Biondo

A Head in the Cloud?

The migration to web, cloud, and SaaS solutions continues, and it’s a good thing for shippers. Here’s why you’ll love getting ahead in the cloud.

Drones in last-mile logistics: hype or help?

Drones in last-mile logistics: hype or help?

“Drones will complement the strategies of complex supply chains and cultivate a culture that focuses on innovation. Drones will eventually provide more control/consistency of last-mile logistics, which will improve industry efficiencies; however, we are years from realizing this full potential.”

INTTRA CEO John Fay: Trading Stocks for Ships

INTTRA CEO John Fay: Trading Stocks for Ships

John Fay made his name on Wall Street, at companies that operate digital platforms for trading securities and other financial instruments. In 2014, he moved into the logistics world, taking the helm at INTTRA, a global marketplace for ocean transportation. That’s not as big a leap as it might sound. MORE TO THE STORY: Time […]

Dave Christensen: A Spirited Approach to Supply Chain Management

Dave Christensen: A Spirited Approach to Supply Chain Management

Dave Christensen is vice president of supply chain with Glazer’s Inc., a Dallas-based distributor of alcoholic beverages. He has been with Glazer’s since 2004. Responsibilities: Demand planning, replenishment, logistics, and master data management. Experience: Supply chain consultant, Accenture. Education: BS, industrial engineering, Purdue University, 1998. Dave Christensen: A Spirited Approach Growing up, math and science […]

Trends—May 2016

Trends—May 2016

Robots Coming Soon to A Warehouse Near You Even with the rise of the Internet of Things and the advancement of automation technologies, 80 percent of global logistics facilities still operate manually, according to Robotics in Logistics, a report by Deutsche Post DHL. But the time for robots in logistics is upon us. "Robots work […]

Global Logistics—May 2016

Global Logistics—May 2016

Earthquakes Shake Up Global Supply Chains The global supply chain is still feeling the aftershocks of a 6.5-magnitude earthquake that struck Japan on April 14, 2016, followed by a 7.3-magnitude earthquake two days later on Japan’s island of Kyushu. With property and local infrastructure severely damaged, many companies will continue to feel the effects in […]

Beth Pride

Of Course We’re Claiming NAFTA

If you do business between Canada, Mexico, and the United States, we bet you are claiming NAFTA on your imports. The question of whether you are doing it knowingly or legally may be up for grabs. Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), merchandise wholly obtained or produced in the United States, Canada, or […]

Paul A. Myerson

Changing the Shape of Supply and Demand

Demand sensing and demand shaping have become important strategies when considering customer collaboration and downstream visibility to improve supply chain efficiency. Demand sensing refers to forecasting methods that use mathematical techniques and real-time information to create more accurate demand forecasts (a variety of supply chain analytics), while demand shaping is the act of influencing demand […]

John Laforte

Social Media Puts Supply Chain Change at Your Fingertips

More and more companies are using social media to better understand the needs of consumers. When it comes to supply chain management, shippers can gain insight into which products are selling, how they’re being distributed, and how to improve the entire supply chain. Like any tool, social media is a way to collect more information, […]

Suzanne Richer

CBP’s ACE Reporting Will Reduce Global Trade Risks

Even though the rollout of the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) has had a bevy of delays, quicker and easier data access will benefit government agencies and the trading industry. As the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continues to roll out the ACE Single Window program throughout 2016, the goal remains the same: to eliminate […]

Rob Kriewaldt

Three Key Points to Communicate to Become Your Customers’ Dream Provider

Communication and transparency are key to being a good partner to your clients. If your logistics organization is in the process of responding to RFP questions from a plum potential customer, positioning your logistics organization as the ideal fit for that customer depends on clear communication of three defining factors of your business: specialization, size, […]

Meet Me in St. Louis

Meet Me in St. Louis

The most powerful word in the language of logistics is location. It’s a word heard over and over again in St. Louis. But location is just the beginning of the story.

Jay Moris

Advantages of Waveless Order Fulfillment

Q: What is waveless order fulfillment? A: It is a software-driven order fulfillment processing methodology that continuously pulls orders into a fulfillment operation based on the availability of the resources, people, and inventory needed to fulfill orders. Q: How does waveless order fulfillment differ from wave processing? A: In traditional wave processing, a warehouse management […]

Michael Kukiela

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Supply Chain

Q: What are the compelling reasons a shipper seeks outsourced logistics support? A: Companies are realizing the differentiated value their supply chains provide in the areas of customer retention, brand reputation and overall bottom-line performance. However, the focus and commitment to enhance supply chain programs are often viewed as a distraction from core functions. Shippers […]

Alan Miller

An Incremental Approach to TMS Acquisition

Q: If savings from a TMS deployment can be significant, what are the benefits of an incremental approach to acquisition? A: It’s true, studies show that savings from a TMS deployment can exceed eight percent of annual freight spend in some verticals. These savings are derived from visibility, analytics, optimization, process improvement and enforcement. In […]

