Rich Thompson

Panama Canal Expansion: Four Keys to Unlocking its Potential

The Panama Canal’s new set of locks offers the opportunity to increase ocean transportation by more than twice the number of containers on one ship, creating a potential sea change in economies of scale. Here’s what shippers need to know. Today’s global macroeconomic and cross-border logistics environment is already incredibly complex, with higher U.S. domestic […]

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Paul A. Myerson

Does Your Supply Chain Need an Alignment?

If your supply chain isn’t aligned with your overall competitive strategy, then performance may fall short of expectations, with higher costs, poor execution, and reduced revenue and profits. When a company develops a strategic growth plan, it has to decide which priorities—cost, quality, time or flexibility—to focus on. It must then manage the supply chain […]

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Gary Barraco

How Secure Is Your Air and Ocean Cargo?

Air and ocean cargo security remains a high priority for supply chain managers across the globe. While cargo theft has been a concern for years, organizations also contend with the risk of terrorist groups uncovering vulnerabilities in global supply chains to carry out illicit cross-border operations. While the United States introduced the C-TPAT program in […]

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Julie Gibbs

10 Steps for a Win-Win Shipper-Forwarder Partnership

While many companies rely on forwarders and brokers for compliance, it is ultimately the importer/exporter’s responsibility. Here are 10 key steps to create a win-win partnership with your forwarder where compliance is the top goal. Create SOPs. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) clearly communicate how you expect the forwarder to proceed in certain situations and should […]

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Isaac Mathew

Dialing In to the Secondhand Smartphone Market

More than any other mobile device, our gadget-centric society loves smartphones. The next big thing is always right around the corner. And that’s the phone we want. This compelling trend has spawned a budding market for secondhand smartphones. Many consumers are content to chase the next product generation one or two years behind if it […]

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Wes Baker

Warehouse Fires Can Cripple Your Business. Preventing Them Just Got Easier.

As warehouse heights have increased with the help of new materials handling technology, so have the risks. That’s why fire codes often require property owners to install dense arrangements of expensive sprinklers throughout the racks. Fortunately, alternative designs can make this “in-rack” sprinkler protection far less cumbersome and costly. The proper sprinklers can be essential […]

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Nerijus Poskus

How the Panama Canal Expansion Will Shake Up U.S. Shipping

The expansion of the Panama Canal, expected to be completed by the end of June 2016, will rewrite the rules of shipping, with far-ranging impacts for logistics managers, retailers, railroads, and public infrastructure across the United States. More than a decade in the making, the canal expansion not only increases the number of ships that […]

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Tom Collins

How Real-Time Information Can Transform Your Supply Chain

In the world of supply chain management, timing is everything. As same-day shipping is quickly becoming the new standard for many e-commerce retailers, companies are beginning to appreciate the true value of a highly effective supply chain management solution and its role in maintaining effective global operations and consistent customer satisfaction. Enhancing your supply chain […]

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Eric Geerts

SOLAS Container Weight Verification: What Shippers Need to Know Now

Container stack collapses; vessel instability; injury to dock and vessel workers; damage to cargo, ships, and port machinery; insurance claims; and significant environmental impact have added to the urgency for an accurate container weight. As a result, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) implemented the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requirement to verify container weight […]

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Keith Biondo

Freshening Up

Organic, non-GMO, free range, locally sourced, sustainably sourced, antibiotic free, vegan, and artisanal food preferences are all the rage for a sizable minority seeking healthful eating choices. This trend is one of several convergent forces impacting the grocery business that will ultimately change the supply chain operations of successful players. It’s not just millennials or […]

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Chris Cotter

Lifting the Fog on Extreme Caution Driving

Inclement weather such as rain, snow, and fog is a constant feature of motor vehicle travel. During poor conditions, commercial truck drivers and their dispatchers must use discretion when deciding whether travel should continue and in what manner. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (49 C.F.R. § 392.14) specifically address driving in adverse weather conditions and […]

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ML Peck

Is Your Company Millennial Friendly?

When it comes to attracting millennial job candidates, the supply management sector has a decided advantage. College students say they’re attracted to our profession because of the number of different disciplines within it, the breadth of responsibility, and its impact on sustainability and the global footprint. We may have an easier time drawing in millennials, […]

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Gary Hanifan

Goodbye, Linear Supply Chain. Hello, Digital Supply Network

Ready or not, the death of the linear supply chain is upon us. Supply chains built to deliver reliable, cost-effective results are no longer fit for purpose in today’s digitally driven world. Enter the digital supply network (DSN). DSNs intertwine, even harmonize, four supply chains—physical, information, talent, and financial—that businesses have operated separately for decades. […]

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Rob Honeycutt

Optimizing the Industrial Purchasing Experience

In today’s industrial marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. A major component of creating that distinction is offering customers a seamless, easy, and quick buying experience. This is a significant challenge when the products involved are complex, costly, and often must be customized. Companies who embrace this challenge […]

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Finding a Cure for Sweating Slab Syndrome

Despite the significant strides in medical technology in the 21st century, identifying a cure for the common cold is still one of medicine’s most elusive pursuits. Similarly, the phenomenon in warehouse operations known as sweating slab syndrome (SSS) has perplexed even the most experienced industry experts when it comes to the causes and potential cures. […]

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Brian Beetz

How to Handle DOT and GHS Regulations

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) deadlines that went into effect on June 1 and December 1, 2015, respectively, have significantly impacted U.S. chemical manufacturers and distributors. By now, all chemicals being shipped by manufacturers and distributors should meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) […]

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Martin Meacock

The EU’s Union Customs Code: New Opportunities for Greater Efficiency, Transparency, and Simplicity

On May 1, 2016, traders in the European Union (EU), North American companies that trade with the EU, and North American companies with operations in the EU, witnessed the beginning of the largest change to European customs procedures in the past 20 years with the introduction of the Union Customs Code (UCC). The UCC brings […]

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