The Key to Logistics Visibility: Connecting Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) attempted to improve logistics visibility by connecting fleets to help gain control over shipments. However, these solutions miss the mark on other logistics issues including end-to-end transport, shipment conditions other than location, stolen cargo recovery, and overall accuracy. Instead of connecting the fleets themselves, the key is to connect to […]

SMEs Reveal Global Trade Obstacles

Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) face numerous international trade obstacles, finds a Shipa Freight study. Forty-two percent of respondents say the costs of shipping abroad are too high, or they lack an accurate picture of costs, while 40 percent find it difficult to understand documentation requirements. A significant minority say their cargo has been held […]

Ports Too Busy to Worry About Trade Tensions

Ports Too Busy to Worry About Trade Tensions

Despite trade tensions, port business in the United States and Asia is booming, reports the latest Global Kuehne + Nagel Indicators (gKNi). U.S. ports are experiencing increased container volumes, with heavy traffic in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and New York/New Jersey, according to real-time data collected by LogIndex, part of the Kuehne + Nagel Group. […]

10 Ways to Drive Supply Chain Performance With Big Data

Is more always better? When it comes to a shipper’s supply chain and big data, more data doesn’t necessarily equate to better productivity. How you leverage and utilize the influx of data is what’s key. Use these tips to utilize big data to drive performance in their supply chains. 1. Eliminate silos. With various divisions […]

IoT, Robotics, Machine Learning to Transform the Supply Chain

IoT, Robotics, Machine Learning to Transform the Supply Chain

Transport and logistics businesses are investing in Internet of Things (IoT)-based smart technologies to help them take advantage of the wealth of opportunities the Fourth Industrial Revolution offers. The sector is prioritizing IoT, machine learning, and robotics to increase efficiencies across the supply chain, according to research data collected by Inmarsat, a provider of global […]

What Drives Supply Chain Investment?

Trying to keep up with customer expectations is driving retailer investment, while agility and innovation are driving manufacturers’ investment in their supply chains, according to a joint survey of supply chain executives from JDA Software and KPMG LLP. The 2018 Digital Supply Chain Executive Survey conducted by Incisiv finds one force remains constant across manufacturers […]

Digital Logistics: From Trend to Norm

Microsoft has entered a partnership with ocean carrier OOCL to develop artificial intelligence (AI) in shipping, with the goal of helping Microsoft better understand and predict shipping patterns and variables. This partnership comes at a time when traditional players in the logistics sector have worked to streamline and automate wherever possible in hopes of becoming […]

The Logistics Long(er) Run

The Logistics Long(er) Run

The current expansion phase for U.S. industrial and logistics real estate appears poised to surpass the typical lifespan of an economic cycle due to demand from e-commerce companies, according to a new report from CBRE. U.S. economic cycles tend to run for seven to eight years. Yet the current expansionary cycle, which started in 2009, […]

5 Ways Warehousing is Going Green

The future looks bright for warehousing. This is especially true when it comes to taking a green approach to procurement and manufacturing. Eco-friendly warehouses present a tremendous upside for the planet and for your pocket. If you are interested in these revolutionary changes, now has never been a better time to act. Tom Reddon, of […]

People and Culture First, Strategy Second

People and Culture First, Strategy Second

Some years ago, Dan Curtis took a crash course in logistics operations. It started in 2002, when he joined Greatwide Logistics Services as vice president of finance. MORE TO THE STORY: Balancing Act “We were a very acquisitive company,” he explains. “I immediately began working on the mergers and acquisitions transactions we were pursuing.” In […]

News & Trends Impacting the CPG Supply Chain

News & Trends Impacting the CPG Supply Chain

What’s The Difference? CPG, or consumer packaged goods: merchandise that customers frequently use up and replace. Examples include food and beverages, cosmetics, and cleaning products. DG, or durable goods: merchandise that is not consumed or destroyed in use and is generally not replaced until the merchandise experiences a problem. Examples include cars, appliances, and furniture. […]

CEVA and IMS Team Up For FTZ Services

A new alliance between CEVA Global Logistics and IMS Worldwide (IMSW) offers Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) services to U.S. shippers. The FTZ program started in the United States in 1934, and is in use across all states, particularly at large gateway points such as Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, El Paso, and New […]

