Follow the Freight, Find the ROI

While the threat of cargo terrorism steals headlines (Dubai Ports World debacle anyone?), U.S. shippers are equally challenged by more common cargo perils such as vandalism, breakage, spoilage, transport accidents, and theft. In fact, the FBI estimates losses from cargo theft at $50 billion in the United States alone, according to Denis duNann, CEO of […]

Freight Payment: Getting Back to Basics

At the beginning of the new millennium, many freight payment companies added the latest “whiz bang” gadgetry to their information systems or freight payment products. Now, those companies’ disappointed customers want their providers to get back to basics. Although information tools remain important, freight payment basics are now the priority. Today, shippers seek a freight […]

Trends-April 2006

Though the hubbub has died down and the media have decamped from East Coast ports, the defunct Dubai Ports World deal is still reverberating throughout the shipping industry. Most significantly, the deal has served as an impetus for Congress to more closely examine the broader issue of port security and port operations. Capitol Hill leapt […]

Devising a Logistics Budget

A logistics budget that is off the mark can cause problems, as well as lost profits. If you don’t plan properly, logistics costs can spiral, leading to an end-of-fiscal-year disaster. Here are 10 tips for devising your logistics budget, from Michael Bravo, senior director of finance, APL Logistics America. 1. Watch the calendar. When it […]

New ‘Lifestyle’, New Logistics Challenges

The proliferation of “lifestyle centers”—one of the biggest trends to hit retail real estate in decades—is having a significant effect on retailers’ logistics and distribution networks. Lifestyle centers—typically 150,000 to 575,000 square feet in size—are vibrant, upscale, Main Street-style shopping areas with aesthetic extras such as plazas, fountains, decorated walkways, and landscaping. They are often […]

William J. Augello, Esq.

2005: Happy or Unhappy Anniversary?

Last year marked the anniversary of several laws and events that revolutionized transportation regulation in the United States: The 10th anniversary of the Interstate Commerce Commission’s (ICC) demise. The 25th anniversary of deregulation in the railroad industry. The 25th anniversary of partial deregulation in the motor carrier industry. The 28th anniversary of deregulation in the […]

The New Reality of Hosted Solutions: Less Can Be More

Technological complexity, rapid change, and escalating IT costs are forcing fleet managers to examine the way they collect and manage driver, vehicle, and delivery information. As a result, a new fleet management model is emerging. Increasing numbers of small and mid-size businesses are evaluating the benefits of using a hosted solution to ease the headaches […]

Lessons From the Neanderthals

What do global trade, cavemen, and a TV commercial have in common? Stay with me. Did you catch the FedEx ad about a caveman using Brand X Pterosaur to ship an important stick? Instant classic! The commercial humorously shows that good transportation was as important then as it is now. Oddly enough, new research by […]

Curing Health Care’s Ills

SYMPTOMS: hemorrhaging costs, swollen inventory, impaired visibility & tracking, technological paralysis. DIAGNOSIS: unhealthy supply chain management and related complications. RECOMMENDED TREATMENT: take control of costs, exercise better visibility, optimize infrastructure…and call me in the morning.

Nebraska: America’s Emerging Logistics Center

Strategically positioned in the center of the country, with a business-friendly climate and well-educated workforce, Nebraska offers an ideal location for transportation, logistics, distribution, and warehousing companies. The state has become a manufacturing growth center and an emerging distribution hub.

Global Logistics—March 2006

3PLs Manufacturers Eyeing Eastern Europe Go east—to Eastern Europe, that is—has become the new mantra for multinational manufacturers looking to establish low-cost production sites. The accession of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia to the European Union (EU) has opened up new growth opportunities in the region. […]

Shane Grutsch: Oil’s Well That Ends Well

If your next order of french fries, chicken nuggets, or onion rings is cooked to a golden crisp, you might have Shane Grutsch of Restaurant Technologies Inc. (RTI), Minneapolis, to thank. More than 10,000 U.S. foodservice establishments use RTI’s patented system to manage their cooking oil. RTI provides and maintains equipment that automatically feeds oil […]

Fostering Flexible Fulfillment

As customers pressure their suppliers to create new products, new variations of products, and new services attached to those products, the supply chain can become severely strained. It may not be enough to handle increased supply chain pressures merely by optimizing existing hardware and software solutions. An increasing need for real-time and synchronized processes exists […]

