Paul A. Myerson

Drilling Deeper Into Your Supply Chain

Data analytics is the science of examining raw data to help draw conclusions about information. When applied to the supply chain, it allows companies to drive insight, make better business decisions, and verify or disprove existing models or theories. Data analytics breaks out into the following categories: Descriptive analytics. In supply chain, descriptive analytics helps […]

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Tom Maher

How Smarter, Stronger Supply Chains Improve the Customer Experience

Companies today are increasingly leveraging digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and machine learning (ML) to build smarter supply chain operations. They are turning “big supply chain data” into real insights that improve efficiency, bring products and services to market faster, and deliver differentiating customer value, all key to remaining competitive in the […]

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Eric R. Byer and Mark M. Fisher

Why Freight Rail Needs Reform

A lack of competition, outdated regulations, and a handicapped federal agency allow poor delivery service, failure to provide notice of fee changes, and inadequate customer service, making it harder for shippers to depend on freight rail. Those shippers include a substantial percentage of National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) members, such as Univar Solutions, who […]

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GOOD QUESTION | What’s the 2020 supply chain buzzword or phrase?

GIG WORKER. Embracing this growing segment of workers is the key to helping companies handle variability—from last-minute orders to seasonal swings—while remaining agile. Robert O’Dwyer Logistics Industry Principal Kronos Incorporated AI. It has only just begun to transform freight and logistics. With innovation comes new services and opportunities for cost savings or efficiency gains. Oren […]

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Keith Biondo

Take the Current When It Serves

I recently participated in a summit of supply chain and business leaders who shared the many ways they are successfully navigating the turbulent waters of global trade. Despite the headwinds, they were determined to find new supply lines and expanded market opportunities. Determined and, yes, even optimistic about their economic future. It reminds me of […]

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Driving the Efficiency of the U.S. Supply Chain

The recent surge of domestic manufacturing and the overall growth of the U.S. economy has required suppliers and carriers to re-examine and seek out new ways to streamline their operations. As the economy has continued to grow over the past decade, the American truck driver has become one of the most important facets in the […]

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