Freight Audit Providers Trax Technologies and Veraction Announce Merger

Global freight audit and payment provider Trax Technologies will merge with transportation spend management and freight audit solutions provider Veraction to create a single global technology platform across all shipping modes and a suite of transportation spend management analytics. The integrated company will retain the Trax name and combine the leadership teams of both companies. […]

American Airlines Says Hola to Cuba Cargo Service

American Airlines Says Hola to Cuba Cargo Service

American Airlines becomes the first U.S. passenger carrier to begin cargo service to Cuba. The airline now offers mail service, including correspondence, parcels, and express mail, into and out of José Martí International Airport (HAV) in Havana, Cuba’s capital city and leading commercial center. Havana is American Airlines’ principal destination from the United States, with […]

Clarifying The Business Case For Green Supply Chain Management

Clarifying The Business Case For Green Supply Chain Management

For most companies, sustainability is not a simple case of “profits vs. planet” but a more subtle issue of people looking for jobs and inexpensive goods versus others who seek a pristine environment. Here’s how your supply chain can satisfy these conflicting motivations to achieve both economic growth and environmental sustainability.

An Awesome Supply Chain Scholarship

To attract women who want to pursue graduate degrees in supply chain management, the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics announced a new scholarship in partnership with AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education), an industry-wide organization for senior-level women in the supply chain field. The AWESOME/MIT AWE Scholarship will offer […]

Keith Biondo

GDPR: Privacy, Yes. Innovation, No

If you spend too much time clearing privacy protection notices from your email box, thank the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But what exactly is this regulation and how might it impact future supply chain technological innovation? GDPR is a new rule with the goal of protecting European Union residents’ personal data and adding privacy […]

Tim Zubradt

Load and Expedite – Crane Worldwide Logistics

If you have spent any time in manufacturing logistics you can appreciate the classic problem of, ‘Load and Expedite.’ At Crane Worldwide Logistics®, we see the same thing all over the world with clients in nearly every industry. By not having adequate logistics visibility, setting proper tolerance levels and accurate production forecasting, companies are being […]

William Salter

Last-Mile Technology Needs a Radical Rethink

We need to stop viewing last-mile logistics as solely a delivery challenge. The broader challenge is ensuring processes and their supporting technologies work together to allow supply chains to meet the market’s insatiable appetite for faster, more precise deliveries. Supply chain management technology is boldly exploring sophisticated new developments such as driverless vehicles and the […]

An Open Ledger: Six Ways Blockchain Will Change Supply Chains

With e-commerce giants fueling a spike in shipping volumes, logistics companies need to increase efficiency, while reducing costs. One of the biggest roadblocks to doing so, is improving communication and transparency between manufacturers, freight companies, and buyers. With the global market expanding and consumer demands increasing, it is more challenging than ever to ensure quality […]

Teaching Logistics Excellence

The talent gap continues to be a concern in the supply chain/logistics sector. To help combat it, many universities and educational institutions are working to attract new students to the sector, and provide appropriate training. One such school is the University of Washington, College of Engineering-Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics master’s program. Inbound Logistics recently […]

Haroon Syed

4 Ways to Tell If Your Alcohol Carrier Knows the Hard Stuff

Transporting alcohol is a time- and temperature- sensitive move that requires superior logistics. Selecting a carrier that can meet the stringent requirements and provide value to a shipper’s business is crucial. To demonstrate they would be a good fit for your business, consider alcohol carriers that: Know the law. Every state has its own process […]

Implementing Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology creates a global and trustworthy history of a product—from transaction to production to consumption. It has the potential to revolutionize workflows across international borders, empowering an automated, connected supply chain with simplicity and traceability. 1. Flip your thinking. Many consider blockchain a solution seeking a problem. It’s actually the answer to an array […]

Noted: The Supply Chain in Brief-June 2018

SEALED DEALS Sports nutrition bar maker Active Nutrition International GmbH launched e-commerce channels in Germany and Austria using SaaS solutions provider Descartes Systems Group’s pixi* WMS to support order fulfillment for its PowerBar and Dymatize sports nutrition brands. Mitsubishi Electric, manufacturer and marketer of electric and electronic equipment, renewed its agreement with Yusen Logistics UK […]

It’s Supposed to Be, But ACE Isn’t Simple

Importing will always and forever be complex. Efforts to simplify some of the processes have, unfortunately, not always borne fruit. The aftermath of the overhaul of U.S. customs admissibility program – Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) – has created a heavier administrative burden on importers, not a lighter one. One has to believe the agencies see […]

Jim Hayden

Can You Handle the IoT Big Data Onslaught?

