Clinical Trial Supply 2018 Report: The Quest to Shrink Wastage Levels

In meeting the growth ahead for clinical trials there must be a focus on efficiency as their supply already suffers from major issues with wastage levels. This is lack of control is problematic with the rising public scrutiny on spending by pharmaceutical companies. Forecasting and demand planning When sites are under supplied, sponsors may be […]

Shan Muthuvelu

Rapid Rollout Plan for Manhattan’s WMS – ITOrizon Inc.

Currently, there is no proven rapid implementation strategy for Enterprise Warehouse Management Solutions. Complexity quadruples based on the MDM, ERP, EOM, WCS, MHE, and interface architecture, and presents unique challenges for each probable combination. In the case of Manhattan, there are not many system integrators whom understand the product in-depth, and can implement quickly and […]

Polaris Transportation Group Embraces Blockchain Technology

Without question, Polaris’ ongoing and increasing investments in technology have created a competitive advantage. It has been a core strength in the company’s ability to compete and take market share from the larger, publicly funded competitors. Polaris Transportation Group is the largest privately held Canadian cross-border LTL carrier and has enjoyed growth in each of […]

Three Transportation Innovations that Can Deliver Short-Term ROI

Managing transportation has become increasingly challenging as customers grow more demanding and the driver shortage constrains capacity. Innovations such as driverless vehicles loom as potential solutions, but have yet to reach commercial viability. That doesn’t mean transportation managers are forced to deal with process inefficiencies and data siloes while they wait for new technologies to […]

Supply Chain Commentary: Sense, Shape, and Orchestrate Demand

Here’s a quick three-question test for supply chain professionals: Could you pinpoint the location and contents of a single shipment from San Francisco to Tokyo within a few minutes? How quickly would you know if a truck from Los Angeles to Denver had been compromised in a blizzard? If a customer in New Jersey is […]

Why Adherence to SQF Requirements Is Crucial to Supply Chain Integrity

In early 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalized the Safe Quality Food (SQF) rule as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The rule was created to help prevent both intentional and unintentional contamination of the food supply chain from farm to fork. The rule requires those transporting food by motor […]

Supply Chain Commentary: Satisfying Customer Demand in a 365 E-Commerce Market

Today’s connected world has created catalysts of change from consumer shopping habits all the way to the last mile. Omnichannel retailing, combined with Amazon’s domination of the e-commerce world impacts shippers’ decision-making, driving change throughout the supply chain. This change has been so monumental that the term, Amazon Effect – relating to customer expectations of […]

China on a Logistics Spending Spree

Chinese companies are acquiring overseas warehousing, trucking, and other logistics service providers in record numbers as part of its goal to build a new Silk Road. Total acquisitions in Europe, Asia, and other regions by Chinese groups of logistics companies more than doubled in the first 11 months of 2017 compared to all of 2016, […]

Five Reasons to Consider Cloud Services for Your Supply Chain

Supply chain and logistics management uses resources, processes, and technology to create solutions that deliver the right goods to the right place at the right time—as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Managers looking for technology to support those solutions may find that cloud computing offers some compelling options. Lower IT Infrastructure Costs Reducing costs […]

It’s Now or NAFTA

It’s Now or NAFTA

The odds are “about 50-50” that NAFTA will be terminated, according to Gerónimo Gutiérrez, Mexico’s ambassador to the United States, following a fifth round of renegotiations among the United States, Mexico, and Canada on the nearly 24-year-old free trade agreement. “I remain concerned about the lack of headway,” said U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer in […]

Building Resilience in Your Global Supply Chain

Building Resilience in Your Global Supply Chain

If your company has a business continuity plan in place in the event of a supply chain disruption, you are not alone. Nearly 75 percent of organizations responding to a report published by the Business Continuity Institute and supported by Zurich Insurance Group have made business continuity arrangements related to supply chain management. Companies that […]

The Human-Centered Supply Chain

The fashion supply chain is moving toward a human-centered model, which shifts from a sequenced approach of siloed operations to a flexible network of participants and partnerships that will enable agile and adaptable supply chain operations (see chart). That’s according to a new report developed by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which worked […]

