Hitting the Asset-Tracking Trifecta: Bet on Visibility, ROI, and Safety

Throughout the transportation industry, losses due to cargo shrink (theft, damage, and spoilage) total an estimated $100 billion annually. Many companies have turned to RFID to help prevent cargo shrink, monitoring assets throughout the supply chain so they can identify when a particular asset enters or departs one facility or another. This method, however, doesn’t […]

Global Sourcing: The Path to High Performance

Leading organizations on the path to high performance are those that accelerate global sourcing strategies, drive aggressive cost reductions, and look to contract manufacturing to leverage and expand the value of their brand. Most significantly, these organizations plan to double their spend on low-cost country sourcing in the next three years. High-performance businesses are masters […]

Playing Politics with Homeland Security: 100-Percent Wrong

If you source or sell anything overseas, you are no doubt aware of Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) efforts to mandate 100-percent scanning of inbound containers through an amendment to the SAFE Port Act. As part of the effort to get the amendment adopted, Schumer, along with eight other Democratic senators—Obama, Clinton, Menendez, Kerry, Kennedy, and […]

Global Supply Chain Networks: Eye for Design

To take advantage of global sourcing and manufacturing cost efficiencies—and to tap into burgeoning consumer markets overseas—companies must put as much effort into designing their global supply chain as they do in managing it. Old habits die hard, but forward-thinking companies are embracing a holistic approach to design.

Furniture Logistics Finds its Legs

When a production shift from the Midwest to Asia rearranged the furniture industry, it did some interior design—polishing transport operations, dusting off collaboration efforts, and brushing up on new technology. Was this a competitive strategy that wood work?

Brent Shinall: Bursting with Energy

When Brent Shinall grew bored with his job as manufacturing engineer for hypersonic engine maker Pratt & Whitney, he started exploring new career opportunities. “I saw people in the purchasing department working with suppliers and negotiating contracts, and thought, ‘That looks like more fun,’” he recalls. So when the company’s purchasing manager needed an engineer […]

Global Technology Gets Hyperactive

Few people in this industry are better suited to wax poetic about globalization and technology than Supreet Manchanda, executive vice president/chief technology and corporate development officer for Brentwood, Tenn.-based 3PL Ozburn-Hessey Logistics. What Manchanda calls his “weird genealogy”—born in India, raised in Africa, educated in London, and a former resident of New York City, Silicon […]

IT Cleanup, Aisle 3

Migrating to a single technology platform and translating SAP transactions onto handheld terminals were high on Wawa’s IT shopping list. It checked off both with SAP.

Trends-Mar 2007

To prepare for the much hyped and debated Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program, the Department of Homeland Security has issued a final rule for rolling out the initiative. The TWIC program, expected to begin this month, attempts to enhance port security by checking the background of workers before they are granted unescorted access to […]

Global Logistics-March 2007

Across virtually all industries and geographic regions, manufacturers share one common goal: to increase profitability by reducing costs. A growing number of manufacturers, both in the United States and around the world, have embraced global sourcing as a fast-track method for achieving that goal. Global sourcing first took off in the 1980s and has increased […]

Improving Your Security Program

Security breaches in the United States cost industry tens of billions of dollars each year. If you manufacture, distribute, or ship high-value items, security within your company is at risk of being compromised. Preventing security breaches—in your facilities, and when your cargo is being loaded or unloaded for transit—is key. Here are 10 tips for […]

Driver-Shortage Issues: Carriers Get Creative

With trucking demand projected to exceed capacity for the next 15 years, and drivers retiring or leaving the business faster than they can be replaced, trucking companies and third-party logistics providers are scrambling to protect themselves from serious operating disruptions caused by driver-shortage issues. Shippers, in turn, feel the impact of the problem when contracting […]

To Hang On, Let Go of Antiquated Processes

In today’s brutally competitive environment, manufacturers are discovering that the only way they can hang on is to let go. They are realizing they must abandon antiquated business processes and take full advantage of the affordable and sophisticated technologies available to them that automate and enhance processes throughout the plant. Letting go is no easy […]

New Frontiers in Learning

Few logisticians and supply chain managers will dispute the value of practical, real-world, get-your-hands-dirty learning experiences. But the rapidity of global change, the proliferation of new supply chain networks and partnerships, and the velocity of logistics IT innovation challenges practitioners, such as you, to keep pace with the times. Improving your logistics skillset has an […]

Back to School? Start Your Search Here

Succeeding in the logistics field often requires an advanced degree. But finding the right school to attend sometimes comes with an advanced degree of aggravation. Inbound Logistics is here to help.