Supply chain managers (SCMs) recognize the potential benefits of big data platforms, leveraged and fed by the Internet of Things (IoT). Yet, the combination of IoT and real-time data collection creates an overwhelming data flow, threatening to drown organizations unprepared for the influx of that data. Companies need to understand their analytical goals and underlying […]

George Mimikos

Subscription Retailing and Order Fulfillment – Hollingsworth

Q: Why are major retailers going all-in on subscription services? A: Subscription boxes such as Birchbox, Stitch Fix, Blue Apron, and the Dollar Shave Club have become popular new avenues of retail in recent years, and now major retailers are jumping in on the trend. Apparel brands like Old Navy, Gap, and Nordstrom have launched […]

What Does World-Class Supply Chain Planning Look Like?

Omnichannel customers, increased product customization, and the emergence of non-traditional competitors all demonstrate that the old methods of brute force execution and elbow grease will no longer suffice when creating a supply chain. Relying on a “can-do” spirit is not enough—businesses must excel at operational planning across multiple dimensions to not just win, but to […]

Dan Clark

The Power of Supply Chain Visibility – Kuebix

Most companies today are struggling to achieve visibility and control over their supply chains to effectively manage their cost of goods and consistently meet customer expectations. However, there is a way to leverage technology to provide a platform where suppliers, carriers, and their customers are not only sharing information but also dynamically planning and executing […]

Andrew Slusher

Reverse Logistics Discussion Highlights Upcoming Conference – SMC³

As a consumer, I realize the incredible value online retail sales brings to my family. The ability to order everything—from clothing to food—with one simple click and experience lightning-fast delivery to nearly anywhere in the country is incredibly beneficial. But as the head of a supply chain technology company, I know the online retail supply […]

Fabrice Maquignon

Transwide is Ready for a New Digitalization Era in Logistics – Transwide

Carriers, shippers, and logistics service providers are facing new challenges today. Customers are asking for increased visibility and feedback in real-time. With digitalization, all players in the supply chain will require instant and efficient response time to their questions or concerns. Fabrice Maquignon, managing director at Transwide within Alpega, assesses these changes and the resulting […]

Reinventing Your Warehouse or DC

Reinventing Your Warehouse or DC

Warehouse improvements in layout and organization, docking, picking and receiving, fulfillment, and packaging can boost your bottom line and improve customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Productivity Boosters: Three Technologies Making Maximum Impact

In today’s perpetually advancing and highly competitive modern marketplace, it is vital for businesses to stay ahead of the industry and maintain an edge, starting by reviewing current processes and identifying what can be automated or require less time, labor, and costs by utilizing technology. Embracing new technological trends will streamline workflow and optimize productivity […]

Rob Kriewaldt

We Must Be ‘Smart’ About the Future of Infrastructure – WSI

America’s transportation infrastructure is in a pretty dire state. The American Society of Engineers’ (ASCE) last report card gave it an average grade of D+. If the United States were a high school, our parents would be meeting with the principal and we’d probably be concerned about whether we were going to graduate. Few issues […]

Leveraging Big Data in Your Organization

Big data is a hot buzzword, and the phrase has different meanings for different organizations. But no matter how you define it, there is no doubt that using statistical science and data analytics can help drive operational growth and supply chain efficiency. Robert Daymon, senior vice president of operations at Transplace, offers these tips to […]

Paul Myerson

Don’t Let Your Office Go to Waste

When analyzing your supply chain for efficiency improvements, it can be easy to ignore administrative activities. But office activities can constitute approximately 50 percent of the order-to-shipment lead time, and about 60 to 80 percent of all cost pertaining to meeting your customers’ needs. Many companies treat office activities in the supply chain and elsewhere […]

