Richter’s Model for Success

The merging of global sourcing and transportation with industry-specific manufacturing creates a golden opportunity for software providers. The apparel and fashion business in particular is prime territory. Staking its claim to this territory is Richter Systems Inc., based in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 1968, Richter focuses its software applications on the apparel industry. “The apparel […]

QUALCOMM: Managing Information in Motion

While many technologies have been brought to bear on the supply chain, none have exceeded the importance of the advances in communication. It is all right and good to get products resourced, manufactured and distributed, but if the level of communication to accomplish these tasks is not of the highest order, business is not being […]

Taking a Community Network Approach to the Supply Chain

The increasing growth of e-commerce is not just augmenting normal business practice; it is changing how people do business and what kind of business they do. The necessities of global sourcing, global selling, global manufacturing, global logistics and global distribution have placed managing a successful business in a whole new context. RockPort Trade Systems, Gloucester, […]

McHugh’s Road Leads to Integrated Logistics System

There are as many roads to supply chain management as roads to Rome. One road is to concentrate on integrating the various levels of logistics execution—such as warehouse management, distribution management, labor management and transportation management—which allow the product to move from its point of origin to its consumption as fast as possible, at the […]

A Supply Chain Alliance for Progress

No single LIT vendor can meet every need of every user within the supply chain. But there’s strength in numbers. Paragon Management Systems, EDS/A.T. Kearney, Sun Microsystems, and Selectica have formed an interesting alliance offering a complete supply chain solution. Each company brings something vital to the table. Sun Microsystems, Mountain View, Calif., provides the […]

Crossdocking: The Supply Chain Core

Crossdocking has become a key technology in handling products and packages properly within the supply chain. For crossdocking to come of age, certain technologies had to be firmly in place, including portable and fixed bar-code equipment, data collection terminals, software applications, a dedicated database, a network or a combination of network and radio frequency devices. […]

The Summit Group: Logistics Pros

Functions that used to operate in silos, such as warehousing and transportation, must now answer to the greater demands of the supply chain. In turn, the supply chain must answer to its primary driver—the customer. Providing satisfaction to the customer has become the means by which an enterprise achieves its own business goals. Providing exceptional […]

Optum Inc: SCM Execution Solution

We used to talk about warehousing as a place; now we talk about it as a process. New supply chain strategies and technologies are capturing this process. The architecture of logistics information systems is changing as different software applications take possession. For example, MRP II’s replacement, ERP, functionally provides a suite of applications that handles […]

JD Edwards: The Fourth Wave of Supply Chain Management

The dynamics of the supply chain as a strategy, as a market, and as a set of technologies are creating a tidal wave of change. One company riding the crest of the wave is J.D. Edwards, Denver, Colo. Best known for its very strong position in the ERP market and recent phenomenal growth surge, J.D. […]

Maria Gray

Can Competitors Unite On Your Behalf?

In 1997, DSC Communications Corporation, a $1.6-billion telecom equipment maker based in Plano, Texas, decided to get radical. In an attempt to streamline the number of freight forwarders not only swarming its docks, but swamping the progressive company with paperwork, DSC turned to outsourcing. Putting its domestic, international, and van line segments out for bid, […]

Got Milk?

What did you have for breakfast this morning? A bowl of Wheaties at your kitchen table? No? You stopped at McDonald’s for an Egg McMuffin, or you upscaled your way to Starbucks for coffee and a croissant, didn’t you? I know, I know. Who has time to sit down for breakfast anymore? If you actually […]

Turning Traditional Software Upside Down

The supply chain’s fast lane is getting faster. Camelot IS-2, Cambridge, Mass., ( offers a product called skyva that is aimed at optimizing the supply chain process.” skyva enables the integration of best-of-breed applications and provides flexible, scalable, and dynamic enterprise software solutions,” says Dr. Guenther Moeckesch, Camelot chairman and CEO. skyva is generated directly […]