Speeding Warehouse Operations

If speeding warehouse operations was one of your New Year’s resolutions, obtaining more accurate inventory information should be your first step. It is easier to quickly move orders out of the warehouse if you have accurate, high-quality data on inbound shipments, according to Steve Sensing, group director of customer logistics, Ryder System Inc. Sensing offers […]

Discrete Manufacturers Adapt to Global Economy

Supply chains are the lifeblood of discrete manufacturing—the production of distinct items. As manufacturing operations continue to transform to global enterprises, discrete manufacturers face new challenges. Orchestrating the movement of parts and components around the world is becoming as intricate as brain surgery, driving discrete manufacturers to information technology (IT) solutions to help manage global […]

Optimize ‘Obnoxious Freight’ With DC Bypass

Companies must continually think of ways to improve supply chain and distribution networks to bolster the bottom line and enhance service levels. With so many products today manufactured overseas, the ability to maintain a streamlined network, despite market volatility, is a key competitive edge. These challenges are magnified for retail and consumer package goods companies […]

Heavy Metal Control and Savings

When automaker Mitsubishi Motors began buying directly from steel mills, a logistics challenge loomed. It found a metals specialist to keep the coils rolling.

Learning for Earnings

When this magazine made its commitment to logistics education in 1990, few undergraduate or graduate logistics studies programs were available. That is not the case today. Logistics undergraduate, post-graduate, and continuing education programs have expanded a hundredfold. MIT, for example, has seen an application growth of 20 percent annually over the last five years, reports […]

Logistics Goes to the Head of the Class

Ten years ago, logistics education meant learning how to drive a forklift. Today, schools focus on teaching total supply chain management, and graduates are quickly snatched up by recruiters who know smart logistics managers can help the bottom line.

Reducing Complexity

Increasing globalization and demand for diverse product offerings puts supply chain complexity at an all-time high for many manufacturers and retailers. Some degree of complexity is inevitable, but too much causes a logistics double-whammy: increased costs and decreased efficiency. Companies are taking a hard look at product mix and processes to find ways to keep it simple.

Global Logistics—February 2006

Tough Talk on China Trade Policies On the heels of news that America’s trade deficit with China rose to $201.6 billion, the Bush administration announced its plan to step up enforcement of U.S. trade laws governing China. The move was widely lauded by businesses and lawmakers. Following a six-month, top-to-bottom review of America’s trading relationship […]

John Depew: High-Flying Logistics

As manager of distribution for a magazine publisher, John Depew faces an odd concern: his display racks won’t stand still. That’s because the “racks” are seatback pockets on commercial aircraft. Working for American Airlines Publishing, Depew’s job is to move newly published in-flight magazines from the printer in Jonesboro, Ark., to some 200 airports, making […]

Keep Your Business Out of Harm’s Way

Q: I am a logistics provider. In addition to a policy that protects me from cargo damage claims, I have a general liability policy that covers bodily injury and property damage claims. I know I could face a claim if someone trips and falls while visiting my office, but I rarely have visitors, and my […]

Sourcing Out of Africa

It’s easy to say that world trade will expand based on available global resources, but it’s harder to do. We have become all too used to thinking of Asia as the prime—and almost exclusive—new supply chain market. But it is a big world, and suppliers will need even more resources if trade is to double […]

Premium Freight Makes JIT Fit

Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing is a tremendous advantage—when everything works perfectly. But what happens when the supply chain falls out of sync—when an overseas supplier has equipment problems, environmental factors delay deliveries, or defective parts are discovered on the assembly line? How do suppliers avoid chaos and keep JIT production rolling? One solution is premium freight—last-minute […]

Building a Warehouse Without Going Broke

A warehouse construction project is always a major undertaking. Whether you are retrofitting an existing DC or constructing a new one, it is crucial to pay attention to details so your project is done on time and within budget. Here are some tricks of the trade for controlling costs and ensuring a smooth project. Design […]

William J. Augello, Esq.

Substituting Trucks for Air Shipments: A Questionable Practice

Recently, a U.S. District Court in Arizona rejected a freight forwarder’s attempt to issue an airbill for a partial truckload shipment because the shipment was moved by truck—neither the shipper nor the forwarder ever intended to move it via air. This decision has broad implications for the trucking and brokerage industries as it is one […]

The Million-Dollar Question: ERP or WMS?