Ivan Figueroa: A Man Who Plays Many Parts

Ivan Figueroa leads a double life. As global logistics manager for Radiant Systems in Alpharetta, Ga., he keeps distribution centers throughout the world supplied with spare parts for his company’s point-of-sale systems. In his other role as council member of the newly formed city of Johns Creek, Ga., he wrestles with zoning and planning questions […]

C. Daniel Negron

Shifted Contents, Shared Responsibility

Q: My warehouse often receives containers holding cargo that has shifted or collapsed against itself. Apart from any risk we face for cargo damage while unloading the containers, I feel this also presents a hazard to my workers. What can I do to protect my company and my employees? A: Unfortunately, containers often house improperly […]

Logistics in the Blogosphere

Say what you will about blogging—that it democratizes information dissemination, or, adversely, that it is killing well-edited, fact-checked journalism—logistics professionals have embraced it. Because of their low-tech, easy-to-use nature, blogs have exploded not only as forums to discuss celebrity and political goings-on, but as a resource tool for finding solutions to real business challenges. While […]

Global Logistics-February 2007

Pursuing profitable growth pays off. That’s the valuable lesson the global air cargo industry learned in 2006, says Giovanni Bisignani, CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). IATA’s recently released 2006 data shows air cargo growth increased from 3.2 percent in 2005 to 4.6 percent in 2006. Although the increase remains below the historical […]

Trends-February 2007

While DHL is a fixture on airport runways around the world, the company debuted on a different kind of runway earlier this month, as the official express carrier and logistics provider for IMG Fashion’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. As part of its deal with IMG Fashion, DHL operated shipping service kiosks for […]

Creating an Inbound Routing Guide

Used properly, inbound routing guides can streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance trading partner relationships. Pete Stiles, vice president of strategy and marketing, LeanLogistics, offers these tips for creating a routing guide that your vendors will comply to. 1. Understand what a routing guide is and clearly define its parameters. Routing guides contain routing instructions […]

Logistics Developers Embrace the ‘P Word’

The real estate development community in the United States has performed a dramatic about-face when it comes to forming development partnerships. Developers have realized the dreaded ‘P word’ may be necessary for certain projects. This new attitude pays off for real estate developers providing build-to-suit logistics facilities because they operate in a changed reality shaped […]

Julian Keeling

U.S. Airlines Need an Attitude Adjustment

Airlines in the United States contain a hidden treasure. But through indifference, disinterest, and even disdain, this treasure never will reveal its true worth unless and until senior airline management realizes the importance of freight operations. The passenger side of the industry is doing comparatively well five years after the Sept. 11 attacks—with packed airplanes […]

8 Common-Sense Rules for Inventory Management

Inventory management is a hot topic. Books about the subject abound and there are many detailed techniques and practices, which vary by industry. When looking at the big picture, however, you can reduce much of the philosophizing about inventory management to the following eight common-sense principles. 1. If you don’ t know where you are […]

How Do You Spell Transportation Budget Relief? TSM

The increasingly complicated nature of global shipping, coupled with a shift in transportation budgeting from basic transportation costs to a base plus accessorial charges billing standard, has made managing transportation budgets extremely challenging. The good news? This cloud has a silver lining—it is called Transportation Spend Management (TSM). TSM is the practice of targeting specific […]

The Human Touch (Felecia Stratton)

When was the last time you shared a drink with your WMS, complimented your forklift, or gave your computer a pat on the back? Accidental coffee spills and wishful coaxing aside, probably never, and for good reason. Machines may help get the job done faster and more efficiently, but the real power behind the supply […]

Hidden Heroes Power the Supply Chain (Keith Biondo)

Some people manage simple logistics systems. Others face logistics complexities that stretch beyond their ability to master them. Some people oversee logistics flows across the globe. Others run a seemingly never-ending closed loop of highly disciplined product flow within the confines of a single state. Some logistics managers operate a transport program that flat-lines for […]