Logistics Success: Take it to the Bank

Global economics plus smart financing equals huge opportunities. But overseas trade presents many logistics risks that can cause lending institutions to hesitate in financing all the working capital needs of their clients. The success of a transaction depends on a well-oiled logistics process, with the job finished only when the goods satisfactorily reach the customer’s […]

Logistics for the Common Man

Since I started editing Inbound Logistics in 1984, IL’s mission has been to help companies of all types and all sizes adopt new logistics ideas; specifically to take a pull approach to logistics. As I plan our editorial coverage for next year, I’m hearing more and more from readers at small and mid-size companies who […]

ERO Enhances Supply Chain Software

As Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) expands out into the supply chain, its reach, and many of its functions, takes on a different set of characteristics. These characteristics include increased access to information, greater efficiency among various enterprise functions, and a better handle on easier implementing, better planning, and optimal producing. PeopleSoft, Pleasanton, Calif., refers to […]

Creating and Managing Intermodal Partnerships

Much has been written about creating “partnerships” in business today. Increasingly, the word implies more than just establishing a close cooperation between two parties and maintaining an acceptable level of service. “Partnership” has become synonymous with forging a true vendor-customer alliance to achieve predetermined objectives and proactively identifying ways to provide the best service at […]

Tax Credit Gives Boost to Boston

The state of Massachusetts, and Boston in particular, have drawn sustenance from the ocean and its maritime industries for more than 300 years. Now, as the 21st century approaches, U.S. ports, including the Port of Boston, have to reinvent themselves to meet the changing global economy. One of the biggest challenges facing U.S. ports is […]

How To Not Get ‘Dissed’

In the parlance of the street, getting “dissed” means getting disrespected. In the business realm, many intermediaries, or middlemen (distributors, for example) are worried about getting dissed another way, falling victim to the disintermediation trend. That’s a lot of alphabet, but it means simply that technology, the Internet, and the need for corporate efficiency has […]

Balancing Inventory With Customer Service

A key link in the supply chain is the management of inventory and its vital replenishment. Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers all have a large stake in the process. Cooperative replenishment can lead to inventory reduction, sales growth, and reduced management and processing expenses. Supply Chain Solutions, Williamsville, N.Y., offers inventory management services specifically for […]

Thinking of Outsourcing? Ask Me Two Questions

A potential customer who was considering outsourcing her logistics operations recently asked me two thoughtful questions. The questions are fundamental, yet critical to ensuring that you, as the customer, share with your 3PL providers a common understanding of the task at hand. Her first question: What is logistics? The proliferation of logistics directories illustrates the […]

JIT II Partnerships Require Leap of Faith

United Printing was in the unique position in 1986 to be part of Bose Corporation’s now-famous JIT II experiment. Under this new approach to managing business logistics, Bose consolidated all its printing with one JIT II partner—United Printing—in exchange for immediate cost reduction, an inplant representative, and a defined ceiling on all pricing. Twelve years […]

Force of Nature

Say what you want about the trucking industry, but it has never been more exciting for carriers. Opportunities for growth are great, but “little” errors or lack of vision can have fatal results. What fun, as customers pull carriers in seemingly opposite directions. Demands for inventory reduction and the resultant “efficiency” mindset drives this trend, […]

Warehouse Management Takes on the Supply Chain

Extending themselves beyond the four walls of the warehouse and into the world of the supply chain, Warehouse Management Systems have become powerful tools. Most now serve one of the three key functions of the supply chain – source, make and distribute – as defined by SCOR. The evolution from warehouse preoccupation to distribution management […]

Homayoun Taherian

All You Need To Know About Co-loading

Many businesses are unfamiliar with the concept of co-loading, and wonder whether this practice can benefit their operations. Here are some answers to common questions about co-loading. What is co-loading? Co-loading is the equivalent of ride sharing for freight transportation. It is the consolidation of shipments across multiple companies on the same transportation vehicles. Companies […]