Few supply chain decisions impact your company’s day-to-day business, financial health, and customer relations more than selecting and implementing a warehouse management system (WMS). The million-dollar question is whether to choose your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system’s warehouse module, or a specialized WMS. Today, the lines between traditional ERP and WMS vendors are blurring. ERP […]

Fuel Surcharges: True Financial Assistance Or Sheer Profit Center?

As the news media continues to report on the rise in world oil, gasoline, and diesel prices, as well as the effects of a devastating hurricane season, you might be forgiven for thinking that fuel surcharge announcements by less-than-truckload (LTL) and small package carriers are justified. Not so forgiving are manufacturers, retailers, and industrial shippers […]

Orange Seeks Agent

Freed from its corporate parent, orange beverage maker Sunny Delight forms a 3PL partnership to juice up its supply chain.

Felecia Stratton

Marking Our First Quarter Century

25 years is a long time to be doing anything. That’s why we recognize anniversaries, sometimes with cards like the one marking Inbound Logistics’ 25th year.You’ll find it in the front of this magazine. Looking at that card, and reading its sentiments, took me on a trip down memory lane, back to our first issue. […]

More Goes In So You Can Get More Out

Most magazines are designed to be read. The Logistics Planner issue is also designed to be used—again and again. The Planner—and its complementary digital and web profiles—help you find and source the solutions you need to be a true supply chain innovator. Many readers tell us they read the Planner profiles from A to Z […]

Innovation: A Fresh Eye on the Supply Chain

Innovation is in. Just ask Bill Ford, star of the Ford Motor Company commercials touting the company’s “new mission—innovation.” Innovation is also at the core of IBM, which invests billions of dollars in research and development every year and has been the leading patent-generating company in the United States for more than a decade. “Innovation […]

Innovation: From Vision to Execution

Innovation is in. Just ask Bill Ford, star of the Ford Motor Company commercials touting the company’s “new mission—innovation.” Innovation is also at the core of IBM, which invests billions of dollars in research and development every year and has been the leading patent-generating company in the United States for more than a decade. “Innovation […]

Innovation: Igniting New Ideas

Transforming a supply chain through innovation and ingenuity starts with understanding what you’re trying to accomplish. “Setting clear, aggressive goals in a collaborative way is the best thing organizations can do to foster innovation,” says Judith Anderson, partner and founder of consulting firm Anderson & Rust, Allendale, N.J. Critical success factors that enable companies to […]

Innovation: The 3PL Connection/The Creativity Factor

Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) are often powerful enablers of logistics and supply chain innovation. “Due to their exposure to ample transportation and fulfillment challenges, 3PLs have developed creative ways to get product to the shelf,” says Accenture’s Bill Read. “3PLs have multiple customers with problems and opportunities across industry verticals, and can provide insight into […]

Innovation: Insider Insights

In April 2005, at a Princeton, N.J., conference of trucking technology suppliers and users, Alain Kornhauser declared the just-in-time era dead. “Just-in-time logistics is inherently deterministic,” said Kornhauser, a Princeton University professor, and founder and chairman of mobile transportation solutions provider ALK Technologies. He then held up a mobile phone. “This is the new paradigm,” […]

Balancing on the Rim

Like gravity, the lure of Asia’s rock-bottom costs and abundant labor force has a powerful pull. But companies need to closely examine potential pitfalls of sourcing halfway around the globe. Taking that first step into the Pacific Rim means walking a tightrope between the benefits and risks.

Supply Chain Security: Tapping Into C-TPAT

Many companies embrace C-TPAT in the fight against supply chain security threats, but just as many shun it. What is C-TPAT? How does it work? What benefits—if any—does it bring shippers and carriers? Here’s a closer look.

Bulk Logistics: Hefty Freight, Hefty Issues

As transportation costs, congestion, and capacity threaten to derail global supply chains, bulk freight shippers are collaborating with their logistics partners to streamline plant operations and rethink how they align stateside distribution networks to better match supply to demand.


