Reducing Packaging Costs

While most businesses are ramping up for peak season, some parcel carriers sent their own early greetings with holiday surcharges. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean your company has to raise prices or take a financial hit. Try these packaging moves to help offset higher parcel costs farther up the supply chain, says Rajiv Saxena, supply chain […]

Finding the Right Strategy for Each Situation

Finding the Right Strategy for Each Situation

Denis Reilly’s father worked in distribution for 38 years. So when Reilly started college at the University of Tennessee, it was no surprise that he was drawn toward that school’s renowned logistics program. “It was a natural fit,” he says. “Even some of my summer jobs were in logistics, with Union Carbide.” MORE TO THE […]

Tim O’Brien: Exuding Star Power

Tim O’Brien: Exuding Star Power

Tim O’Brien is senior director, supply chain, with Purchasing Power, a specialty e-commerce retailer that provides goods and services to customers who make payments through payroll deductions. He has held this position since October 2012. Responsibilities: Transportation and logistics, including carrier and 3PL relationships, vendor compliance, and onboarding. Experience: Director, e-commerce shipping strategies and vendor […]

Mike Cobb

Hazmat 101: Exceeding Safety and Compliance Standards – Landstar

Hazmat transportation’s multifaceted nature makes logistics particularly complicated, especially when companies don’t realize that they’re transporting such goods. Even though a manufacturer may be an expert at producing goods, it may not be as well-versed in the intricacies of transporting those materials, including unknowingly offering carriers non-compliant hazmat shipments. Compliance is a team effort, and […]

Doug Wheeler

Florida Seaports Weather the Storm and Thrive through Meticulous Emergency Response Preparedness – Florida Ports Council

Hurricane Irma tested the emergency response preparedness at every seaport in Florida. This unique hurricane covered the entire state and closed every major fuel and cargo operation at our seaports over several days, and provided us with some keen insights concerning local and state continuity of operations and resumption of business plans. Many lessons were […]

Collaborative Supplier Management: The Key to Beating Holiday Fever

The holiday season—and accompanying spike in product demand—is no longer confined to the end of the year. With holiday celebrations in at least eight months each year—from Valentine’s Day to Easter and the Fourth of July—and nearly every product category from candy to clothing and home furnishings affected, retailers need to fine-tune their e-commerce strategy […]

Purchasing a Cloud-Based WMS? Get Grounded

Warehouse management systems (WMS) run the gamut from sophisticated and flexible standalone options to supply chain execution suites to enterprise resource planning tool extensions. As with many data-driven functions, cloud-based solutions have grown in prominence and mindshare. One of the biggest misconceptions, however, is that adopting a cloud solution naturally drives cost savings. But hidden […]

Reliable Rail Service Hinges on Reform

Freight rail is a vital link in the logistics professional’s arsenal, connecting businesses with downstream users and consumers. America’s railway system has a long and storied history, playing a pivotal role in the growth of our nation. Until recently, 26 railroads were in operation. Today, there are only seven rail providers, with just four controlling […]

Forming an Alliance with Ocean Shipping

Forming an Alliance with Ocean Shipping

After the 2016 Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy, carriers banded together to form alliances. Today, these alliances dominate ocean cargo shipping. Here’s how they affect your shipments and contracts.

Vin Ramundo

Visibility Fills the – Amber Road

Q: Is supply chain visibility really a problem in today’s high-tech, connected world? A: In today’s technologically advanced world, a lack of data is not the problem. We are currently inundated with information from various sources. Rather, we need tools that consolidate this information, normalize it, and predictively notify users of potential risks. This enables […]

Thomas Griffin

Shippers Seek 3PL Efficiencies Amidst Capacity Constraints – DLS Worldwide

Q: What efficiencies that you offer as a 3PL are in the highest demand this year where we’ve seen tremendous capacity constraints? A: From a high level perspective, we always take a collaborative approach on which core competencies we can offer and streamline for our clients. We work with a very diverse group of customers/shippers, […]

E-commerce Retailers Target Germany

Germany is the most important European future market for U.S. brands expanding their e-commerce business (see chart), according to Internationalizing Your Brand in 2017, a study of e-commerce retail decision makers commissioned by Arvato and conducted by the Worldwide Business Research Digital agency. Companies that focus consistently on omnichannel and offering convenient, flexible, and reliable […]

