Maureen Sullivan

Managing Working Capital Amid Product Shortages

Distributors can’t seem to catch a break. First they faced a liquidity squeeze when COVID-19 raged onto the scene, triggering a dislocation in the supply and demand for products. Now, as they enter the third year of the pandemic, distributors are grappling with wide-ranging shortages of goods and commodities across the supply chain that show no sign of abating.

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5 Benefits of Remote Collaboration for Logistics Leaders

Logistics is an industry that doesn’t get attention until there’s a problem. Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused one problem after another, with non-stop delays and bottlenecks around the world. As logistics professionals come out from underwater, they’re dealing with the fact that they cannot resume business as usual. Fortunately, these challenges present a new reality […]

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Is There a Logistics Professional in the House?

Even if you’re not a huge Star Trek fan, you’ve got to love Dr. McCoy—and the line he repeated so often that most of us could probably say it in our sleep: “(Darn) it Jim, I’m a doctor, not a _______.” When you think about it, it’s incredibly funny, because when bad things happen, the […]

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Using Actionable Real-Time Visibility to Impact the Consumer Experience

Across the globe, the hot topic in boardrooms has been improving supply chains and getting products into the hands of consumers. Utilizing technology has become vitally important to improving both last-mile delivery and the end consumer’s experience with a brand. There are important costs for a brand to consider associated with a bad last-mile delivery […]

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Paul A. Myerson

Lean Isn’t Mean and Agile Isn’t Cheap

Back in 2014, I wrote a column extolling the benefits of a lean and agile supply chain, also known as a hybrid strategy. Depending on your product or service, your supply chain may tilt more one way or the other, or it might be segmented but still exhibit characteristics of both. For example, if you […]

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Mark Haslam

Out of Stock? Hoarding is Not a Solution

Investing time and money in making products available is more important today than ever before, thanks to the ripple effects of COVID-19. Capacity constraints and delivery agents have been upended, and product availability is at risk. Rising digital trends and changing consumer behavior and spending habits have also led to an urgency to respond to market conditions quickly.

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