MORE TO THE STORY: The Load Matcher’s Little Black Book Scoping Out Potential Shippers, like love-scorned romantics, are willing to try almost anything to find a bigger pool of suitors and more capacity. Carriers, by contrast, are continually looking for ways to get the most out of their freight dates while avoiding costly deadhead rendezvous. […]

Bullseye! Finding the Right Site

The economic development stars are aligned. As U.S. companies reassess their distribution networks to combat rising transportation costs and meet customer demands, business development entities now realize the logistics and transportation industry offers an opportunity to add jobs and vitality to local economies, expand and develop transportation infrastructure, and create a new economic livelihood for the future of U.S. industry. The result is a renewed focus on site selection.

Global Logistics—January 2006

"China’s emergence as a global economic power is having a seismic impact on the global logistics market." This statement, from New Zealand-based international property adviser DTZ’s recent Global Logistics Markets report, is not surprising. What is surprising is just how far China’s impact reaches when it comes to the international industrial landscape. "The negative impact […]

Operations Network Design: A New Solution for an Old Problem

Tools for optimizing distribution networks have long been available, yet most of these applications still have an important limitation: they can’t fully model network requirements at the operations level. This limitation often leads to recommendations that cannot be implemented. What is needed is a new approach that enhances the current process by incorporating site-level detail […]

Heather Fryar: Life on the Strategic Side

Airplane components, laundry detergent additives, offset printing equipment, and men’s formal wear have one thing in common: Heather Fryar. As logistics manager for St. Louis-based Sequa Corp., Fryar oversees inbound and outbound transportation strategy for the parent company’s seven business units. That means improving transportation processes and cutting costs among operations that manufacture a diverse […]

Managing the Supply Chain in Reverse

Those of us who enjoy changing gears manually when we drive don’t hesitate when we have to shift into reverse. But not all reverse actions are comfortable. Taking in, sorting, and repairing or redistributing returned goods is an onerous task for many manufacturers and retailers. Unlike goods moving out of the factory, goods coming back […]

Minimize Total Landed Cost: Strategize, Model, Act

Total landed cost is the sum of all costs associated with making and delivering products to the point where they produce revenue—usually your customer’s door. So, if you employ tactics to reduce costs in all discrete functions from manufacturing through delivery, you’ll have a lower total landed cost, right? Theoretically, yes. But in the real […]

Setting Data Standards

The purpose of any automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) system is to provide a quick and accurate way to enter data into an IT system. But the old maxim, garbage in, garbage out still applies. Without a consistent means to represent data within a bar code, RFID tag, XML, or other form of data […]

Can Bar Codes and RFID Co-Exist?

Last year, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology became a media favorite, spurred by Wal-Mart and U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) policies requiring suppliers to ship goods that can be tracked using RFID. Such attention makes it seem as if bar-code technology—today’s standard for data collection—will become obsolete overnight. This is not the case, however. Although […]

Building a China Strategy

Every manufacturing company needs a strategically focused business plan for outsourcing supply chain activities globally. Too often, near-term pressures to reduce product costs or increase overall profitability precipitate outsourced or supplier recruitment activities in product design, manufacturing, and logistics. The decision to source value chain activity in China is certainly no exception. While the pressures […]

Environmentalists: ‘It’s My Way, Not the Highway’

When it comes to balancing environmental concerns with the need to improve and expand the U.S. transport infrastructure, there is a right way and there is a wrong way. Take California, for example. While Governor Schwarzenegger was traveling in China on a mission to forge more trading opportunities, I was touring the part of his […]

Supply Chain Technology: Integrating the Old & New

New supply chain technology can power up existing operations, streamline inventory, and increase revenue—if implemented correctly. Making sure new solutions integrate with existing technologies and processes is crucial. Here’s how it’s done.

Steve Inamorati: Moo-ving up the Supply Chain

Talk about the pressures of supply and demand! With consumers clamoring for natural and organic dairy products, Stonyfield Farm, Londonderry, N.H., has grown by 20 to 30 percent each year. But the company has had a hard time keeping up with growing demand for organic foods. “We’ve experienced an organic milk shortage,” explains Steve Inamorati, […]

Liability Lessons Learned in 2005

This year began with expectations that insurance rates would finally decline as markets recovered from the effects of Sept. 11. Over the past several years, insurers imposed strict underwriting disciplines to restore profitability to the market, which, in turn, attracted new capital. This brought about greater competition and with it, the prospect of softening premiums. […]