Food Transportation: Missing Ingredients to FSMA Compliance

Sanitary transportation compliance is currently mandatory for many and will be required for all shippers, loaders, carriers, and receivers in April 2018. While the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) of 2011 set the guidelines and rulemaking for the Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food (STHAF) in process, there are still gaps in compliance. […]

Fashion Supply Chain: What to Where

While most fashion and apparel executives are optimistic about the 5-year outlook for the industry, the percentage fell from 92.3 percent in 2016 to 71 percent in 2017, a record low for the United States Fashion Industry Association’s annual Fashion Industry Benchmarking Study, which surveyed executives from leading fashion and apparel brands, retailers, importers, and […]

NAFTA: Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Many Americans see the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as a contributing factor to the growth of the U.S. economy over the past 20 years and to the proliferation of high-skilled jobs, and believe the focus of the NAFTA negotiations should be modernizing the agreement, not withdrawing from it. Though it is often portrayed […]

Engaging Customers Through AI

Engaging Customers Through AI

Retailers will rely heavily on technologies such as live chat, Facebook Messenger, and Amazon Alexa for customer service, according to a new research study from Linc and Brand Garage. How AI Technology Will Transform Customer Engagement highlights the overwhelming emphasis retail executives are placing on automated platforms to improve customer communication, with 87 percent of […]

Best Practices for the Gift of Successful Holiday Sales

Best Practices for the Gift of Successful Holiday Sales

For some retailers, holiday sales can represent up to 27.4 percent of annual sales, and in 2017, overall retail holiday sales are expected to increase from 2016. Debra Glassburn, Partner, Columbus Consulting, offers these tips to help retailers make the most of the 2017 holiday season and leverage every sales opportunity. Understand historical trends. Having […]

Consumer Behavior: The Missing Link

Consumer Behavior: The Missing Link

In today’s highly competitive, omni-channel market, companies are realizing the path to success hinges on their ability to understand consumer behavior. Retailers and manufacturers can unlock significant competitive advantage by leveraging consumer insights to make category decisions and create localized merchandising assortments. Most companies lack the ability to mine and leverage important customer data, and […]

FedEx and UPS Set Aside Rivalry to Lobby White House on Infrastructure

An amusing meme that occasionally makes the rounds on social media shows a FedEx truck parked nose-to-nose with a UPS truck, with the caption "it’s about to go down." For the moment, however, the two major rivals have set aside their differences in the interest of the greater good. David Abney, CEO of UPS and […]

IBM: Working on the Blockchain Gang

IBM: Working on the Blockchain Gang

Security. Transparency. Efficiency. These buzzwords have circled the supply chain for years as consumers demand more responsible supply chains, forcing shippers and providers to explore new ways to make these terms reality. Alongside these buzzwords, another word surfaces as a potential solution to many major concerns: blockchain. IBM aims to make this solution tangible for […]

The Calm After the Storms

The Calm After the Storms

Among the lasting effects of catastrophic natural disasters such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma is a positive one: Knowledge. It’s an understanding of what companies need to do in the wake of a disaster, which efforts worked and which failed, and how to be better prepared. How Walmart, FedEx, and other big companies have adapted […]

4PLs Will Benefit Most from Supply Chain Digitalization

Will digitalization reshuffle the deck in the marketplace of logistics services? Yes, say the IT experts at cloud-based supply chain management solutions provider AXIT, a Siemens company. A new paper published by the firm highlights how the digital transformation is affecting the industry. The authors believe that the fourth-party logistics (4PL) provider model will be […]

Supply Chain Shout Out: Forklift Power

Powered industrial trucks, or forklifts, are an indispensible part of doing business for logistics operations. They are used to move and lift materials and offer load capacities from a few thousand pounds up to 180,000 pounds. They also come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the application: lift trucks, tow tractors, rough terrain vehicles, […]

E-Commerce Commentary: Three Ways Shippers Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

The Amazon Effect continues to weigh heavily (pun intended) upon the supply chain. Consumers expect to receive packages at their homes within a few days—or within a day—of placing an order, and the demand for lightning-quick fulfillment coupled with the myriad of small-order additions has led to a complex operating environment for supply chain leaders. […]