People: Bill O’Brien, Havi Food Services

Bill O’Brien looks for challenges on the road less traveled. If someone has already been there and done that, chances are he’ll veer in the opposite direction. As president of Havi Food Services in China, O’Brien has charted an unconventional course—overseeing from scratch the development of a world-class cold chain in a region plagued by […]

People: Glenn Eisen, Retired Logistics Professional

After a long and distinguished logistics career, Glenn Eisen could have embraced a guilt-free retirement filled with golf, travel, and early-bird specials. Instead, he spends his days lending his logistics and emergency medical skills to disaster relief efforts, and mentoring young entrepreneurs about the ins and outs of business management. “I have a lot of […]

People: Vicki O’Meara, Ryder

What’s a high-powered environmental attorney doing at the head of a logistics services business? Having the time of her life. “I can’t think of a better opportunity for someone who likes to lead and grow organizations,” says Vicki O’Meara, president since 2005 of U.S. Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) for Miami-based Ryder. For a woman who […]

People: Bob Willett, Best Buy

In June 2006, Bob Willett, CEO of Best Buy International, was a speaker at AMR Research’s Supply Chain Executive Conference, where he followed a keynote speech by former President Bill Clinton. In his introduction, Willett warned the audience not to expect much from him. “After all, I’m just a simple shopkeeper,” he explained. “Simple shopkeeper” […]

People: Junki Yoshida, Yoshida Group

Having a joke, an antic, or a light-hearted observation for every occasion is trademark for Junki Yoshida, chairman and CEO of the Oregon-based Yoshida Group, parent company of OIA Global Logistics. On his conglomerate’s web page, he pops up as a smiling Uncle Sam, an improbable Elvis, even a lasso-swinging cowboy. At Yoshida’s Wine Bar […]

People: Fred Towns, New Age Electronics

Ask Fred Towns what he likes about his job and the words spill out of his mouth, tumbling over each other at a dizzying pace that leaves you somewhere between hanging on each one and hoping you can process it all fast enough to keep up. Thanks to his varied career, Towns has a lot […]

People: Jim Kellso, Intel Corp.

When a tree falls in the Bolivian rain forest, someone might not be around to hear it, but there’s a good chance it is being tracked with RFID, thanks in part to Jim Kellso. Kellso, whose day job is planning Intel’s supply chain future, helped the Nature Conservancy implement an RFID program that lets it […]

5 Burning Questions

Complicated questions abound in the supply chain industry and some weigh more heavily on logistics professionals than others. To find answers to some recurring quandaries, Inbound Logistics put some of the industry’s top experts on the hot seat and fired away.

Demand-Driven Logistics: Adjusting Focus

Picture this: 80 percent of your traditional business disappears within five years. For Eastman Kodak, positioning a demand-driven supply chain model to fit this redefined market required vision, an eye for detail, and precise timing. Here’s what developed.

How Do They Ship That?

Moving cargo in today’s transportation environment is tough enough as is. Throw in a few tricky variables—living, oversized goods; super-tight time constraints; and far-flung destinations—and you have a recipe for trouble. But for some shippers and transportation providers, it is all in a day’s work. Here’s how they do it.

Washington Report 2007: Looking Back, Moving Forward

MORE TO THE STORY: Legislative Lingo: What’s In A Name? The coming year promises to be a major watershed for U.S. government and industry alike as political power shifts on Capitol Hill and long-anticipated transportation legislation finally comes to pass. The new direction of a Democrat-led Congress will have a major impact on the transportation […]

Supply Chain MythBusters

It’s a tough job separating supply chain truth from hype, but Inbound Logistics is here to serve. With a tip of our beret to the Discovery Channel show MythBusters, we set out to prove or bust three supply chain “myths’ currently circulating through the logistics industry.