Identifying Products: It’s Not Just About RFID

Not all issues surrounding proper identification of products involve RFID. Companies must address some core challenges to reap the maximum benefits of product identification and visibility. In this age of RFID research, development, hype, good works, pilots, case studies, claims, ever-evolving standards, and the force of the big gorillas—super-retailer Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense—it’s […]

Selecting a Logistics Supplier? Think Supple

We all know why companies outsource logistics functions—outsourcing should allow them to save money and focus on their primary goals. “Should,” however, is the operative word. To turn “should” into “does,” companies need to partner with a supple supplier. What is a supple supplier? One that has no set ideas on best practices when providing […]

Getting Started With RFID

While bar codes took more than 25 years to evolve, RFID is being adopted quickly in the marketplace. By 2007, RFID technology budgets will double, RFID tag purchases will reach 1.6 billion, and 83 percent of today’s pilots will convert to full-scale implementations, predicts Accenture’s global management consulting and technology team. In a 2005 interview […]

William J. Augello, Esq.

Getting Time Limits on Your Side

Shippers are familiar with the rule that they must file claims against carriers in writing within the time limits defined in carriers’ bills of lading or tariffs, or in government statutes or treaties. But rules have exceptions. The Carmack Amendment, for example, states that a motor carrier, freight forwarder, or railroad may not limit the […]

Does RFID Pass the Return on Assets Test?

Proponents rarely discuss RFID without claiming dramatic inventory savings. These savings, however, require businesses to invest in RFID and wait to reap returns. When evaluating investments—such as RFID—aimed at reducing inventory and working capital, consider the impact on Return on Assets (ROA), a proven indicator of an investment’s financial impact. ROA is calculated as revenue […]

Freight Damage Claims: Know, Act, Reap

The Latin phrase Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est may be the most quoted maxim of our information age—knowledge is power. In business we use the “knowledge is power” principle to shape our decisions so we can reap positive long-term rewards. One unsung area where properly applied knowledge yields power is comprehensive management of the freight damage […]

A Ready-Mix Transport Solution

Chemical manufacturer Degussa cements its partnership with a bulk transport provider so it can focus on its core business, meet safety requirements, reduce billing cycle time, and improve customer service.

Diversifying Your Supply Chain Portfolio

Diversification is a sound strategy for investors and logisticians alike. Just as those skilled in arbitrage hedge investments to mitigate risk and allow for modest portfolio growth by taking advantage of small value increases in other areas, supply chain practitioners diversify their proprietary and outsourced logistics assets—abroad and at home—to lay off risk, reduce costs, […]

Inventory Velocity: All the Right Moves

The need for speed is clear to retailers, manufacturers, and distributors—especially at this time of year. How are companies speeding their freight and inventory to meet customer demands? By collaborating with technology firms and outside logistics experts to gain greater visibility into the supply chain, increase inventory turns, and get the right products to the right place at the right time.

High Speed Pursuits: Moving Products Faster and Cheaper

A shift is taking place in expedited shipping. While air shipments once reigned supreme—and still do for import and export goods—for domestic expedited cargo, ground transport is catching up. To cut costs and still meet customer demand, savvy shippers incorporate expedited service into their overall transport strategy, making ground a viable expedited option.

Track to the Future

Innovations in web-based communication technologies, global positioning systems, and equipment are taking freight railroads into a new era.

Apparel Logistics & Technology: A Perfect Fit

Technology is the latest accessory to hit the apparel world. By embracing technology solutions, forward-thinking apparel and footwear companies are fashioning tight, visible, integrated supply chains—and reaping the rewards.

Kevin McNelly: Delivering Medical Products, Stat!

Kevin McNelly always keeps an eye on the future. As vice president, supply chain at biotechnology company MedImmune Inc., he must keep materials and finished goods flowing to meet demand for the company’s current products. But he also must make sure that, when the time comes, everything will be in place to satisfy customers with […]

Working on the Railroads

The recent fuel crisis emphasizes just how much we need our national rail system. The rails, with their efficient fuel usage, are a vital link in most supply chains; the only link in others. Rail hubs and intermodal transportation connect shippers to truckers, and to ocean and air carriers. But the fuel crisis has also […]

Selecting an International Air Carrier

When you ship by air, you need to look at the global picture. With world boundaries changing so frequently, and the European Economic Community continuing to emerge and develop, air cargo customs clearance and shipment tracking have become more challenging. You can simplify these challenges, however, by selecting the right air carrier/forwarder partner. Here’s how, […]