Supply Chain Commentary: The Future of Blockchain in Ocean Shipping

The potential for blockchain goes hand in hand with digitization. Blockchain will require digitization and can also help drive it with the goal of minimizing the manual processes that many shipping industry participants still use today. Blockchain’s added value to digitization is authentication, non-repudiation, immutability of data, improved business process support through smart contracts, and […]

Third-Party Refurbishers Help Get
First-Quality Goods to Market

Ideally, every step of your supply chain runs like clockwork, without interruption. You want to keep operations, transportation, and distribution ticking along precisely. A significant interruption can deliver a serious blow to the timeline—and the bottom line. But life happens… An overseas shipment of suits gets soaked with saltwater, plunging the distribution center into a […]

Supply Chain Commentary: 3 Ways to Prepare for the ELD Mandate

The upcoming electronic logging device (ELD) mandate affects more than just the carriers and owner/operators that will be directly responsible for using the devices in their trucks. It’s truly a law that could change the entire trucking industry. And your truckload strategy may need to adjust accordingly. ELD Mandate: The Benefits Before delving deeper, we […]

Supply Chain Be Nimble,
Supply Chain Be Quick

To deliver a seamless and positive customer experience, retailers must adopt an omnichannel mindset and ensure supply networks are nimble enough to quickly respond to consumer demand, regardless of where or how shoppers interact with their brands. Omnichannel retail is synonymous with speed—shorter product lifecycle, quicker turnaround on promotion, and faster delivery expected by customers. […]

Yone Dewberry: Engineering the Supply Chain

Yone Dewberry: Engineering the Supply Chain

Yone Dewberry is chief supply chain officer with Land O’Lakes, Inc., a member-owned cooperative with operations ranging from agricultural production to consumer foods. Based in Arden Hills, Minnesota, Land O’Lakes had 2016 sales of $13 billion. Responsibilities Supply chain strategy, operations, and talent management. Experience Executive positions in supply chain with Land O’Lakes; managing director, […]

Michael Dieter

Next-Generation TMS Can Move Your Organization Into the Future – Transplace

In the ever-evolving world of drones, autonomous and electric vehicles, and a myriad of other emerging technologies, it’s important for organizations to still keep management in mind. While new technology is thrilling and can provide enhanced supply chain efficiency, lower a company’s carbon footprint and provide meaningful, actionable business intelligence, proper management of that new […]

Jeanine Manning

The Advantages of Strategic Procurement – Schneider Logistics

A sound strategy is important in every industry. It’s even more important than ever when the prevailing theme includes major changes to the regulatory landscape. A driver shortage, competitive rate market, and reduction in productivity will make it more difficult for shippers to secure capacity as we progress into 2018 and beyond. Strategic procurement practices […]

From Nervous to Chill: Unlocking IoT’s Value Across the Cold Chain

One-third of the world’s food goes to waste, with most of the losses coming from spoilage on its way to being consumed. Much of the waste is due to lack of proper refrigeration. Broadening and improving cold chain efficiency would extend shelf life and increase the supply of perishable foods such as meat, fruits, vegetables, […]

How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for Inclement Weather

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma both made landfall causing destruction and devastation in their paths. Hurricane Harvey is said to be the biggest hurricane to hit Texas in 50 years and Hurricane Irma is the first major hurricane to hit Florida since Wilma made landfall in 2005. As a result, businesses were forced to shut […]

The Economy Will Grow. Is That Bad News?

For this annual trucking issue, we surveyed both shippers and carriers on important issues impacting the trucking industry. Most importantly, we solicited their views on the state of the economy as we head into 2018. The good news: not one shipper or carrier responding to our survey thinks that the economy will head south in […]

Investing in the Right Transportation Management System

The demand for transportation management systems (TMS) is on the rise. A basic solution manages truck and carrier dispatch, fleet maintenance, driver records, billing and driver pay, and DOT compliance. Additionally, a TMS streamlines operations by optimizing carrier routes, managing customer activity, and reporting analytics. Joe Couto, chief operating officer at HighJump, outlines factors to […]