Meet a New Breed of Procurement Professionals

Meet a New Breed of Procurement Professionals

In a workforce being transformed by the rise of the gig economy and industry restructuring, what attitudes and behaviors do procurement professionals need to climb the career ladder? The first global survey from reveals some answers. From developing vital mentoring relationships, to building social media profiles that have eclipsed the importance of resumes, to […]

Simplifying Trade Complexity

Global trade professionals experienced a great deal of disruption during 2017, with trade agreements being canceled and renegotiated, regulatory enforcement on the rise, the timeline for Brexit approaching, political instability a growing concern, and more. Networks that had been relatively stable for years are now in flux. To respond to these global market forces, companies […]

7 Common Warehouse Problems & How to Solve Them

Some common warehouse problems don’t get the attention they deserve. This is usually because the work needs to get done as soon as possible, leaving little time to step back and look at the big picture. Let’s dive into seven of the most common warehouse challenges and explore potential solutions to help make your warehouse […]

Manufacturing IT: Investing for the Future

A continuum of change and digital transformation is swirling within the manufacturing industry and global economy. In this fluid environment, it can be tough for manufacturers to nail down IT planning stategies. IDC’s FutureScape: Worldwide Manufacturing 2018 Predictions can help. The study provides manufacturers the following 10 predictions and underlying drivers expected to impact technology […]

Get Your Supply Chain Up to E-Commerce Speed

It’s hard to go more than a day without reading about a new startup or outside party looking to “digitize” the supply chain or logistics process. While some logistics companies such as freight forwarders are automated and use software packages based on EDI or newer cloud-based technologies, if the output of your technology is nothing […]

Tim Miller: Serving It Up Fresh, Fast, and Casual

Tim Miller: Serving It Up Fresh, Fast, and Casual

Tim Miller is vice president of supply chain with Smashburger, a fast-casual burger restaurant. Based in Denver, Smashburger has more than 350 locations in 38 states and nine countries. Responsibilities: Commodity management, relationships with suppliers and third-party distributors, contract negotiations, program management; item changes, price validations, and distributor service to the restaurants, including on-time delivery […]

Santa’s Highly Inefficient Christmas Journey

Santa’s Highly Inefficient Christmas Journey

Christmas, Inc. has a problem. And the blame rests squarely on the ample lap of its Chief Everything Officer, Santa himself. By failing to implement automated routing and scheduling software for his yearly 75-million-mile Christmas journey, we estimate Santa is adding 15 million excess miles and 5 extra hours to his 24-hour trip. We know […]

How E-Tailers Can Reduce Return Rates for Large Items

Merchandise returns are a drain on profits in any industry, but especially for large-format items such as furniture or appliances. E-tailers face additional challenges when dealing with returns compared to local retail outlets, both due to higher transportation costs and the lack of the face-to-face and hands-on experience for the customer. The decision to return […]

TMS Systems Have Changed Dramatically. Your Buying Process Should Too.

To say that transportation logistics has changed a lot in the last decade would be the understatement of the…well, decade. From the impact of omni-channel to complex routing needs and the demand for lightning-fast integrations, a transportation management system (TMS) can help you manage these challenges and give you a competitive advantage. At its core, […]

Product Spotlight: Forklifts

Raymond 8250 AC Walkie Pallet Truck Powered by a lithium-ion power pack from battery maker Brammo, Raymond Corporation’s 8250 instantaneously sends and receives communication between truck and battery pack. An onboard battery management system lets the user schedule charge times, notifies the user when charging is required, and monitors charging and usage.   Driven by […]

CX in the Era of Supply Chain Impatience

Whether your customer is the end consumer or B2B buyer, supply chain and customer service performance expectations are converging. Providing an excellent customer experience (CX) requires super-expedited and sometimes free delivery. E-commerce customers increasingly choose to pay for same-day delivery, according to a DHL survey. Here at Inbound Logistics, we call that supply chain impatience […]

