Last Mile Delivery

E-Commerce Supply Chains in 2018: Millennial Consumers Most Concerned With Speed and Affordability of Deliveries

For today’s millennial consumers, timeliness of deliveries ranks high on the list of requirements for customer satisfaction. In fact, in a study of 3,000 consumers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, conducted by e-commerce company Radial, over one-third — 39.7% — of respondents ages 18 to 24 said that speed of delivery […]

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William Salter

Last-Mile Technology Needs a Radical Rethink

We need to stop viewing last-mile logistics as solely a delivery challenge. The broader challenge is ensuring processes and their supporting technologies work together to allow supply chains to meet the market’s insatiable appetite for faster, more precise deliveries. Supply chain management technology is boldly exploring sophisticated new developments such as driverless vehicles and the […]

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Checking In: The Last Grimy Mile

At the end of March, in between nor’easters in New York City, I went out for a lunchtime stroll. I wanted to check out the 14 new gleaming skyscrapers of the Hudson Yards development—a “self contained, e-commerce friendly city within a city”—where thousands of young urban professionals won’t ever have to leave their apartments to […]

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How E-Tailers Can Reduce Return Rates for Large Items

Merchandise returns are a drain on profits in any industry, but especially for large-format items such as furniture or appliances. E-tailers face additional challenges when dealing with returns compared to local retail outlets, both due to higher transportation costs and the lack of the face-to-face and hands-on experience for the customer. The decision to return […]

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George Prest

The New Era of Smart City Logistics – MHI

Let’s talk about your company’s futureproof strategy to meet the challenges and opportunities of Smart City Logistics head-on. Oh, wait. You don’t have one yet? You’re not alone. According to the fourth edition of MHI’s Annual Industry Report, “Next-Generation Supply Chains: Digital, On-Demand and Always-On” (available as a free download at a full 50% […]

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Dr. David Widdifield

The Last Mile—History Repeating As Supply Managers Face Peak Season – Crane Worldwide Logistics

Nothing new is ever really created, just updated to meet the current environment or situation. When looking beyond the "hype" of all the new, innovative services and suppliers in the logistics space, we find that delivery service capability has already been efficiently and successfully implemented in the past. We only need to look back to […]

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Will Same-day Production and Delivery of Replacement Parts Become Standard?

Manufacturing replacement parts and shipping them to the customer the same day could soon become the industry standard. Same-day production and delivery is possible if communications between production and logistics is fully automated. This was illustrated in a live demo conducted by Deutsche Post DHL in partnership with AXIT and evosoft – IT companies that […]

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