BluJay Solutions CEO Doug Braun: <br />Leading with Compassion and Conviction

BluJay Solutions CEO Doug Braun:
Leading with Compassion and Conviction

It has been a busy year at BluJay Solutions. In 2016, the supply chain software company, known then as Kewill, acquired another technology player, LeanLogistics. In March 2017, the combined companies rebranded as BluJay Solutions and debuted an innovative new software platform model, the BluJay Global Trade Network. Soon after, BluJay acquired Blackbay, a provider […]

Global Supply Chain Risk: Don’t Wait, Mitigate

Having a global supply chain risk management strategy in place can not only increase value to your customers but also reduce your costs and increase performance. Companies globalize supply chain management to increase competitive advantage, add value to the customer, and reduce costs through global sourcing. But global supply chains also increase risks from considerations […]

2017 Trucking Perspectives

2017 Trucking Perspectives

Inbound Logistics’ exclusive annual trucking market research report delivers shipper and trucker insights into industry challenges and trends.

Rick Erickson

Data by the Truckload – U.S. Bank

Q: With increasing access to data, it can be difficult to hone in on the information relevant to shippers. How can they determine which data to analyze? A: Whether it’s orders, shipments, tracking and shipping status reports, or freight invoices, shippers have abundant access to data. And although technology is supposed to make it easy […]

Eric Meyer

Transportation Management at the Border – Landstar

Q: How have trends in U.S./Mexico cross-border operations shaped today’s supply chain? A: There is a continuous rebalancing that occurs within the U.S./Mexico cross-border transportation services environment. For years now, there has been an imbalance of freight shipments moving north to the United States vs. freight moving south into Mexico. Some of this is attributable […]

Jeff Luthman

VMI Solutions Carried Out by 3PLs in the Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals Industry – MD Logistics

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers specialize in maximizing their customers’ supply chain processes. Recently, 3PLs have innovated their practices to extend pharmaceutical supply chains for special projects, such as packaging and kitting. Vendor-managed inventory (VMI) is a natural evolution of these extended services. Q: What is VMI in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals industry? A: Pharmaceutical […]

Freight Bill Audit & Payment: Getting More Bang for Your Bucks

Freight Bill Audit & Payment: Getting More Bang for Your Bucks

Freight transportation networks within the United States move billions of tons of goods, worth trillions of dollars. The carriers who move these goods often issue lengthy, complicated, and confusing bills for their services. To ensure shippers pay those freight bills on time—the amount they owe, but no more—many turn to third-party freight bill audit and […]

3 Signs of a Siloed Supply Chain—and How to Fix Them

To keep up with the speed of mobile commerce and the impatience of consumers, supply chains must be faster and more agile than ever. Today’s consumers expect items to be delivered to them quickly and seamlessly no matter how, when, or where they made the purchase. Siloed supply chains can slow down the process, causing […]

The Ins and Outs of Deploying Mobile Devices Across the Supply Chain

How do you use mobile devices and apps in your distribution center or warehouse? What costs do you incur? Does your entire organization use mobile technology properly and securely? Is your voice-picking system up and running at all times? IT and line-of-business managers have a hard time getting answers to these and many other mobility […]

Supply Chain Commentary: Prepare for Mobile Commerce

E-commerce, m-commerce, and now app-commerce. Mobile commerce is expected to become a $250-billion market by 2020, with an increasing number of sales being done via smartphone apps. According to the 2017 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper, shoppers make 25 percent of online purchases with apps, a number expected to spike quickly in coming years. […]

Supply Chain Shout Out: In Appreciation of Truck Drivers

Truck driver appreciation week ends tomorrow, Sept. 16, 2017, but appreciating truck drivers merits year-round attention. There is no better evidence of the critical role of professional drivers than during the natural events that have occurred throughout the past few weeks. Over the course of my career as a logistics analyst with a regional produce […]

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Celebrates Our Unsung Heroes of the Road

More than 80 percent of U.S. communities depend solely on trucking for delivery of their goods and commodities. In this country, we all rely on truck drivers in some way or another. Whether it’s to enjoy basic modern conveniences, receive life-sustaining medical supplies, or keep businesses thriving, our lives depend on the transportation industry and […]

Digital Change: Realizing the Potential

Digital Transformation (DT) is coming of age. Eighty percent of respondents to a recent IFS Digital Change Survey see themselves as “enabled”, “enhanced” or “optimized” to leverage DT. More impressively, 89 percent say they have “advantageous” or “adequate” funding in place for digital projects—a clear acknowledgment that the time of disruptive technologies is here, and […]