Optimizing Route Planning to Cut Costs

With consumers expecting more delivery options and the return of rising fuel prices, supply chain managers are finding ways to run leaner. For instance, ensuring transportation operations are making the most efficient use of vehicles, fuel, and drivers is a high priority. William Salter, CEO and president of Paragon Software Systems, offers these route planning […]

From Top Waffle to Top Rhino

From Top Waffle to Top Rhino

MORE TO THE STORY: Racing to Make A Difference Kevin Nolan fell in love with the excitement of the freight brokerage floor the day he walked into a C.H. Robinson office, as a college senior, to interview for a job. “I loved the energy, the camaraderie among teammates,” he says. Having played lots of team […]

Billy Duty: Formulating a World-Class Supply Chain

Billy Duty: Formulating a World-Class Supply Chain

Billy Duty is is head of North American supply chain with BYK USA Inc., a division of Altana, a specialty chemicals company. He has held this position since January 2016. Responsibilities: Production and replenishment planning, forecasting, customer service, warehousing, and logistics. Experience: Director, supply chain center of excellence, director, SIOP, Momentive; global supply chain manager, […]

Rob Kriewaldt

The Need for Speed in Automated Truck Policy – WSI

I recently read that in the 1970s, Congress held hearings and engaged in serious discussions about whether or not a personal computer could be trusted not to read the brainwaves of its users. This is a fine example of how those responsible for regulating technology tend to trip over what they don’t understand. That’s why […]

Building Visibility, Response, Resiliency

Chief supply chain officers (CSCO) are tasked with a range of challenging issues when it comes to managing a company’s product supply chain. To maximize productivity and efficiency, the CSCO should consider visibility, response, and resiliency the most important aspects of supply chain management. Digital transformation is underway in supply chain management and it is […]

How to Navigate the Driver Shortage

The industry’s driver shortage is no secret. About 100,000 seats need to be filled at a time when the pipeline for new drivers is getting thinner. But what’s the practical impact on shippers as this shortage gets worse? In short, it won’t be pretty. Tighter capacity will lead to fewer choices. Regulations mandating the use […]

LeAnne Coulter

End-to-end Visibility is Crucial to Shipper Network Optimization – Schneider

“Visibility.” It’s more than just the latest buzzword on everyone’s mind and tip of the tongue. But what does it mean and what is its value in your supply chain? As technology advances, the velocity of business increases, the proliferation of personal electronic devices continues, and people’s expectations of shippers grow. Today’s consumers already assume […]

Better Routing Takes Root

Better Routing Takes Root

By switching from a manual to an automated routing and scheduling system, flowering plant seller Weatherford Farms puts the petals to the medal.

K Line, Agunsa Drive KAR

K Line, Agunsa Drive KAR

To leverage rising automotive import traffic in Latin America, particularly in Chile, multinational logistics agency Agunsa has partnered with Japanese shipping firm “K” Line to create a dedicated automotive logistics company. The new company, KAR Logistics, offers integrated transportation services as well as warehousing, customization, pre-delivery inspection, and spare parts services. Its target is automotive […]

Can Your Supply Chain Keep Up With Technology?

New technology has rapidly impacted our everyday lives. Consumer technology advances are having a profound impact on the art of supply chain management, requiring constant evolution and rethinking of the way products are marketed, sold, produced, and delivered. The Tesla Effect In the automotive industry, customers will soon expect to be able to configure their […]

Do Buy, Says Dubai

E-commerce is booming and everyone wants a piece of the pie, including Dubai . The country recently announced its first free trade zone dedicated to e-commerce in the MENA region: Dubai CommerCity, a multi-million-dollar, 2.1-million-square-foot complex that is a joint venture between Dafza and Wasl Asset Management Group. The project is designed to promote Dubai’s […]

Addressing Expedited Delivery Expectations

Amazon and other large retailers set customer expectations by offering expedited delivery at low or no cost. Retailers of all sizes must compete on the same turf, yet lack the negotiating power that could net meaningful discounts with commercial carriers. And private carriers often assess charges such as delivering to a residential address, penalties for […]