Global Sourcing Strategies: Pacific Rim Playbook

Sourcing components and raw materials from the Pacific Rim is no longer a cutting-edge logistics strategy; it has become commonplace. But that doesn’t make it any less complicated. “The cost efficiencies gained by sourcing in Asia and India lured many companies into overseas trade,” explains Jon Routledge, vice president international sales-express, DHL. “And they face […]

Demand Calls, Mexico Responds

For decades, Mexico’s coastal ports primarily served as a destination for cruise ships. But in recent years, the country’s Pacific and Gulf Coast ports have become known more for their inflow of cargo than tourists. While U.S. West Coast ports continue to battle terminal, freeway, and rail congestion, Mexico’s ports have become increasingly attractive to […]

Completing the Circle of Life

When most people talk about lifecycle management (LM), they think about product design, materials sourcing, manufacturing and forward distribution. But more and more, especially in the high tech, electronics and telecommunications sectors, companies must consider what happens to their products after they leave the loading dock. This means thinking about not just installation, but also […]

Luxembourg: Your Logistics Partner in Europe

Global production outsourcing has led to increased logistical challenges. The need for efficient, time and cost effective supply chain management has created new opportunities for integrated logistics providers. Luxembourg continues its positioning as a European hub for contract, air-freight based and value-added logistics to meet these challenges. Luxembourg provides American companies with many strategic advantages […]

Fast Forward: Is Rush Hour Traffic Hurting Your Customer Service?

Are my customers completely satisfied? Am I providing the level of service they expect? Every executive should be asking these questions if they expect to remain competitive. Itπs not enough to offer the best price; your customers expect more than that. They expect you to be responsive to their needs and to consistently deliver on […]

The Indianapolis Region: A New Logistics Leader Has Emerged

Images of central Indiana may bring to mind the Indianapolis 500, the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning or the NCAA Final Four. However, for logistics professionals, the Indianapolis region is becoming a dream destination for moving goods around the world. Site selection consultants and local Indianapolis region logistics and distribution companies are finding that available […]

Virtual Container Yards Net Real Results

Waste is the sworn enemy of the supply chain. Whether time and money is squandered because of excess inventory, unnecessary cargo moves, manufacturing foul-ups, under-utilized technology systems, or inaccurate sales forecasting, logisticians are tasked every day with avoiding waste and inefficiency. One particularly vexing source of waste for transportation carriers today is empty containers. Thanks […]

Shortcuts Sound Appealing, But at What Cost?

I recently facilitated a panel discussion at an industry conference that many of you probably attended. The topic was: How 3PLs and their customers can develop and maintain the right relationship. I asked three Total Logistic Control (TLC) customers—all household-name companies—to answer a series of questions about how they worked with their 3PLs, and how […]


Every January begins anew with equal amounts retrospection and anticipation. The logistics and supply chain segment is no exception, and so we offer the following predictions for 2007. 1. ECONOMIC IMPLICATIONS As housing prices begin to drop, interest rates rise, and high energy costs remain static, many observers place the United States economy on the […]

Global Logistics-Jan 2007

Following nearly 15 years of fiscal sputtering, Japan’s economic engine is now shifting into drive. For a country whose automobile manufacturing sector established itself as the vanguard for just-in-time manufacturing and logistics in the 1970s, it is not surprising the government has taken a page out of its own supply chain legacy to fuel economic […]

Trends-January 2007

While U.S. shippers and logistics providers continue to debate the merits of RFID technology, North Asian companies are plowing ahead with RFID projects. The development and deployment of RFID technology in China, South Korea, and Japan is growing rapidly, finds new research from global consultancy Frost & Sullivan. All three countries are in the growth […]

Trends-January 2007

Intermodal transportation is currently under great scrutiny in the supply chain. Pundits debate whether intermodal is a cost-saving method that can help ease supply chain capacity issues, or a second-tier solution fenced in by customer service concerns and a finite supply of railroad track in the United States. Like many aspects of today’s supply chain […]

Improving Supply Chain Visibility Projects

Having visibility into the supply chain allows companies to gather and utilize information effectively. It also helps them better communicate with customers and partners. Because of this, supply chain visibility (SCV) systems are a much sought-after logistics tool. If used successfully, SCV systems can cut logistics costs, improve resource planning, and allow your organization to […]

Technology Moves Forwarders Forward

Freight forwarders are hardly a lonely breed; more than 10,000 ply their trade in the United States, according to government statistics. In this brutally competitive business, what makes one freight forwarder or logistics provider rise above the pack to be among the few that evolve successfully into genuine partners to their customers? There is no […]

The Six Hidden Costs of Reverse Logistics

Due to both human nature and training, logistics professionals tend to be forward focused. They are learning, however, that their companies can realize dramatic cost savings by applying forward-focused processes and automation to optimize reverse logistics operations. Reverse logistics is no small matter in the supply chain. Industrial equipment return rates are approximately 4 percent […]

All the News…?

