Paul A. Myerson

The View From the Control Tower

As discussed in my last column, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a process that uses “outside-in” thinking by integrating demand forecasts, supply plans, inventory projections, and financial plans into one medium-term strategic model. That’s a great starting point. But the leading-edge way to manage your short- to mid-term global supply chain in real time (or […]

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Derek Browning

Choosing a 3PL: How to Make a Mature Decision

Relationships between shippers and third-party logistics (3PL) providers commonly focus more on tactical and operational elements rather than strategic elements. When sourcing to 3PLs, the shipper’s RFP often focuses on lane costs rather than strategic elements such as systems integration, real-time visibility, and total-cost performance. The transactional lane-focused relationship is appropriate for companies looking for […]

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The IoT Supply Chain of the Future

There are many reasons why supply chain management could be affected in the coming years; political unrest, wars, Brexit, and even environmental concerns such as rising fuel costs, the conversion to low-sulphur fuel, and unpredictable weather conditions. All of these will impact the shipping of goods globally, and the inherent costs associated. And we mustn’t […]

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Keith Biondo

I Was a Shipment at Disney

On a recent trip to Disney World with my family, I felt like one of the shipments you manage. I experienced firsthand the recent technological magic Disney has invested in. The impact of that technology investment starts before you hit the park—advance planning, if you will. Disney encourages everyone seeking information about park attractions to […]

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John Sheehy

Eight Ways to Minimize Supply Chain Risk

Supply chain attacks aren’t anything new, but threat actors continue to find new ways to breach networks. The 2013 Target breach and more recent NotPetya, Trisis, and Wipro compromises serve as not-so-gentle reminders that supply chain attacks are damaging and costly and present many risks to both businesses and their suppliers.

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