U.S. Manufacturers Respond to Regulatory Plans

Manufacturers and wholesale distributors are optimistic about the perceived impact of the Trump administration’s plans for trade deregulation on their businesses, according to new research commissioned by business software provider Exact. Sixty-three percent of respondents anticipate that the plans will be beneficial to their businesses. Fifty percent of manufacturing respondents anticipate that the plans will […]

Supply Chain Commentary: Managing the Coming ELD Capacity Crisis

A capacity crunch, caused by the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate effective Dec. 18, 2017, is predicted by experts in logistics management, 3PLs, and truckers themselves. Only the magnitude of the shortage is challenged among experts. Some say it will be manageable, but at what cost? facts to remember Larger fleets adopting ELDs had a […]

Low Bridge, Everybody Down!

Low Bridge, Everybody Down!

As the historic Erie Canal celebrates its 200th anniversary, it’s also enjoying another milestone: commercial traffic volume that’s five times higher than in recent years. Built in 1817 to transport goods and people from one side of New York to the other, today the canal is primarily a recreational waterway. Commercial volume on the state’s […]

Does Multimodal Logistics Have a Future in Europe?

When it comes to multimodal logistics moving freight by combining two or more transport modes Europe still lags the more advanced U.S. market, but has made steady progress, according to Colliers International’s latest industrial research for the EMEA. The future drivers of multimodal traffic in European corridors include: Mega projects. Infrastructure is vital to enhancing […]

Supply Chain Commentary: Stop Reacting to Problems, Start Predictive Planning

Most planning systems deploy a reactive strategy rather than a predictive one. When a problem is identified regarding a capacity shortage, material shortage, or arrival of a high-priority order, the system addresses the issue by rearranging the plan. This is not optimal. It’s a Band-Aid solution that should be avoided. For example, if you release […]

Docked and Loaded: 5 Trends Turning the Tide Of North American Shipping

Docked and Loaded: 5 Trends Turning the Tide Of North American Shipping

Only one year after opening, the $5-billion Panama Canal expansion is already having a major impact on North American shipping. As a result, industrial real estate demand around East and Gulf Coast ports is escalating, finds a new report from JLL, a commercial real estate services company. The JLL report notes five major trends that […]

Timothy G. Taylor

Supply Chain Commentary:
Freight Transportation in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Harvey’s impact is being felt throughout the Southwest as transportation spot market pricing is expected to spike. The consumption of transportation resources through the combined effects of idling labor, equipment damage, and relief efforts will have ramifications for many months. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, spot market pricing jumped 20 percent and […]

What’s the most interesting or unusual supply chain problem you’ve solved?

What’s the most interesting or unusual supply chain problem you’ve solved?

How to ship toy motorcycles made out of magnets and tubes to retail stores around the country without them falling apart. They were used as a display for a toy kit. Our solution was to put them in a small cooler, fill the cooler with water, freeze the entire contents of the cooler, and ship out. Upon arrival at the retail store, they were thawed, dried, and displayed. It worked beautifully.

What Retail Apocalypse?
Retailers Open 4,000+ Stores in 2017

U.S. retailers are opening 4,080 more stores in 2017 than they are closing and plan to open more than 5,500 more in 2018, according to a new report from research and advisory firm IHL Group. The report, Debunking the Retail Apocalypse, was released on August 30, 2017. The research reviewed more than 1,800 retail chains […]

Amazon Closes Whole Foods Acquisition: 3 Experts Weigh In

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market closes today August 28, 2017, and the deal’s impact will be felt immediately. Whole Foods Market will offer lower prices starting today on a selection of best-selling grocery staples across its stores, with more to come. In addition, Amazon and Whole Foods Market technology teams will begin to integrate […]

How Reduced Packaging Waste is Key to Sustainability

Aiming for a green supply chain not only reduces costs but also is socially responsible. Shippers are turning to innovative solutions to reduce packaging waste and emissions as key components of their sustainability efforts. More customers than ever choose to purchase from sustainable companies. In fact, 91 percent of global consumers expect companies to do […]