John Watkins

2018 State of the Third-Party Logistics Industry Report – 3PL Central

Over the past decade, there has been an extraordinary amount of change within the logistics industry. And with this change has come new requirements, new competition, new technologies, and more. At 3PL Central, we have watched as our customers have navigated this ever-evolving world of logistics. We compiled these observations—along with our own experiences—in our […]

Truck Driver Shortage Solution: Recruit Generation Z

Truck Driver Shortage Solution: Recruit Generation Z

Truck driver retention and recruitment consistently top the list of concerns for the transportation sector. The industry will need to hire roughly 900,000 new drivers to keep up with demand throughout the next decade, according to the American Trucking Associations. As millennials become more seasoned professionals and more immersed in their current industries, leaders at […]

Sunset’s Rising Star

Sunset’s Rising Star

When Lindsey Graves joined Sunset Transportation in 2006, the founder and CEO—who happens to be her father—asked her to learn the business by spending some time in every possible role. As the years progressed, that didn’t mean dealing just with the company’s freight operations. MORE TO THE STORY: No Glass Ceiling Here “I was always […]

UPS Doesn’t Want Your Large Items in Its Small Parcel Network

A warning to shippers was sounded during the current UPS earnings report when it was asked to explain its strategy regarding balancing volume and price. UPS Chief Sales and Solutions Officer Kathleen Gutman stressed the importance of continuously looking for pricing initiatives which align to revenue to cost to serve as well as the value […]

Supply Chain Commentary: 4 Steps to Increasing Visibility

When companies speak of wanting more visibility within their supply chain, what they are ultimately hoping for is to have more control. To reduce supply chain complexities and gain more authority, a business must be willing to implement tools to establish a connection to its own real-time data and information throughout its network. Establishing an […]

Invest in Logistics IT in a Grow Economy

Now is the time for all supply chain management professionals to come to the financial aid of their logistics IT. In the Information Age and the Internet of Things (IoT) era, the need for speed and flexibility in sharing accurate information both internally within your business units and externally with your customers, vendors, and suppliers, […]

Supply Chain Commentary: How Blockchain Brings New Efficiencies

The logistics sector faces immense pressure—to be better, faster, and less expensive. A significant amount of pressure has been applied to nearly all industries by disruptive conglomerate Amazon, which has single-handedly changed expectations of consumers everywhere. While competing with Amazon represents a major pain point, it’s not the only challenge. The U.S. Department of Transportation […]

IATA Automates Dangerous  Goods Compliance Checks

IATA Automates Dangerous Goods Compliance Checks

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched an innovative new solution that will enhance safety and improve efficiency in the transport of dangerous goods by air and support the industry’s goal of a fully digitized supply chain. Dangerous Goods DG AutoCheck is a digital solution that allows the air cargo supply chain to check […]

IoT Goes Green

The Internet of Things (IoT) will play a pivotal role in enabling the transport and logistics sector to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize any negative impact on the environment. According to research from Inmarsat, a provider of global mobile satellite communications, 95 percent of companies in the sector are actively implementing IoT technologies to […]

Switching On The Smart Grid

Switching On The Smart Grid

A radical new charging technology that overcomes the challenge of simultaneously recharging an entire fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) without the need for an expensive upgrade to the power supply grid has been deployed in London by a UPS-led consortium. The breakthrough signals the beginning of the end of a reliance on traditional combustion engine […]

Alibaba Ties Thailand To Online Commerce

Thailand and Alibaba have signed a letter of intent to cooperate on initiatives to develop e-commerce in the country—from providing training to small and mid-sized companies and individuals to exploring ways to enhance the country’s logistics capabilities to support Thailand 4.0 and Digital Economy strategies. The agreement covers four key areas. First is e-commerce training […]

India Loses GDP To Poor Logistics

India is losing 14 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) due to inefficient logistics, which impacts the competitiveness of the country’s products, according to CR Chaudhry, Minister of State for Commerce & Industry. "Logistics is an important sector and it is clear that the government is giving importance to the development of better connectivity […]