Walking past the newsstand last weekend, a New York Times headline caught my attention: As Trucking Rules Are Eased, A Debate on Safety Intensifies. I picked up the article, hoping to learn about safety concerns and actions the industry is taking to address them. Sandwiched between the first and last paragraph of the article, both […]

Supply Chain Roundup: The Hottest Trends of 2006

MORE TO THE STORY: Still a Gap When it comes to the supply chain, 2006 was a year of mixed outcomes. The cost of fuel skyrocketed, causing considerable pain in the transport sectors and in industries heavily dependent on petroleum-based materials. Companies hedged their bets by embracing strategies such as shifting to alternate modes and […]

Global Logistics—December 2006

Chinas Truckload Market Opening Up While China has long been a hotspot for low-cost sourcing and manufacturing, logistics companies have largely stayed away from competing in its domestic transportation market. But Wisconsin-based trucking and logistics company Schneider National Inc. is looking to break the mold and tap into one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Schneider […]

Michael Mahon: Rolling in Dough

When the music store he managed went out of business, Denver jazz bassist Mike Mahon needed a new day job. He found one driving a delivery truck for Otis Spunkmeyer, a manufacturer and distributor of frozen cookie dough and ready-made bakery products. Soon, Mahon spotted an opportunity that looked too good to pass up. Otis […]

2006: A Year of Supply Chain Changes

The logistics industry continued to undergo fundamental changes in 2006, as shippers demanded increased services from their providers. To meet that need, numerous logistics providers contemplated expanding their core services. One European forwarder, for example, weighed the benefits of providing domestic trucking to a company wanting an integrated service for shipping goods to the United […]

TMS Soothes Transportation Woes

Thanks to increased global trade and visibility demands, TMS applications are enjoying widespread popularity. Transportation management may never be the same. With all the negatives swirling around the transportation industry these days—high fuel prices, tight capacity, and the driver shortage, to mention a few—it is hard to imagine any company sustaining, let alone decreasing its […]

Trends-December 2006

Global trade works in interesting ways, especially when it comes to port activity. While some pundits predict freight will be diverted to alternate ports on the East and West coasts to avoid traffic at the ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach, others see continued growth at the Southern California ports, based on stateside and transshipment demand […]

Finding the Best NAFTA Carriers

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was crafted to reduce tariff complexity and foster efficient movement of goods between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The challenge for shippers is finding carriers that can maneuver among the three government jurisdictions, and understand and follow their rules. NAFTA carriers have secured the required licensing and […]

Carrier Challenges Are Your Challenges, Too

One attractive component of the logistics industry is the variety of problem-solving opportunities it offers. Currently, inflationary costs pressuring carriers is the biggest problem-solving opportunity in the supply chain. The entire industry is wrestling with this challenge—and will be for the foreseeable future. Discussing the prospect of ongoing cost escalations is a challenging conversation to […]

The Time is Right for Wireless Automation

The public for-hire motor freight market has been growing consistently, while significant consolidation has occurred. Even for the best operators, however, margins remain in the low single digits. Motor freight carriers are challenged to improve service levels, reduce damage, optimize pick-up and delivery, and significantly improve shipment visibility. To date, mobile communications solutions aimed at […]

Tis the Season to be Shipping

The peak season for holiday shipping used to start in September, but carriers now say November is their busiest month, thanks to manufacturers and retailers better matching demand to supply. You can make the case that demand-driven logistics practices drive retailing excellence by speeding inventory and slashing the sourcing-to-sales cycle. You might even say that […]

Unwrapping Seasonality Challenges

All retailers and vendors want for Christmas is supply chain success. Using logistics technology, savvy shipping strategies, and better planning, many will get their wish.