Assessing U.S. Shipments and Spend

Assessing U.S. Shipments and Spend

A tighter truck market, increase in national shipments, and accelerated factory output are among the highlights of the Q3 2017 U.S. Bank Freight Payment Index, which measures quantitative changes in shipment and spend activity (see chart) based on data from transactions the company processes. Highlights include: An 8.3-percent jump in U.S. Bank’s national spend index, […]

Industrial Companies Map Data Gap

Eighty-four percent of industrial companies face a disconnect between data from connected devices and strategic decision making and operations, limiting the Internet of Thing’s (IoT) digital transformation potential, according to a research study conducted by IFS, a global enterprise applications company. Only 16 percent of survey respondents consume IoT data in enterprise resource planning (ERP) […]

A Resurgence in Trucking Investments Presents Opportunities for Shippers

Economic indicators and data reports suggest the economy is strengthening, which should continue to promote business confidence through the remainder of 2017. The second quarter 2017 U.S. GDP report indicated that expenditures grew by 3.3 percent, led by an 8.9-percent gain in durable goods spending. With increasing expenditures for durable and non-durable goods, manufacturers, retailers, […]

Young Professionals and Supply Chain: So Happy Together

Young Professionals and Supply Chain: So Happy Together

The opportunity for interesting work, as well as development and advancement, top the list of requirements for young professionals, according to the 2018 CSCMP/Penske Young Professionals Survey of 300 supply chain professionals younger than 30. The average young professional responding to the survey has worked in the supply chain sector for about three years and […]

U.S.-Cuba Trade: Where Do Sanctions, Sourcing, and Compliance Meet?

U.S.-Cuba Trade: Where Do Sanctions, Sourcing, and Compliance Meet?

Between the changing diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba, and expectations that the Trump administration will redraw U.S. policy toward Cuba, sanctions with the island nation are unclear. The country is still embargoed and for nearly all products, normalized trade has to overcome many hurdles. Shippers are watching Cuba closely, and analyzing market […]

6 Strategies for Finding the Right 3PL Partner

RFP season is upon us. It’s the time of year when shippers request bids and plan their optimal logistics strategy for 2018. Shippers are increasingly involving 3PLs in the request for proposal (RFP) process for access to tens of thousands of pre-qualified carriers, industry expertise, and advanced logistics technology that provides supply chain visibility and […]

Supply Chain Commentary: How to Reduce Supplier Inventory Costs

Managing supplier goods can be a complex process with multiple stakeholders. You have planning that drives forecast and production scheduling, and procurement that purchases materials based on forecasts. Operations oversees the flow of incoming goods and warehouse management receives inbound shipments. While the titles and roles may vary among organizations, the basic supplier workflow is […]

China Ups Delivery Service to the U.S.

Two leading express companies are joining forces to leverage their complementary networks, service portfolios, technologies, and logistics expertise. China’s Ministry of Commerce approved a planned joint venture between UPS and SF Holding, the parent company of SF Express. The agreement allows UPS and SF to collaborate on developing and providing international delivery services from, initially, […]

How AR Can Take the Sting Out of Seasonal Surge Training Costs

Every holiday season, warehouses expand their workforces two times or more to handle peak retail demand that can make or break the entire year. Time spent training and upskilling temporary employees is typically under two weeks for 90 days of work, while many warehousing organizations rehire a good portion of the same seasonal workforce year […]

More Temperature-Sensitive Medicines Moving by Ocean

Over the years, the ocean freight market has been fraught with capacity and wildly fluctuating rates. By 2016, the market underwent a series of consolidations including a bankruptcy of a major container carrier. In addition, rates fell to historic lows but began to recover towards the end of the year. Meanwhile, air freight rates remain […]

Debt: A Rising Risk in Your Supply Chain

Of all the sources of risk supply chain managers face on a daily basis—cargo theft, natural disasters, long lead times, and unpredictable demand—none is currently at an inflection point quite like debt. This topic was addressed in a recent webinar by two leading authorities on corporate financial health: Dr. Edward Altman, Professor of Finance, Emeritus, […]