Noted: The Supply Chain in Brief-May 2018

In Memoriam D. Allen Lund, founder of truck brokerage firm Allen Lund Company, passed away on April 7, 2018. He was 77. In 1976, with $1,000 in his bank account, Lund founded the Allen Lund Company, now headquartered in La Cañada, California. Over the past 42 years, he saw the company grow to offices in […]

How to Manage Supply Risk in Uncertain Times

Although disruptions are inevitable, transportation management teams are often not prepared to respond. Organizations that can quickly anticipate, diagnose, and resolve supply disruptions will be in the best position to weather future storms. Case in point, as shippers geared up for the 2016 holiday season, most had no way to anticipate the massive breakdown in […]

Product Spotlight: Warehouse Workhorses

Raymond High-Capacity Reach-Fork® Truck This new, integrated high-capacity reach truck from the Raymond Corporation lifts up to 4,500 pounds and reaches 542 inches. Applicable for cold storage and freezer usage, the high-capacity truck allows pallet storage from eight to 10 levels for potentially 25-percent more warehouse storage. The truck offers integrated telematics capabilities to increase […]

XPO Logistics Taps Mobile Technology in  Europe

XPO Logistics Taps Mobile Technology in Europe

XPO Logistics, a global provider of transportation and logistics solutions, will expand its Drive XPO mobile technology to Europe in spring 2018, following a successful launch in North America. The app, designed for carriers, supports real-time visibility across transportation modes, and integrates carrier operations with daily productivity tools in one technology. The company’s proprietary Freight […]

Vertical Focus: The Agriculture Supply Chain

Vertical Focus: The Agriculture Supply Chain

FARM AID The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will make disaster payments of up to $2.36 billion, as provided by Congress, to help America’s farmers and ranchers recover from hurricanes and wildfires. The funds are available as part of the new 2017 Wildfires and Hurricanes Indemnity Program. The USDA’s Farm Service Agency will make these […]

Joel Kamp: Never Out of Gas

Joel Kamp: Never Out of Gas

Joel Kamp is head of the bulk scheduling center, Americas region, with The Linde Group, a leading gases and engineering company operating in more than 100 countries. He oversees the transportation and delivery of liquefied gases such as oxygen and nitrogen to plants and depots in this region. Responsibilities: Directs the bulk scheduling center for […]

Turn Up the Volume on Omnichannel Fulfillment

Turn Up the Volume on Omnichannel Fulfillment

Customers are changing the way manufacturers, transportation and logistics firms, and retailers operate, finds the Future of Fulfillment Vision Study conducted by Zebra Technologies with research partner Qualtrics. Among the study’s key findings are these three factors to consider when preparing your company for omnichannel fulfillment: Omnichannel is difficult to attain. If you feel like […]

Reshoring + FDI = U.S. Jobs

Reshoring + FDI = U.S. Jobs

Combined reshoring and related foreign direct investment (FDI) added more than 171,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs in 2017, up 2,800 percent from 2010, according to the Reshoring Initiative’s 2017 Reshoring Report. The total number of manufacturing jobs brought to the United States from offshore is more than 576,000 since 2010. The reshoring and FDI jobs equal […]

In Brief: New Services & Solutions

In Brief: New Services & Solutions

Services Supply chain solutions provider Bolloré Logistics USA opened a FTZ facility in Miami. The 200,000-square-foot site consolidates freight forwarding and contract logistics activities previously housed at two different locations, improving cargo turnaround time for shippers with time-critical logistics requirements. DHL relocated its Ontario, California, service center to a larger, $7-million facility to accommodate increased […]

Lufthansa Expands Access to Capacity, Rates

Lufthansa Expands Access to Capacity, Rates

Speed and reliability play a major role in transportation even when cargo is not in transit. For instance, during the booking request, sometimes every second counts. To address this need, Lufthansa Cargo now offers shippers two new programming apps: GetCapacity and GetRates, which provide direct access to capacity and rate data. Companies can use the […]

Finder’s Keepers

Seventy-six percent of transportation industry professionals responding to HireRight’s 2018 Annual Employment Screening Benchmark survey expect to grow their workforce this year, despite the challenges of recruiting and retaining qualified candidates. The survey also reveals planned strategies to overcome these challenges: Respondents plan to invest in developing retention programs (40 percent) as well as training […]