It Happens Automagically

I heard the phrase “it happens automagically” not long ago, and it reminded me of an editorial I wrote in 2000, when I mused that one day we’d have “a global internet without wires, melded with interaction free detection—finding something without looking.” Today, it is real and it happened sooner than I expected. The Internet […]

Recruiting Supply Chain Talent

New technologies, consumer demands, and the rise of the mobile workforce are shifting the business landscape quickly, making specialized supply chain and logistics workers more valuable than ever. It’s imperative for organizations to have a strategy in place to recruit and retain these talented workers. Tisha Danehl, vice president of staffing agency Ajilon, offers this […]

Betting the Farm on YRC’s Success

Betting the Farm on YRC’s Success

James Welch has worked for YRC Worldwide for nearly his whole career. At 23 years old, he joined what was then Yellow Freight System as a sales representative in Houston. Over the next 29 years, he took on a series of management positions with increasing levels of responsibility. MORE TO THE STORY: Safety First Welch […]

Chris Ward: Get the Food to Church’s On Time

Chris Ward: Get the Food to Church’s On Time

Chris Ward is vice president, supply chain, with Church’s Chicken, a chain of fast food restaurants specializing in fried chicken with about 1,600 domestic and international locations. He has been with the brand since August 2011. Responsibilities: Purchasing, distribution, logistics, freight, all food and packaging products. Experience: Director, global supply chain, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen; vice […]

Brandon C. Bennett

5 Ways to Execute a High-Performing Demo Program for Medical Devices – SEKO

Now more than ever, healthcare supply chains are key differentiators for best-in-class manufacturers. Leading companies effectively use their supply chains as a competitive advantage to drive revenue growth and achieve cost containment goals. At the same time, logistics practitioners face a unique and growing set of challenges that directly affect the bottom line. Current pressure […]

Global Trade Content: Unlocking the Supply Chain Value

New Content-as-a-Service solutions deliver content that exists outside an organization. This outside-in perspective is spurring companies to find new value to make supply chain planning and execution inherently more intelligent—especially when it comes to global trade. Content solutions can, for example, help companies properly classify goods to ensure compliance while minimizing duties and tariffs; research, […]

Developing Innovative Delivery Services That Delight Customers

To compete in today’s retail landscape, companies must differentiate themselves to meet consumer demands and drive brand loyalty. Many retailers are reassessing every aspect of their supply chains—including their delivery services—and implementing digital processes to ensure superior consumer experiences. Many consumers are willing to pay more for a better shopping experience. In recent years, retailers […]

Reverse Logistics: Earning a High Rate of Return

Reverse Logistics: Earning a High Rate of Return

Are you ready to pay attention to the benefits a reverse logistics program can bring to your enterprise? Here are two expert perspectives on the opportunities that will make a difference in reverse logistics programs and how to establish goals to optimize those benefits.

Under Contract

Key takeaways from TI’s Global Contract Logistics 2017 report: The global contract logistics market grew by 3.9 percent in 2016, up from 3.7 percent in 2015. Asia Pacific has overtaken Europe as the biggest market for contract logistics. Seven of the 10 largest markets grew at a slower rate than in 2015. The market is […]

Global Business Leaders Feel Effects of a Riskier World

Nearly three quarters (72 percent) of business leaders in companies in Canada and around the world say their companies are increasingly impacted by risk and they believe we are living in a riskier world. That’s according to the BDO Global Risk Landscape Report, which surveyed 500 C-suite leaders, board and audit committee members from all […]

U.S. Online Shoppers Click With International Retailers

U.S. Online Shoppers Click With International Retailers

Nearly half of avid U.S. online shoppers bought items from international retailers, demonstrating the need for retailers to offer more personalized services as a way to compete against lower prices, according to UPS’ sixth annual Pulse of the Online Shopper study. Almost all avid U.S. online shoppers (97 percent), made purchases on marketplaces, up 12 […]

Global Supply Chain Suffers Disruptions Amid Diplomatic Crisis

Global Supply Chain Suffers Disruptions Amid Diplomatic Crisis

Disagreements in the Middle East left the supply chain reeling as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Libya, and Yemen cut political and business ties with Qatar and accused the small Middle Eastern nation of supporting radical Islamic terrorism in the region. As part of efforts to sever contact, the countries shut down […]