Stop, Look, Listen

We all know the best way to approach an unguarded railroad crossing is to stop, look, and listen. That same advice applies when examing the economy, which will likely roar through 2018 at full speed. While it is tempting to climb aboard and enjoy the ride, that is the exact wrong approach from a supply […]

5 Ways to Improve Fulfillment Center Efficiency

To capitalize on the e-commerce boom, fulfillment centers—which are different from distribution centers in that they do not distribute inventory but fulfill customer demand in either B2B or B2C businesses—need to scale and react nimbly and agily. Fulfillment centers must also be as efficient as possible to maximize customer satisfaction. Fulfillment centers do not generate […]

Sometimes It’s Better Not to Be So Pushy

Supply chain processes fall into one of two categories: pull systems, where a company initiates execution in response to a customer order (reactive) and push systems, where execution is initiated in anticipation of customer orders (speculative). The boundary that separates push processes from pull processes is one measure of a supply chain’s “lean-ness”—the farther upstream […]

Using KPIs to Optimize Transportation Data

Data drives sound business decisions. The same principle applies to decisions surrounding transportation issues. Specifically for parcel, the best data source is carrier invoices, supplemented by the manifest (TMS) data where possible. Your carriers should make invoice data easily available, especially if you use a third-party vendor to review and pay your invoices. They should […]

GOOD QUESTION | What is the best business book you ever read and why?

One of the best quick-study books I have read is Winning Every Day by Lou Holtz. Catering to the sports enthusiast, the book reminds readers the fundamental element of business is that people are led, not managed, to success. Defining the differences and connection between talent, motivation, and attitude, Holtz lays out a game plan […]

H.O.W. | How to Manage Your Carrier Relationships After the ELD Mandate

H.O.W. | How to Manage Your Carrier Relationships After the ELD Mandate

As the mid-December deadline approaches for the implementation of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate for most commercial truck drivers, shippers are, not surprisingly, worried about how it will affect their supply chain capacity. MORE TO THE STORY: 4 ways to manage capacity post-eld Under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules, most trucks built after […]

H.O.W. | How to Transform the Supply Chain for Omnichannel Retailing

H.O.W. | How to Transform the Supply Chain for Omnichannel Retailing

As retailers transform their market strategy to embrace new e-commerce and marketplace channels, their supply chain must be ready to pivot as well. Some brick-and-mortar merchants are adding online sales, direct and through partners, while some online retailers are investing in physical stores. Either way, e-commerce will continue to play a larger role in retailers’ […]

H.O.W. | How to Turn Data Into Supply Chain Action

H.O.W. | How to Turn Data Into Supply Chain Action

To keep ahead of today’s complex, fast-moving supply chain, shippers need tools that enable them to make smart, data-driven decisions and be proactive, not just reactive. Fortunately, transportation management technology now provides organizations with greater visibility and control over their supply chain than ever before. MORE TO THE STORY: 4 questions to put big data […]

George Prest

The New Era of Smart City Logistics – MHI

Let’s talk about your company’s futureproof strategy to meet the challenges and opportunities of Smart City Logistics head-on. Oh, wait. You don’t have one yet? You’re not alone. According to the fourth edition of MHI’s Annual Industry Report, “Next-Generation Supply Chains: Digital, On-Demand and Always-On” (available as a free download at a full 50% […]

Leadership: Fashion Leader

Leadership: Fashion Leader

How does a retail supply chain resemble the infrastructure of a nuclear submarine? We don’t know, but Brent Beabout sure does. He spent 13 years as an active-duty U.S. naval officer, a career that culminated in the role of engineering officer on one of those powerful undersea vessels. Then he moved on to some major […]

