Keith Biondo

Knowledge is Power

There are 13,000 unfilled supply chain positions nationwide, according to recent labor surveys. I think there are more. A lot more. To fill those positions, we need young professionals who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the supply chains of the future. Schools and universities are doing their part to develop curriculums that […]

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Doug Surrett

Time to Get Cracking on Compliance

As the global marketplace expands and countries start to flex their economic muscle, the rules that keep goods moving across borders will only get more complex. How can your company keep up? Automating your import/export processes is one smart step. A future-oriented customs management suite that goes beyond electronic customs declarations, with flexible integration and […]

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Valerie Metzker

Retail Combats a $351-Billion Problem

The next time you think about returning an item to Amazon, be forewarned: Return too many items in one year, and you might just be exiled for good. Amazon’s controversial decision to ban return-happy customers in an effort to reduce returns costs shows the lengths retailers are willing to go. Last year, total merchandise returns […]

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Jeff Lau

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for 2019?

Some of the most relevant topics in today’s headlines—technology, commerce, international relations, the legal landscape, and even immigration policy—will impact supply chains over the next 12 months and beyond. The key for supply chain and logistics professionals is to contextualize these issues and think strategically about how they will play out. Here are a few […]

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Andrea McFarling

Minimize Returns While Improving Sales

The popularity of free shipping has led to a growth of online sales. It has also created a problem: a large number of online returns. The shipping world defines the returns process as reverse logistics. Minimizing costs and even making a profit in reverse logistics is critical to an e-commerce company’s health. Here are some […]

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