Getting Service Parts Logistics Up To Speed

“What’s the difference between a drug store and a fire station?” That’s not a trick question, but a way to understand the service parts supply chain. “You expect to see goods moving rapidly through a drug store or retail chain,” explains Dr. Morris Cohen, Panasonic professor of manufacturing and logistics and co-director of the Fishman-Davidson […]

Global Logistics—November 2006

Global Trucking Woes High fuel costs and a shortage of truck drivers aren’t concerns for fleet operators only in the United States, finds a new study from GE Capital Solutions. Nearly 70 percent of trucking industry leaders in Canada, the United Kingdom, and France also feel high fuel prices and the driver shortage place their […]

Mark Smith: Remaking SC Strategy, Again

It is amazing how much can change in a mere 18 months. When Mark Smith left his job as head of operations for GTSI in early 2005, the company focused mainly on reselling information technology products—such as notebook computers and software packages—to government organizations. But in September 2006, when Smith returned to the Chantilly, Va.-based […]

Talking Tech at CSCMP

The annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) conference in San Antonio last month provided a great opportunity to catch up on the latest innovations in logistics technology. The Supply Chain Technology Solutions educational track, and the many sessions that dealt with logistics technology, expertly dissected top tech capabilities in everything from global trade […]

How to Improve Rail Velocity

Improving rail velocity, which entails expediting rail car turnsand making better use of equipment to create a more fluid railroad, is a growing priority for shippers of all stripes. It promises to keep existing rail customers happy while luring non-traditional shippers to the tracks – especially as traffic-choked highways and high fuel prices make the […]

How to Outsource Freight Bill Payment

As transportation costs continue to soar, some businesses are looking to reduce operational spend by outsourcing freight payment audit and reconciliation to third-party companies. An estimated 65 percent of major corporations currently outsource their freight payment function as a result of prohibitive labor, processing, and technology costs, as well as the complexities of coordinating internal […]

How to Ship Expedited Oversized Cargo

Problem: You need to ship an oversized, irregularly shaped piece of equipment expedited to Shanghai. Now what? Step 1: Build the shipment and prepare it for tendering to the carrier. The key question in building your shipment is: how will the carrier handle it? Forklift handling is ideal, so the cargo should be palletized. If […]

How to Construct Build-to-Suit Projects

Increasingly, U.S. companies are embracing build-to-suit (BTS) development projects to leverage the capital, resources, and expertise of commercial real estate developers, while dictating the design, construction, and management of new facilities themselves. Consider, for example, a company that wants to locate a distribution facility on the West Coast to accommodate growing inbound volume from Asia. […]

Trends-November 2006

Despite the hot and humid San Antonio weather, last month’s CSCMP annual conference served as a refreshing reminder of the breadth and depth of the modern supply chain industry. More than 3,000 attendees assembled from October 15 to 18 to gather food for thought on global logistics, sourcing, supply chain technology, transportation, and warehousing best […]

Optimizing Your Forklift Fleet

Purchasing a new forklift can be expensive, but that’s just a fraction of what it costs to operate it efficiently—or inefficiently. Getting the most bang for your forklift buck means understanding the products you move and establishing baseline costs as a start. Here are 10 tips for optimizing your forklift fleet, from Joseph Lafergola, manager, […]

Port Diversion Strategy: Consistency Beats Velocity

A steady increase in imports from Asia during the last five years has helped create a logistics dilemma for U.S. businesses using West Coast ports. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and their key partners—rail, labor, stevedores, truckers, and distribution centers—were not properly prepared to handle these volumes, leading to significant receiving and […]

Wireless Capabilities: A Must-Have for Fleet Operators

Wireless technology has become a mainstay for today’s distribution, wholesale, and retail fleet operators—especially in the area of last-mile delivery. The ability to communicate information in real time is key to controlling costs and maintaining efficient operations on the road. Wireless technology’s features and options, as well as its service and hardware costs, continue to […]

U.S. Manufacturers: Have Logistics, Will Prosper

For generations, small and medium-sized manufacturers have been vital to the innovation and productivity of America’s economy. These manufacturers—defined by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) as those with fewer than 500 employees and fewer than 2,500 employees, respectively—underpin our nation’s success in international markets, and play a critical role in the future of America’s […]

SAFE, At Home

The shipping community, with government assistance, is the defensive line protecting us from threats caused by nuclear proliferation. Where’s the global anti-nuke movement? They must be sitting this one out, waiting for the next power plant to open. We know exactly where Congress is, however. The Security and Accountability for Every Port Act (SAFE) offers […]

High 5: Air Cargo’s Top Challenges

Increasing fuel prices, security threats, changing inventory strategies, mode shifting, and provider consolidation have the air cargo industry in a tailspin. Here’s how carriers and shippers plan to fly past these challenges.