Marianne McDonald: Stand and Deliver

Marianne McDonald: Stand and Deliver

Marianne McDonald is vice president, global transportation for Avnet, a $17.4-billion global technology distributor headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Responsibilities: Global transportation services, carrier selection, contracts supporting 40 warehouse locations (owned and 3PL), day-to-day global trade compliance operations, and import/export execution. Experience: Global transportation leader, Avnet; director of global logistics for Coca Cola, Toys “R” Us, […]

A Single Point of Contact Offers A Dynamic Supply Chain Solution – SEKO

A Single Point of Contact Offers A Dynamic Supply Chain Solution – SEKO

The Challenge TruGolf’s rapid growth drove them from being a niche within a niche to becoming a staple in the industry. As the leader in indoor golf simulator technology, TruGolf’s award-winning software recreates the artistry of the game by bringing an outdoor sport indoors. Offering a wide range of options, TruGolf’s simulation software, E6Golf, provides […]

Martin Hubert

API Trumps EDI. Here’s Why. – Freightgate

Q: Why invest in an API solution? The transportation industry is changing and it’s changing fast. There are new players in the market like Uber Freight and they have a head start with their digitalization strategy. Offering a cheap and reliable service will not be enough when all of your competitors have moved forward. Many […]

Supply Chain Commentary: What Shippers Need to Know About Market Tightness

After a two-year slide in transportation prices, the logistics sector is experiencing capacity constraints and historically high and enduring truckload volumes. As we head into peak shipping season, rates have been rising significantly, particularly in the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Shippers can expect this trend to continue into 2018. The market isn’t likely […]

Survey: Customers Place a High Priority on On-Time Holiday Shipping

27 percent of U.S. customers would rather get a root canal than have personal holiday shipments come late, according to a DHL holiday customer survey that reveals on-time shipments are a high priority.   The survey helps to better understands customer trends and challenges this holiday season, and uncovered key business priorities for the holidays, and how they […]

Dos and Don’ts for Storing Temperature Sensitive Medicines

The UK Medicine and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) identified crucial mistakes in how wholesalers source and handle freezers and fridges used to store medicines. MHRA says the main metrics to measure when sourcing GDP qualified equipment are: The purpose – is it to store cold packs to be used in transit or to host frozen products? Temperature bracket required Capacity […]

Is Supply Chain Planning Right for the Cloud?

The explosive growth of data that today’s supply chain teams must manage creates challenges even for the most seasoned professionals. Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors need agile systems that help manage and simplify complexity. However, one of the biggest hurdles today’s organizations face is gaining executive approval to implement an advanced supply chain planning system. Is […]

Panama Canal Expansion Hits the Big Time

Panama Canal Expansion Hits the Big Time

Two Great Pyramids of Giza, four Big Bens, eight Statues of Liberty. Lay them end to end, and you’ve got the equivalent length of the CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt, the largest capacity vessel to ever transit the Panama Canal’s expanded locks. At 1,228 feet long, the Neopanamax containership has a total capacity of 14,414 TEUs. […]

Facts About Friction

The average U.S. business loses $171,340 per year through clunky payment practices causing friction in their supply chain, according to new research by Tungsten Network. This equates to almost 6,500 man hours spent chasing purchase order numbers, processing paper invoices, and responding to supplier inquiries. Businesses estimate they spend an average of 55 hours per […]

Supply Chain Commentary: Out Darn Spot! Out, I Say!

The comic Steven Wright once joked, “I spilled spot remover all over my dog. Now he’s gone.” For shippers who regularly leverage the spot market, it’s been a buyer’s market the past few years. One shipper I’ve worked with saved more than 9 percent on freight spend simply by moving away from only using brokers […]

Urban Logistics: You Can’t Fight City Haul

Urban Logistics: You Can’t Fight City Haul

The impact of urbanization—population increases in cities and towns as opposed to rural areas—on business growth and sustainability concerns nearly all companies surveyed in The Road to Sustainable Urban Logistics, a new report by UPS and GreenBiz Group. However, only 47 percent feel prepared to address the associated business challenges, according to the survey. Further, […]