Driver Pay and Benefits Rise

Driver pay has climbed as rising demand for freight transportation services raises competition for increasingly scarce drivers, according to data gathered from more than 100,000 drivers in the American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) latest Driver Compensation study. "Fleets are reacting to an increasingly tight market for drivers by boosting pay, improving benefit packages, and offering other […]

Blockchain Solution Passes the Test

A BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTION that can eliminate the need for printed shipping documents and save the transportation and logistics sectors hundreds of millions of dollars annually has been tested successfully by a consortium comprising AB InBev, Accenture, APL, Kuehne + Nagel, and a European customs organization. The consortium tested a solution where documents are no longer […]

Rolling on the River

Rolling on the River

To establish and grow an alliance designed to generate new business by promoting international and inland trade routes at strategic locations along the Mississippi River is the intent of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) recently signed by The St. Louis Regional Freightway, Plaquemines Port Harbor & Terminal District located in the State of Louisiana, and […]

Leave IT to Your 3PL

Leave IT to Your 3PL

Still struggling to get your logistics technology up to speed? You’re not alone. See why companies are increasingly outsourcing IT to their third-party logistics providers.

Andrew Cheung

Put the Factory to Work: Vendor Shipment Booking – Amber Road

Q: What are the biggest issues facing supply chain executives in 2018? A: When we said 2017 was one of the most disruptive years for global supply chains in recent years, thanks to natural disasters, geopolitical conflicts, and regulatory upheaval, we couldn’t have foreseen the twists and turns that would take shape in 2018. The […]

U.S. Imports: It’s a Steel

U.S. Imports: It’s a Steel

While the Trump administration introduced tariffs of 25 percent on the import of steel and 10 percent on aluminum, many of the United States’ most important steel trading partners were granted exemptions, at least temporarily. These exemptions apply to the selected major steel exporters shown in the chart below, including the European Union, Brazil, Canada, […]

Truck Driver Shortage: When Will Autonomous Trucks Fill the Gap?

Not that long ago, San Francisco-based Embark announced its first cross-country trip by a self-driving truck. Along with Uber, Tu Simple, and Starsky Robotics, Embark is working on the autopilot technology for long-haul trucks. Self-driving trucks will result in disruption; the question is “When?” Given that the economic benefits are enormous, the self-driving revolution is […]

Shannon Vaillancourt

Find the Data You’ve Been Looking For – RateLinx

Q: Why do companies struggle to get good data? A: It’s no secret that data is the foundation for a world-class logistics strategy. It’s also no secret how to find the right data, yet many companies struggle to find the data they’ve been looking for. Companies have a lot of data, but not the data […]

Supply Chain Commentary: How to Overcome Technology Roadblocks

The shipping industry has hit a roadblock and can’t expand without overcoming numerous challenges. Talent shortages, increased competition from outside the industry, and slow acceptance of technological advances are just a few of the hurdles that have stagnated one of the most important segments of American commerce. The only way to overcome these challenges and […]

Georgia Ports: Crane and Able

Georgia Ports: Crane and Able

The first of Georgia Ports Authority’s (GPA) four new Neo-Panamax cranes have come online, bringing its operating fleet to 27. The super-sized crane is tall enough to lift containers 152 feet above the dock. Konecranes of Finland designed these massive cranes, which can work the largest ships now calling the U.S. East Coast, reaching across […]

Trucking Challenges Impact SCM

It is no secret that the current state of the U.S. trucking industry has had several negative impacts on logistics and supply chain management. The shortage of drivers and ripple effect from the ELD mandate have caused trucking delays and pricing increases across the country, and are now affecting global supply chains. Indianapolis-based logistics solutions […]

Keeping Order Changes in Check

Today, retailers face not just competitive pressures, but also heightened consumer expectations for convenience and a wide product selection. As a result, the retail grocery industry is working to increase flexibility in the supply chain and clean up disjointed practices that add unnecessary cost and, ultimately, negatively impact the consumer experience. Recently, a retail grocery […]