Rich Chrzanowski

Best Practices for Effective Carrier Management

Q: Can you share some best practices for effective carrier management? A: There are three that I always recommend. First, seek a TMS platform supporting the use of carriers of all sizes—small to mid-sized to large. It should support EDI and other contemporary technologies utilized by the larger carriers, but also deliver things like a […]

Gregg Hague

Three Keys to Solving the Dimensional Weight Shipping Problem

Shippers are familiar with FedEx’s and UPS’ new dimensional weight pricing policies. But many have put off doing anything to address them. Some companies have enjoyed a grace period from the parcel carriers. Others simply don’t know where to start. However, those that don’t comply with the parcel carriers’ new pricing rules are already seeing—or […]

Aleksejs Volcenkovs

How to Use Pallet Collars to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Improving efficiency in the warehouse can help boost customer satisfaction and increase overall revenue. In many cases, the simplest change can make the biggest difference in how efficiently your operation can run. A simple review of your warehouse operation can help you identify the changes that can be made to improve the efficiency of your […]

Roger Marks

Retailers Get Help With New DOT “Reverse Logistics” Rules

The U.S. Department of Transportation has finalized new shipping requirements aimed at retail stores that return hazmat products to a supplier or manufacturer for a refund. Because the hazmat products found in retail stores typically pose little risk to the public in small amounts, U.S. DOT has created a streamlined, simplified version of the hazmat […]

Keith Biondo

Perfect Security by 2025?

Our annual technology issue highlights evolving approaches that drive supply chain performance. New technology will also bring advances to security. Here’s a look at what I envision for security in 2025: Wi-Fi umbrellas cover entire areas, making any movement or off-baseline measurement (such as heat or sound) cause for alarm once the facility is locked […]

What hobbies/activities make you better at  supply chain and logistics management?

What hobbies/activities make you better at supply chain and logistics management?

MORE TO THE STORY: Comments from LinkedIn Supply chain management is like cooking a complicated meal. You must plan well, execute with excellence, and serve perfectly and promptly. Have great tools and multitask. Be creative to create outstanding results. Hannah Kain President & CEO, ALOM Staying active and participating in team sports definitely translates to […]

Creating a Lean and Green Culture

Focusing on saving money or going green doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition. Fabio Duque, global head of consumer vertical for APL Logistics, offers tips for creating efficiencies that have both environmental and financial benefits. 1. Re-examine your international expedited transportation mix. If you routinely use air cargo to expedite global shipments, consider switching […]

Jim Lambo: Eye on the Sky

Jim Lambo: Eye on the Sky

Jim Lambo is director of supplier management and procurement at Insitu in Bingen, Wash. He joined the company in 2007. Responsibilities: Procurement and supplier management for all goods and services, including both indirect procurement and production. Experience: Assistant plant manager, Merlino’s Italian Foods; procurement manager, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, material division; senior manager, international programs, […]

DSC Logistics CEO Ann Drake: AWESOME Outlook

DSC Logistics CEO Ann Drake: AWESOME Outlook

Ann Drake studies people for a living. Join her team at DSC Logistics, and she’ll soon discover what makes you tick. Then she’ll make sure to assign you projects that mesh with your interests and play to your strengths. MORE TO THE STORY: Clinton Connection Drake has served as CEO of DSC Logistics in Des […]

Trends—April 2016

Trends—April 2016

What Will Smart Cities Mean For the Supply Chain? One decade ago, we were still getting used to the idea that our mobile phones were smarter than us. Today, thanks to an Internet of Things that links all our computerized devices, we have smart watches, smart toothbrushes, smart cars, smart factories, and countless other interconnected […]

Global Logistics—April 2016

Global Logistics—April 2016

Air Cargo Struggles to Find its Wings Times are tough for the air cargo industry. Despite the fact that the rest of the world seems to be recovering from the global financial crisis, air freight just can’t seem to sustain any type of upward momentum. The industry has gone from a $67-billion annual profit in […]

Gary Barraco

The “Direct-to-Consumer” Trend: Retail Shift Affects Logistics Operations

Lured by the promise of bigger sales, better access to consumers, and even their ultimate survival, wholesale brands are increasingly looking to circumvent traditional retailers and reach their customers directly—with “direct-to-consumer selling” or DTC. Recently, several prominent apparel and footwear brands have announced plans to expand their own retail stores in the U.S. and globally, […]

Bruce Moore

Analyzing Freight & Logistics Operations

Disruption is the new normal in freight and logistics. Customers now demand greater speed and value, and want detailed information on the status of their shipments. Shoppers are increasingly mobile and connected, and shop across multiple channels. Manufacturers and retailers are rushing to re-introduce direct-to-door deliveries. The emerging Internet of Things allows companies to capture […]

Chris Cotter

The Trials and Errors of Preventability Determinations

After a motor vehicle accident, it is common for motor carriers to determine whether their driver could have prevented the accident. This positive, safety-oriented process is known as a preventability determination. Carriers make this assessment for several reasons: to evaluate and possibly change company policies and procedures to prevent similar accidents, to determine whether it […]