States Targeting Logistics Hit the Bull’s-Eye

How much do you know about state and local economic development policy? Here’s a quiz. Check which industry is most favored in terms of federal, state, and local tax incentives: Industry A, where national employment has grown by 12 percent over the last five years, and will continue to accelerate with the globalization of the […]

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In China’s Basket

I recently gave a speech at a Trans-Pacific Air Cargo Conference in Los Angeles titled, “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in China’s Basket,” and I was practically booed offstage. The audience did not want to hear negative, derogatory, or dismissive talk about the booming China economy. My listeners were the economic counterparts of religious evangelists; […]

Do You Need WMS Best Practices? 10 Telltale Signs

Most supply chain managers can share more horror stories than Stephen King. When you have to deal with demanding customers (aren’t they all?), and super-tight shipment schedules, every so often things are bound to get a little dicey. But if you’ve reached the point where just looking at your warehouse sends chills down your spine, […]

Supply Chain Security: Fact vs. Fiction

Man has always been intrigued by transmutation—transforming one element into another. In days of old, we tried changing lead into gold. Today, some are trying to convert the public’s fear of supply chain vulnerabilities into political currency, or solid gold votes. While concern is warranted, some choose to grandstand by floating obviously impossible solutions against […]

Air Cargo’s Highs and Lows

Today’s air cargo market is deeply divided. Integrators such as UPS and FedEx are soaring, while traditional air cargo carriers—choked by soaring fuel prices, excessive taxes, and government regulation—are experiencing serious turbulence. Buckle your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Airfreight Forwarding: Small Companies Get on Board

For some small companies, airfreight forwarders play a large part in the flight path to global success. Lacking the resources of larger players, small companies look to air forwarders to cut costs, improve service, provide know-how, and deliver global capability.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go Global

As companies race to enter new global markets, many rely on 3PLs to help hurdle cultural and business barriers, while also controlling inbound transportation, driving down costs, reducing inventories, and ultimately mitigating potential supply chain bottlenecks.

Dennis Sheldon: Leading a Plush Life in Logistics

It’s no wonder Dennis Sheldon gets all warm and fuzzy about his job. Since May, he has been deep into plush and stuffing in his role as managing director, logistics for St. Louis-based Build-A-Bear Workshop. Build-A-Bear Workshop gives visitors the chance to make their own teddy bears or other toy animals. Customers stuff and sew […]

Buying Business Insurance? Dig Deeper

Q: It has been four years since the events of Sept. 11 caused the world’s insurance market to restrict coverage and raise prices. Now, many are wondering if Hurricane Katrina will have the same effect on insurance. What do forecasters predict? A: Insurers are still assessing Hurricane Katrina’s financial impact, gathering details on the magnitude […]

Infrastructure: The Weakest Link

A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest links, which today are found in down-to-earth, practical transportation modes—rail, ocean, and trucks—and their support systems. Too many infrastructure links that enable supply chains to operate in the United States are old and antiquated. They are partly clogged with overcapacity, breaking down, or simply just […]

Metro Transit Gets on Schedule

King County Metro Transit was missing the bus, using an outdated system to distribute its 12 million transit schedules. The fix? A new WMS, advanced mobile technology, and additional warehouse equipment.

3PLs Deliver on the Global Promise

Businesses need many qualities to succeed in today’s global market, but uniformity, consistency, and flexibility are the most critical. Strong organizations leverage these qualities to capitalize on the economic benefits of worldwide sourcing and distribution, while satisfying their customers’ needs—whether the customer is around the block or across the ocean. Best-of-breed 3PLs share the same […]

Locating a European Distribution Hub

It’s official. You’ve decided to take your company global, and because it is no longer cost-effective to reach international customers from your U.S. operation, you need to open a European distribution center. Finding the best place to locate that hub is key. The European Union is made up of 25 countries, all with their own […]

Choosing a DC Location: Keeping Success in Site

The decision to build a distribution center comes with expectations that it will help a company reach key markets, hire an appropriate workforce, and maximize profitability while minimizing operating costs. Finding that ideal location in a community that embraces the company’s operations, however, is more difficult than merely choosing any site within a targeted region. […]