Why the Rise of the 4PL Is Good News for Your Business

On-demand delivery, trade uncertainties, siloed information…for today’s supply chain managers, the list of concerns is long. Current industry and geopolitical trends are complicating matters further. Companies are juggling more products and suppliers, leaving supply chains increasingly vulnerable to disruption. In the grocery industry alone, the average number of SKUs skyrocketed from 9,000 in the 1970s […]

Manufacturers Take to Technology, Automation

Manufacturers Take to Technology, Automation

Driven by globalization, intensifying competition, and rising customer demand for more options and higher quality products, a connected plant floor has become a necessity. As a result, manufacturers are adopting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to enhance visibility and improve quality, with the number of organizations achieving a fully connected factory expected to rise […]

Staffing Your Warehouse: Addressing Hidden Risks

The warehousing sector and staffing industry depend on each other. In fact, they are so closely tied that the Department of Labor often considers warehouses and staffing companies “joint employers.” The rules for being a joint employer significantly increase the risks and exposures otherwise thought to be transferred to the staffing agency. Payroll Taxes Did […]

Water Works

Unmanned surface and underwater vessels will dominate maritime activity in the United Kingdom and across Europe over the next decade, according to a new report on the future of autonomous maritime systems. Networks of autonomous surface and underwater vessels are set to radically change the nature of maritime operations, according to the follow-up to Global […]

New IoT Tools Enable Greater Visibility Into Complex Supply Chains

Shipping high-value goods is risky business. Supply chains are complex, and getting more complex by the day. More complexity means more surprises, and most supply chain managers don’t like surprises. Every year, pharmaceutical companies spend $30 billion replacing shipments that have been damaged due to temperature excursions. Cargo loss in other industries accounts for an […]

U.S.-Cuba Trade: The Intersection of Sanctions, Sourcing, and Compliance

With the changing diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba, and expectations for the new administration to redraw U.S. policy toward Cuba, many involved in international trade are unclear of the sanctions status of trade with the island nation. The country is still embargoed and, at a practical level, for most all products, normalized […]

Cold Cuts: Refrigerated Transport’s Global Forecast

Globalization and technological advancements in refrigerated transportation systems and equipment are driving increased demand for temperature-controlled food across the globe. As a result, the refrigerated transport market is projected to reach 3.25 billion tons by 2022, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.5 percent from 2017 to 2022, according to the latest study […]

Six Surefire Ways to Build a Logistics Workforce

Indiana ranks second in the United States for manufacturing and logistics employment growth and first in the percentage of Hoosiers employed in these industry sectors. Couple those statistics with Indiana’s “Crossroads of America” logistics reputation and there is a compelling reason to develop a skilled workforce for continued growth. Building tomorrow’s workforce is a team […]

Reaching a Point of No Returns

Online shoppers can no longer take free returns for granted. The number of UK and European retailers offering customers free returns in at least one international market dropped from 55 percent in the first quarter of 2017 to just 28 percent in the latest benchmark report from research firm ReBOUND. Most brands are still not […]

Supply Chain Commentary: Why Manufacturers Should Adopt an Ecosystem Strategy

Customers have always expected suppliers to quickly respond to their needs, but now they’re more demanding than ever. As the needs of buyers become more unpredictable and complex, and as they begin to demand more frequent product launches and extreme personalization, manufacturers are struggling to keep up, let alone profitably. One of the core challenges […]

How Supply Chain Managers Can Use
Artificial Intelligence to Their Advantage

Artificial intelligence (AI) now touches almost every industry and walk of life. Driverless cars are chauffeuring themselves through Pittsburgh’s roads, robots dominate the activity within Amazon’s warehouses, and increasingly sophisticated algorithms for demand planning and design have gone digital. Personalization and machine learning continue to improve customers’ experiences and open countless doors for the tech […]

Masters of the Future

I have a secret: I can see the future. Anyone who reads business media can tell you that many professionals in my generation fear for the future of the workforce. Doomsayers claim that all millennials are lazy, and Generation Z is needy and co-dependent on Google and their devices. I’m lucky, however. I get an […]